What clients are saying about Ernesto Ortiz, his workshops, spiritual travel adventures and private consults…

Dear Ernesto,
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable teachings and the classes you’ve provided over the past two challenging years. Your guidance has been profoundly meaningful to me, and I’m truly thankful for your support.

Patrick Marmorat France

After making the trip to Ladakh with Ernesto and his team, I got the answer to the question I’d been asking myself, why the choice of the name “Journey to the heart”. For me, this trip was as much about sightseeing as it was about a journey to my heart. I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore this path.
I’d like to thank the whole team for their professionalism and kindness, and especially Alan for the organization, Marina for the translation and especially Ernesto for his sharing and teaching.

Patrice Abusubul France

A breathtaking and transformative journey

Busy days, gifts every day. Magnificent encounters.

A large but extraordinary group.

A journey that remains engraved in me.

Thank you too all.

And of course, my gratitude to Ernesto for his teachings, his kindness and his sharing as well as to his faithful interpreter Marina.

Christelle Peyrard

An extraordinary journey to discover a culture and a region.

Very nice organization.

Very rhythmic journey between cultural discoveries, spiritual teachings and visits to temples and monasteries.

No two days were the same.

Bravo for orchestrating this incredible trip which allowed us to immerse ourselves in Buddhist culture in the middle of the Himalayan mountains.

Many wonderful encounters and excellent moments shared with respect and kindness.

Thanks to Ernesto for his sharing and his wisdom as well as for his ability to help us grow.

I knew this trip would be an experience.

I can say that this trip is a wonderful experience and that it allowed me to see life from a new perspective…

There will be a before and an after Ladakh.

Thanks thanks thanks !

A big thank you to the entire team, Alan, and Marina (I include Motup, Wanggal and the drivers) for the high quality of organization of this fabulous trip.



David Boileau, France

It is with immense gratitude that I come to bear witness to this trip to Ladakh in August 2023 with Marina Veron and Alan Purves.

A wonderful team who took us to the heart of the Himalayas, with meditative immersions in sacred Buddhist temples and caves incredibly perched in the mountain.

This trip will mark my life, it will remain one of my most beautiful journeys in terms of Divine energies and reconnection to our deepest self!

I will keep extraordinary memories of all these meditations, all of them carried and transcended me, not to mention the visits to the region and the inhabitants with whom we had an extraordinary, relational connection!

I recommend traveling with Ernesto and his team, everything is admirably orchestrated, nothing is left to chance and the lessons received are worthy of the name. Obviously, I would come back…

Thank you, Ernesto, you enlightened my soul and left an imprint of life at the bottom of my heart, which vibrated intensely and forever.

Martine Cassou, France

I thank the entire Journey to the Heart team for organizing this trip. It was a real spiritual, cultural and human adventure.

I am very happy to have been able to share this with a fabulous group. The exchanges were rich and intense. The journey was very varied between magnificent landscapes, Ernesto ceremonies, walks and visits to monasteries, cultural exchanges….

This trip will remain forever etched in my memory…. It was wonderful!

I didn’t notice the time passing, everything was well paced in the schedule.

I loved this mix.

We also find the great energy and state of mind around Ernesto and his team.

Many thanks again for Ernesto’s teachings throughout the trip which provides a real understanding of each monastery and Buddhist culture. Thank you for all our discussions!

A big thank you to the entire Journey to the Heart team, who was also a valuable guide!

It’s certain, there will be a before and an after Ladakh!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Celine Delcourt, France

Thank you for this wonderful trip.

We greatly appreciated the unique landscapes, the visits to the monasteries, the Buddhist culture and the profound teachings of Ernesto.

Raffaella Ricci, Italy


This was my first time in Ladakh and first direct contact with Tibetan Buddhism.

Thank you, Ernesto, you’re your powerful teachings.

Listening to them inside the monasteries brought the whole new dimension and understanding for me.

You definitely planted a seed towards my spiritual awakening.

Ladakh is such a beautiful country…. We have visited so many places driving around the country.

