Trance Dance Workshops

Trance Dance Workshops


TRANCE DANCE is a vehicle the means to heal from within to explore and come face to face with your feelings and emotions to see your past creations and allow your movement to become the Dance of Inner Meditation and Connection with the Self, we Dance to Reinvent ourselves, we Dance to discard Fears and move into the Creation of Dreams, we Dance to Celebrate LIFE!!!

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Trance Dance Workshops

From the beginnings of recorded history we find evidence of dance. It seems that our original relationship to dancing was for the purpose of worship and healing. In this ancient time our ancestors viewed nature and all of its elements as an expression of God. To duplicate or mimic nature through movement and sounds was their first and highest way to connect with spirit, and was the origin of dance.

Spiritual dancing is a cross-cultural phenomenon, a testament to its power and authenticity. Cultures from every continent on this planet simultaneously embraced unique dance forms based on the animals and elements of nature present within their domain. Their purpose in dancing was to enter the consciousness or become the spirit of the sun, moon, and various animal and plant life. Through these dance rituals they believed that the spirits within nature could empower them with abilities such as courage and compassion, as well as reveal insights into the future.

TRANCE DANCE is a unique blend of healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana ~ together stimulating an trance state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. Driven by unique musical soundtracks recorded specifically for this method of healing, Trance Dance takes participants on an inner journey not limited to our normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and eastern dance cultures for thousands of years. Our contemporary approach to Trance Dance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with some Psychospiritual Integration techniques. One of these is the use of a blindfold or bandana which covers the eyes, thereby shutting down the major source of distractions and outer stimulation to the brain and stimulating an inner vision that reveals hidden meanings and answers to many of life’s most compelling questions.


TRANCE DANCE employs these traditional approaches to healing along with some unique contemporary techniques. One of the most powerful of these contemporary tools is the use of a blindfold or bandanna. In more ancient times trance dance rituals were done primarily at night because darkness was a necessary context for participants to focus on their inner experience or visions. Darkness creates a state of suspension or stopping time, an altered state or trance state where there is no one but one’s self. It is within this inner journey that we connect with spirit and the truths it reveals. The bandanna therefore becomes a spiritual tool allowing each participant to block out all distraction and to become a witness to the richness of his or her own experience.

TRANCE DANCE’S primary focus is on healing our relationship with ourselves and spirit. By dancing within the seclusion of darkness we discover parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems are possible. Through Trance Dance we disappear, become more like our spirit, and simultaneously less attached to our difficulties, making it possible at these moments to let these problems go, we utilize the body as a vehicle to set the momentum in motion. We can call Trance Dance ‘Meditation in Motion’ It is not uncommon that spontaneous healing occurs during and after a Trance Dance session.

When we Dance we dance bold we dance wild we explore our shamanic self we enter into an extraordinary reality where we can shape shift and become the animal spirit that is within us the one we retrieve and nurture, we mimic our ancestors and we dance like we all have been dancing for thousands of years. We allow or give ourselves permission to experience and explore the duality that is within us the masculine and feminine we explore our sensual self and we dance like the wind, we float like a single feather and we get transported to play with the elements of nature. We enter a darkness so deep so intense that we get completely lost and inundated by it, a darkness where sound and silence are the same this is the place the melting pot of all there is, out of these darkness comes inspirations, memories, ancient visions and healing.

This is the place of creation the laboratory of the self. We enter the darkness by covering our eyes with a bandana and completely surrender to the process, the music is powerful and hypnotic, the type of music that makes you go deep within, the type of music that makes your body respond to it a spontaneous way moving undulating sensually and feeling it all over your body, everything becomes electric and the wind again transports you to the earth element where you feel the rhythms of your first and second Chakra the drumming and masculine grounding energies of the earth push you deep within to anchor this energy in the place where you can use it the most, in life itself. The earth heats up and the fire begins with a single spark of inner inspiration and the body electric turns into fire wild and out of control, you experience total chaos, everything is disorganized, and the higher wisdom of the body knows exactly where to go and how much you are able to handle, in that chaos is peace and silence everything slows down, you feel your breath the breath of fire and the sweat pours down your body and the music guides you to experience that watery element in fullness you begin to move like the waves of the ocean, you are drenched in the sea of feelings and emotions, images like kaleidoscopic murals become vibrantly alive, you are alive and you feel it.


Everything begins to get reorganized and you move to peace and ecstasy a deep connection with the Divine.


“I have attended several of Ernesto?s Trance Dance Events. The energy is high, his guidance and facilitation is superb. The programming of the music is incredible as the music is the heart of this event.
I was able to go into the seclusion of the self wearing my bandanna trusting the guidance and the safe and sacred space that Ernesto created. As I started dancing and let go of mind and body I went so deep to find aspects of myself that had been hidden within the rigidity of my body.
The end result of my experience was full of self love and joy!!
Thank you Ernesto for this powerful and beautiful experience!”

Pam Becker Miami , Fl