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Sacred Geometry Workshops – Course Description


 From the mosaics of the Middle East the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, Peru and Mexico, to the calendars of the Aztecs and the sand Mandalas of Tibet, Sacred Geometry has long bridged the world of spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth. It continues to play an integral role in the traditions of art, architecture, science and cutting-edge physics, alchemy, feng shui, music and mathematics.

Sacred Geometry has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years; it is an oral tradition that is gifted to us by the school of Delphi founded by Pythagoras, the Mayan, and Incan wisdom as well.

Sacred Geometry is the study of shapes, colors as well as vibration and sound.

“Plato said that every piece of matter breaks down into specific geometric shapes”.

In this practical workshop you take charge of your vibratory creation of sound color and shapes.

About Ernesto

Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people…
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You will learn to:

  1. Emanate shapes and colors for specific purposes.
  2. Install personal grids in your aura.
  3. Send a grid to someone else.
  4. Put Stationary Grids around Objects
  5. Use emergency shapes
  6. Combine Sacred Geometry with other energy modalities and
  7. Create crystal grids to charge and energize any home or workspace.

Sacred Geometry is practical, powerful and useful in every area and level of life. Sacred Geometry structures everything: your home, relationships, health, prosperity, what you attract and manifest and anything that your aura or thoughts touch. Indeed, it is through Sacred Geometrics that your aura is formed. It is through Light, Vibration, Sound and Geometrics that Spirit knows what you resonate with in life, what you want and what you are creating.

Sacred Geometric grids can change patterns, facilitate healing, attract prosperity, and change the energy of your healing workspace, the energy in a region, the energy between groups and more.

The Oral Tradition

In most if not all ancient cultures and tribes the way teachings where passed down from one generation to another was through the oral tradition. Part of the way this tradition was and is still passed on today is by the teacher or story teller consciously sending the information to the students, making it a “Caught” teaching. Sacred Geometry falls in this type of tradition it is not enough to watch a video or DVD or to read a book, in order for the student to get it he/she must sit in the presence of a teacher so the material can then be assimilated. The teacher emanates from his/her auric field and the student literally catches the material being emanated out of the teacher’s aura. Once the student owns this material then he/she is able to emanate and write grids using the caught color and sacred geometry sequences.



Sacred Geometry Class

 You will learn:

  1. Shapes
    Shapes come in to support the structure that we have or are creating, shapes contain, allow for flow, and focus direction in or out. Geometric shapes structure everything around us within and without, from the microcosm to the universal macrocosm.
    Example: The Dodecahedron shape, it is great for decision making, it helps you to make the right choices. It is the strongest structure in the universe and represents Spirit as one of the five Platonic Solids
  2. Colors
    Colors resonate with specific conditions at each (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) plane, some of the colors we use correspond to the Chakra system, but we use more than just the basic seven. Colors come to give a quality a flavor and direction to the shape we use.
    Example: Red for physical plane activity. We can use red for action, vitality and stimulation of new growth and projects.
  3. Shapes and Colors combined
    Examples: Use a green cube to hold and contain healing energy, a good combination to use after a healing session. For public speaking, put a blue cone in your throat Chakra to amplify and direct the communication.
  4. Emanating shapes and colors
    Examples: You are writing a paper or creating material for a book and need inspiration, put a white Cone above yourself to pull information from Spirit.  Before teaching a class set the grids for the classroom to maximize learning and healing at all levels.
  5. Emergencies
    Learn which shapes and colors to use for emergencies and how to emanate them. Example: What to do if you witness or pass by an auto accident? Learn how to emanate different shapes and colors for healing.Ernesto’s personal story: Years ago after I started using Sacred Geometry I was in Los Angeles , it was a hot summer day and we where leaving a very crowded parking lot and the traffic simply stopped. A few minutes passed by and people started to get impatient, honking horns, revving engines, sticking their heads out of the window and screaming. Before long some guys started to get out of their cars because they had exchanged words with other guys, it was beginning to look ugly. Not only that was the problem but also there was nowhere to go, the parking lane was jammed with no movement in sight. So my partner and I immediately remember Sacred Geometry and we started sending blue cubes to contain and neutralize the energy… To my amazement within a few moments people started to get back in there cars and then the traffic started to flow….
  6. Personal grids
    The creation of personal grids is a fun and practical part of the class. Grids have a magnetic resonance and they attract what are built for. In the majority of cases they are created or built by default, in other words our subconscious and unconscious belief systems are writing these grids for us. Learn how to choose the shapes and colors for your seven shape personal grid, how to install it in your aura and how to activate it by conscious choice.
  7. Providing a personal grid for someone else
    When you know someone that is having difficulties in life, someone that is not grounded or is having physical challenges. With their permission learn how to set up and install a seven shape personal grid, to help them with health, abundance and prosperity.
  8. Stationary grids
    Learn how to set up stationary grids around objects. For example a grid around your house, bedroom, one in your office (to attract more clients) even one for your massage or healing table. The choices are unlimited.
  9. Sacred Geometry and other healing modalities
    Learn how to incorporate Sacred Geometry with other modalities like Massage, Energy Therapies (Reiki, Shen, Healing Touch), Psychotherapy, Counseling and more… 

And Now We Go Deeper

You can build and learn a more in depth system of more colors and shapes. You will learn how to write and create powerful 49 shapes grids, this will be in support of your life and that of others, you become an active co-creator by choosing the shapes and colors that you will be placing in your grids, this will bring you healing, transformation and prosperity.

You will learn:

  1. New Shapes
    Learn more shapes and their uses. Examples: The five Platonic solids.
  2. New Colors
    Learn more colors and their uses. Example: Pearlescent – the color that knows where to go for the highest good, fuchsia the color of joy.
  3. Energetics of Shape and Color Combinations
    Example: The turquoise dodecahedron to make clear decisions from a clear space or to heal the past in the heart Chakra.
  4. Writing grids
    Learn to write the 49 shaped grids. When you finish the class you will know how to write grids. Each student will write several grids in class. Topics frequently chosen are cash, relationships, more clients, self-esteem, inner power, life-purpose, specific diseases, life changes and world conditions.
  5. Crystal Grids
    Learn how to create two different types of crystal grids. These can be small enough to charge and create an electromagnetic field around a small object like a watch or ring.  Larger grids can be used to do the same to a room or home.  Even a very large one to create a grid of protection around an entire property. You can also grid a massage table to have the same charge when you work with your clients.
  6. Sacred Geometry and other healing modalities
    Learn how to integrate Sacred Geometrics, sound color, vibration, and crystal grids with other healing modalities.  Including Distance Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Energy therapies, Psychotherapy and more.

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