Majestic mountains, Pangong Lake.

Thank you for organizing this trip that we could see it all and be able to experience a local culture as well.

I learned and experienced so much during our spiritual retreat that now I will need a lot of time to digest it all.

It was a lifetime experience.

Thank you!

Ilona Biskup, Miami, Fl.

Dear Ernesto Ji,

Dear Journey to the Heart team,

A heartfelt thank you for this trip.

Every day was pure joy.

I was particularly touched by the HEMIS monastery and it’s cave, and very touched by the afternoon/lunch with the families.

The highlight was, for me, the Journey to the Heart of Children and Orphanage.

With love,

Diane Segal, France

I wanted to express my greatest GRATITUDE to Ernesto. For this magnificent journey. My family (NOLHANN & FRANCIS) and I experienced unforgettable moments that will remain engraved in us. The seeds planted in each of us will continue to germinate as we move through life.

I’ve been looking for this type of trip for a while:

  • Tourist
  • Spiritual
  • Cultural

It will be part of the most beautiful journeys in this incarnation.

Thank you, Ernesto, I learned to discover you more. Thank you for everything you give us, for the awakening of Consciousness and your kindness.

Thank you and gratitude to Marina & Alain without whom the organization could not have been completed in French. I don’t know how to thank you for who you are….

Because for me, it all comes together.

Kind regards

Jasmine Longueve, Maurice Island

Bonjour Ernesto,

Je tiens à te remercier du fond de mon coeur pour ton enseignement qui m’ouvre des portes et derrière celles ci d’autres m’attendent pour me guider vers mon soi..

Je bénis le jour où j’ai eu l’idée de venir faire la Transe Danse, car depuis ce jour là, ma vie changé et je ne cesserai de te dire : Merci !!

Merci Ernesto !
Que Dieu te bénisse !
Une belle journée et un big hug !!

Fabienne GANGLOFF - France

29Th August 2020
I. Joanne Bowden am a student of Ernesto Ortiz since March 2015 when I did a 3 weeks course In Guatemala With Journey to the Heart Facilitated by Ernesto .
It was very uplifting and changed my life forever with his practices. As it changes one’s perceptions a have a deeper value of all we see and do and meet for years to come .
And often still remember his wisdom On how we see the world and follow his Facebook and updates. Eg during Covid 19 he donated his time 2 times a week and did free zoom classes Of meditation to help overcome our fear of all to come with his perception . There were at least 85 people from all over world on Zoom for 3 months . And I feel so Grateful forever of his wisdom and outlook on all to come in our worlds .
I Do. Seriously Recommend his class to everyone I meet with similar interest . As we change forever and bring more Love Home to our Families and Homes . And it ripples out to all we meet.
Yours Truly

Joanne Bowden - Corpus Christi - Texas USA

Bonjour Ernesto,

J ai repris le travail hier, qui représente la sphère relationnelle la plus complexe pour moi, puisque c est dans cet espace que je me laisse vampiriser, facilement, par les énergies négatives.
C est la 1ere fois, où je m y rend avec l espoir de maintenir, en moi, l harmonie que ces 2 semaines de seminaire m ont apportée.
Je vous remercie encore, d avoir fait ce déplacement jusqu’à nous, dans ce contexte particulier de pandémie. Je vous suis reconnaissante d avoir partagé si humblement, avec nous, ce que vous êtes. Et chaque matin, j applique avec bonheur les exercices que vous nous avez enseignés. Je saisis, de façon infime, les transformations qui s opérent en moi et mes larmes traduisent la profondeur du travail effectué.

Merci pour ce que vous êtes, merci pour ce que vous transmettez, merci pour cette empreinte magique que vous laissez sur ma route.

Merci à l univers pour ce cadeau merveilleux qu il me fait.

Je vous souhaite un bon voyage de retour et beaucoup d Amour.

