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Journey to the Heart’s vision is to bring you the best possible teaching and material available on the topics of personal and spiritual growth. We do not speak for or represent one religion, but rather, the common threads of wisdom that run throughout all teachings. We believe there is a Spirit, God, which is the essence of everything that exists in the universe. We believe that wisdom can be found in the teachings and scriptures of many faiths and that all can be used to bring joy, guidance, prosperity, and happiness into our everyday lives. We focus on the common threads of wisdom that run throughout all teachings and will bring to the light new ways of understanding these truths.  We believe there is no one way to achieve enlightenment but utilize the multiple teachings that are available to us. We believe that compassion, tolerance and love are essential ingredients to run our lives.

We believe we are not perfect but conscious… 

The Akashic Records Author : Ernesto Ortiz



The Akashic Records

Sacred Exploration of Your Soul’s Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness.

This is the most comprehensive book ever written on this vitally important subject. It is the culmination of nearly two decades of immersion by Ernesto personally and professionally into this most valuable tool for individual healing, growth, and self-realization.
"Ernesto – Thank you again for such a divine and beautiful experience. It’s been a week since my return to work. I find myself in a space of total bliss among my coworkers. I am very mindful of each moment that passes me by. I feel profound gratitude for just being here and enjoying my Oneness with EVERYTHING. You left a seed in my heart and I plan to nourish it daily. I am deeply grateful for all the wisdom you so lovingly bestowed in all of us. "
  • Carol B.
"I had life-altering epiphanies from Ernesto's incredible therapy sessions. Masterfully, he conveyed the healing power of compassion. By BEING compassion, he stripped me of my artificial layers, so that I could experience who I truly am. It was wonderful! Ernesto has given me a series of spiritual, healing treatments that allowed me to come into my own power. You're the best, EO "
  • Kim Toffoli
  • Miami, Florida
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