Dominique 🙏

Dominique – France

Dear Ernesto,

From the deepest of my heart, I want to thank you again for this week of exploration and transformation. Gate Gate…beyond the boundaries of the mental, physical and emotional bodies, you allow me to discovery of the sacred dimension within myself with your wonderful and respectful guidance.

Thank you to be the defender of the divine feminine and to talk about it with so much love and compassion within yourself. You share healing words. It helps me connect to the wider wound and gather my energy to transmute/ transcend and rebalance masculine and feminine energies peacefully to find inner beauty in anyone of us.

Your work is bringing us in front of our responsibilities and opens the door for true transformation, should you want to take the risk to change. This is really cool, powerful, and impactful.

After 3 sleepless nights, I feel my heart so expanded that my thorax seems to have shrunk and my heartbeats are pushing my bones for more space. My legs are moving alone still dancing the rhythm of joy and dance floor. My mouth is chanting mantras without being able to control it. It’s like an unstoppable trance that steals my nights. Waouh! Just accept it!

I will keep this image of you yesterday in total communion with the last Om Mane Padme Hum. You are truly a beautiful man Ernesto.

I am very grateful to have met you (again!) in this life.

Merci du fond du cœur.

Charlotte Desbons – France

I have attended “by chance” Ernesto Ortiz Trans Dance class and the bottom line is that in 12 months I feel like I am just starting a new life. I was welcomed by a “highly vibrating” group attending as “witness” and was just a sincere agnostic man living a beautiful life… still during Ernesto teachings gave me the opportunity to open my heart and look deep in my life, my emotions, my physical and mental world. I was not atheist but had received no spiritual education neither. I was curious. Curious to understand the power of opening my heart. Curious to see how I could learn from others witnessing spectacular personal healing processes.

I received during trans dance, pre and post meditation sessions so many messages, explanations of who I really was, why & how I really felt, how I wanted to live my life in this life, I decided to embrace Ernesto classes Akashic records. It brought me further up giving me the ability to understand my pains, my role, my contribution to my family and to the external world and to accept the mission I feel accomplishing. It gave me the tools to listen to finer vibrations, feelings, emotions; it started to give me tools to live the life I loved with deeper impact and more over with the ability to accept in peace the experiences and the teachings.

It has been so far not a wonderful experience but and complete transmutation for me and also for our couple to leave in parallel our personal and our couple transformation. The most spectacular being it seems to be a journey with indefinite capability. We are offered with Ernesto teaching to go deeper and beyond our initial thoughts indefinitely and to also participate to others well-being and education.  I re-attended the Trans Dance class with enthusiasm, and it was again another wonderful journey.

On personal level Ernesto brings depth of knowledge in Christian and Buddhism teaching that complete to another, fully resonate to my personal history and emotions. It has brought ability to make peace externally and internally as well as better understand my life past & present. I experience tangible changes on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

So, from deep in my heart I thank Ernesto and all Ernesto consultants which bring not just another voice but another vibration in a conscious trip to our heart… Ana, Anne, Pier Luigi just to name the consultants I met during Trans Dance and Akashic Records classes.

Clearly JourneytotheHeart offer each individual the capability to transmute pain in joy, suffering in happiness with repeatable and adapted tools & teaching. It brings mind and spirit together for a very meaningful conscious experience. I fully recommend the experience for those willing to open their own heart and open to the world.

David – Paris, France


As we agreed, I write you few lines to give my feelings about the seminar Trance Dance.

On the one hand, last year, I had the first session, where i lost a first layer suddenly.

On the other hand, this year, the work was different, deeper, very subtitle, on how it affects my daily life with the other people.

I could make the conclusions I should to let the things go and open myself and simply be.

I really want to thank you, for your teaching, your presence always smile, which allows me to be connected with the most sacred things in me and to pursue my reflection.

Thank you from my heart.


Hello Ernesto,

I thank you so much for all the beautiful things that happened in my life since the day I made my registration in your Akashic Records teaching last October in Massabielle.

I gave all my heart to the 3 D’s (Discipline, Dedication, Devotion) after the workshops, and I saw so many transformations inside me, it’s awesome!

Trance Dance was also a tremendous event (high temperature washing program!) 

You are always talking from your heart, and that is so precious! 

Gratitude and blessings for every single thing you have transmitted.

Best regards.

Dominique Nugier

Dear Don Ernesto,

Your teaching is such a precious gift. It’s so nourishing. It has nourished every part of my being. My body, my soul, my heart. It’s sacred but simple, full of wisdom but humble, subtle but so joyful. It’s colorful, it’s tasty, it’s fragrant, it’s sensual. It’s human, deliciously material and spiritual and the same time. A true feast!

That’s all I’ve dreamed about.

I am on the way to be a healer too, with my tools, which are painting, writing, and singing. And transpersonal tools like holotropic breathing. And now Trance Dance, which has been a huge revelation for me. So, I am so grateful for our meeting, now, the perfect time for my path.

Thank you for your inspiration, and moreover, thank you to let me feel the child within the man. It makes a true difference for me, and it makes your teaching so vibrant and alive.

Much love,

Isabelle Dominguez - France

“If you have any concerns about your past karma, run—don’t walk, to a training with Ernesto Ortiz. As a man who has obviously done his own deep inner emotional and spiritual work, Ernesto will use his compassion, wisdom, humor, and intelligence to take you on a journey like no other. In the two transformative weeks I spent learning the Akashic Records with Ernesto, my heart re-awakened, my energy soared, and I found the long-awaited knowledge and experience needed to speed my soul’s evolution. I feel blessed to have met Ernesto.”

Jane Palmer - Seattle - Washington

“Attending the Akashic Records Intensive levels 1, 2, and 3 have been one of the most life changing moments of my life! Ernesto and his team have what it takes to take you down a route that helps you start removing all fear and negative emotions you may have towards embodying your true state and potential; in a fun and almost effortless way. He creates a safe loving and powerful environment for all participants. The energy you experience throughout the retreat is really transformational and truly magical. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to access their highest potential”.

Maggie Saffro - London UK

” Ernesto’s styles of therapies, are a blessing to those of us in need of soft tissue
repair and healing. His depth of knowledge and experience untangles and relieves even the worst of muscular dysfunctions. The Myofacial release and CranioSacral techniques he utilizes have given me significant relief from painful neck and back pathology.”

Trish Stemrich-Harris – Physical Therapist

“I had life-altering epiphanies from Ernesto’s incredible therapy sessions.
Masterfully, he conveyed the healing power of compassion. By BEING compassion, he stripped me of my artificial layers, so that I could experience who I truly am.
It was wonderful! Ernesto has given me a series of spiritual, healing treatments that allowed me to come into my own power. You’re the best, EO”

Kim Toffoli – Miami, Florida

“Muy querido Ernesto,

I am deeply grateful for everything I have experienced, the good and the less good, during the AR Retreat in Guatemala with you and the whole Family-group. I really had the time of my Life. 

The first time I heard about the Akashic Records was only 5 months before this retreat. I felt so much curiosity and such a special attraction for these two words I couldn’t stop searching for more information. When I found out about the Intensive Training on Ernesto’s website, I knew immediately I had to go in spite of the doubts and fears about travelling alone at the other side of the world with little money, without any spiritual background, not even knowing anyone. Today, I can honestly and proudly say that going to this retreat has been the best decision I’ve taken so far. Now I truly understand the importance of listening to our heart and trusting our intuition no matter what. The moment I arrived at Villa Sumaya (alone and without my suitcase) I knew I had nothing to fear because the whole group warmly welcomed me with an open heart despite my delay. I felt at home, with a loving brand new family.

Everything, from beginning to end, has been absolutely enriching and exciting. The 3 level classes, the sharing of experiences, the personal anecdotes, the exercises, the beautiful ceremonies, the meditations, the mantras, the meals, the songs, the dances, the drawings, the crystals, the laughter, the tears, the hugs, the kisses, the magnificent nature, the magical and powerful energies… To be honest, I never thought it was possible to fall so deeply in love with Life itself and with every human being I met during the retreat.

I want to thank Ernesto for his tremendous generosity and, above all, for the uncommon humility and beautiful simplicity with which he has shared everything he knows & more about the most powerful tool of self liberation; the Akashic Records. You made me realize the beauty and uniqueness that’s within every human being. You made me realize that we are all worthy and capable of accessing the Source/Akasha as long as we trust, place blind faith in the Masters&Teachers and work from our heart. To me, this is quite amazing.  

Thank you for reminding me how beautiful and magical Life is.
Thank you for reminding me the sweet flavor of the present moment.
Thank you for reminding me that we are never alone.
Thank you for reminding me that we have the power to change the world.
Thanks for your light, your smile, your beauty, your sense of humour, your childish soul and your love.

Bless you all.

Ana Rivet – Belgum

“Universal Spirit, that which is interconnecting all that is, does not wear a watch, yet its’ timing is impeccable.  From the Hardy Hibiscus that blooms once per day, to the Puya Berteroniana that awaits exactly the right moment to blossom once every 100 years, our Spirit too is led by this perfect timing.  Ernesto Ortiz guides his groups with the help of Universal Spirit.

It was easy to see that Ernesto’s life as a person was guided by Spirit, through his heart.  Each day was filled with adventures that were surrounded by love, and were spiritually nourishing; the majesty of the places we visited was life-changing.  Each sacred site had deep-rooting effects, and Ernesto’s guidance and ceremonies brought a spiritual anchoring that will never be lost.  He also incorporates the help of a local guide who elaborates fully, the deep connection with Pachamama these ancient people had that allowed them to live and create the way they did.  This guide also has a heart of gold, and a passion for continuing his spiritual development, which makes the historical learning’s even more important.

The Sacred Teacher Plant Ceremonies with Mother Ayahuasca are life-changing as well.  I recommend the teacher plant extension to all who travel with Journey to the Heart.  These ceremonies allow for an immediate and strong connection to our core being.  The shielding layers that have developed throughout this life are shed with the unconditional love and guidance of Mother Ayahuasca.

Through this experience and Ernesto’s teachings, I have been given the tools and passion to maintain spiritual discipline long after the ceremony ends.  When I read the invitation for the Shamanic, Psychospiritual Integration Journey & Vibrational Alignment for 2013, I knew Spirit was smiling at me with a reminder that the time is always now and always perfect.  I would suggest that if you are reading this, the time is also right for you.  As Ernesto has gracefully put it, “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.”

If you are open to finding your true purpose and have a passion for changing the world for the better, there is no better time than now.  Journey to The Heart is a wonderful conduit to help you do so!”

With eternal gratitude and unconditional love,

Lindsey Jeudevine, DC – Chiropractic Physician – Pensacola, FL




Being in an 8 energy for this year (in numerology) I knew that operating some transformations in my life would have been a good time that fore.

Nevertheless, I would have not imaging, at all, doing it through the Akashic Records that I even did not know about, before I discovered them this last February, for a level one in Lyon (France) And neither, that I would have to repeat and emphasize them in going to Bali, the Divine’s island on the Earth, for an intensive seminar courses! How great it was! WOW!

This trip « Journey to the Heart » brought me into a land that I would never expect to visit and none to connect to. This trip into Bali’s Heart brought me directly, right deep into the womb of our Mother-Earth, Mama Gaya, in mine, in my own mother’s, in all the feminine part of each one.

Being nettled and loved in delicious Omunity center, with beautiful Balinese people caring, walking through its fantastic Nature, bathing into its gorgeous sacred cascades, preying on different Temples sites, immersing into Sacred water-springs, receiving extraordinary jasmine massages… and sharing all those moments with a wonderful world-group of people in some amazing meditations and fire-ceremonies, my Heart just burnt into 

such explosion of shining diamonds and radiance that all my human being is becoming up side down.

And my life is now changing! I do not know towards what, neither how, but it does. And it does for my Highest good. I just can feel it so.

This Journey to the Heart was a strong Divine invitation orchestrated full of exceptional surprises worth and essential to be experimented in a lifetime.

Then that for, I thank you so much Ernesto Ortiz for having initiated and drive it for each of us into the world of Akasha. All my gratitude goes for his Presence, Patience, and Compassion for mastering this Great workshop, transmitting us his wisdom, and sharing with us his large human experience, with simplicity, humility and respect.

Thank you Ernesto, and be loved forever.

« Pensées Lumineuses & Lumière dans le Cœur ».

Anne-Marie (France)

Dear Ernesto,

Sacred character, as mysterious as fascinating, you are a magician, an alchemist who knows how to open our hearts, make them shine, and let us glimpse the divine that there is in each of us. It’s good to find some people like you on this planet to make dance our bodies, our minds, our souls, while curing them, caressing them, honoring them…

This stay will be a great memory (not only because of my fall on the head, it’s okay now!), and it’s good to see, again and again, the picture of the whole group.

Thank you for your teaching, your wisdom, your love, and your humor …




“I had been looking for a retreat for sometime and then I came across Ernesto and his Journey to the Heart retreats. I had been interested in the Akashic Records for some time and it was going to be held in Bali, a place I always wanted to visit made it a double blessing.

I can’t speak highly enough of Ernesto and his well organized retreat, everything from the places we stayed, the amazing authentic Balinese food and the specialised Excursions to the most interesting and spiritual locations where it was possible to participate in the most memorable ceremonies. One of the things I wanted from the retreat was that my soul would be fed, my heart opened more and that there would be some visible form of transformation in my life.

Ernesto helped in achieving this, he is the most profound teacher and has a wealth of knowledge but also has experienced all that he teaches, thus able to impart valuable and important advice and information on how we can move on in our spiritual live with the help of the Akashic Records.

Each day was unique, starting with our morning meditation, mantras, teaching, all practical, helpful and uplifting as well as challenging us all to move forward in confidence with all we were being taught. Ernesto held the group always in love and humility, often sharing from the depth of his heart. I met the most wonderful group of people from many different countries, which has lead to many new friendships.

I feel immensely privileged to have spent time with Ernesto and leant so much from a man who has a big open heart and a desire to teach and help people connect to their own spiritual power which lies within. I want to recommend Ernesto and the Journey to the Heart Retreats to everyone, wherever you are on your journey.

I shall look forward to joining Ernesto again sometime in the near future.”

Alan Purves
Transformational Breath Facilitator

Dear Ernesto

It has been a week since We completed Akashic Records training in Guatemala, and feeling totally blessed and grateful to Ernesto Ortiz, who held the group gracefully with his kind, loving personality, and his rich transformative teaching.

We entered into our psyche deeply through various meditations, chanting, prayers, dancing, connecting with our Akashic Records and others…We then let go things which didn’t serve us and internalized kindness and love for ourselves and others.

We also had so much fun- couldn’t stop dancing.

Well.. I am now totally obsessed with chanting,’Om Mani Padme Hum’ and every opportunity I find, I am in my Akashic Records…. The unique journey to your own unique self will be held in Bali in September 2016 and I am intended to go…

With much love
Elif Clarke

“I attended the 2016 Akashic Records intensive training course in Guatemala facilitated by Ernesto Ortiz and his fabulous consultants.

It was a deep honour to receive this training in the land where it was first downloaded all those years ago. Our location was perfectly picked by the powerful energy centre of Lake Atitlan in a secluded retreat.

What differentiated the Akashic Records training to all other modalities I have learned or received – was that the focus was on providing the student with tools to take away to use for their entire lifetime. To help not only yourself, but all other living beings – to find answers from within yourself and not from others, to learn how to transform yourself and any erroneous paradigmatic thinking patterns you may have inside of you.

An integral part of the Akashic Records teachings was to learn how to switch your primary source of thinking from the head to the heart and we did daily exercises to facilitate this transformation all led by Ernesto and his team and by the end of the retreat we certainly learnt how to celebrate rather than cerebrate – as Ernesto might say!

The lessons provided us not only with the knowledge and access to open our own records, but how to use these tools to open the records of other people, buildings and sites and animals – and also how to become an Akashic Records reader in professional practice.

However, the retreat went far beyond the Akashic Records itself. We learnt about sacred mantras, how to programme crystals, trance dance, breathing techniques and Shamanic practices – all of which have been hugely beneficial to me on my spiritual path.

Our days off were filled with visits to local markets and taking part in a traditional Mayan fire ceremony all joined by Ernesto and his team.

I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher in Ernesto. He always made himself available to us even when things were really busy, he organised each and every day, made it clear to us what we would be doing and has a wealth of experience that he was open to share with us to help us along our own paths. Ernesto is full of unconditional love and guided by spirit (you only have to look into his eyes to witness it) and is absolutely dedicated to helping his students learn the Akashic Records.

This course has completely transformed my life and I will continue to learn about the Akashic Records for the rest of my lifetime.

Thank you Ernesto, the consultants and all the other students from the sacred altar of my heart. I have truly been blessed by this experience and am grateful to every single one of you.

Om Shanti.

Nicholas Howden, UK

I just returned from Guatemala where i completed the 10 day Akashic Record Training under the guidance of Ernesto Ortiz. This journey far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. It was a very profound and transformational experience that I will continue to integrate for many months as so much has taken place. You truly are re-born if you have the courage to surrender to the teaching and the process. This journey taught me that Absolute Surrender leads to Absolute Freedom.

Freedom and love and are at the forefront of my life thanks to the teachings and my ability to surrender to what was presented. I will forever be grateful for this life changing experience and the unconditional love and exceptional guidance provided by Ernesto.

Much Love,
Amanda Beisel
Vancouver, BC

Beloved Ernesto,
I want to thank you for your spiritual journey and sharing this wisdom and your personal experiences with all of us.I come from India a land overflowing with spiritual masters, old and modern forms of spiritual practices. I have followed many spiritual masters and learnt different spiritual practices in India; But I must say you are Unique and so is your teaching.Uniqueness is being simple, non-judgmental, honest, being humble, accepting things in reality, ready to learn, assertive, loving and most important always giving.My 12 days of Akashic retreat was a precious gift I got from my husband. The past 4 years I had been a lost mother, a lost daughter and a lost wife and my only prayer to God was, to help me find my purpose and myself in life.I experienced rebirth (created a new Taanaz) I died for the first time (it was a death of my old patterns, bad emotions, unwanted past, behaviors, habits, the list is endless and I was able to connected to my true inner self.The place where the course was conducted, the places we visited in Bali , all the beautiful people I met during the course , the process of learning Akashic Records, the morning meditations and chanting, walking in muddy rice fields all for these fun but at the same time we all had deep learning . I can’t express the impact of my learning in word because it’s endless and ongoing.Thank you for helping me to become a vehicle to spread love and light.Warm regards,

“My first experience with any form of spirituality came in the form of the Akashic Records in Guatemala 2013. As an individual with no prior experience or contact with anything remotely spiritual, you could say I arrived at the retreat feeling like a fish out of water. Oh, not to mention I was the youngest participant in the course at the time… So I really felt lost. The great thing was that those feelings didn’t last long. They evaporated as soon as the retreat started and the full acceptance and honest sharing’s that Ernesto and everyone else gave to the retreat made me feel right at home. Since this is a retreat about opening your own Akashic Records and those of others, I must say that (1) you will definitely learn to open your Records (fear not!) and (2) reading for others is a beautiful and privileged experience. Do you need any psychic or spiritual abilities? Nope! All you truly need is an open heart. As a teacher, Ernesto presents the course material and information in a very down-to-earth and approachable manner. Because the material is taught in relation with Ernesto’s own personal experiences (which are oft times very funny), it was extremely easy to connect and assimilate the material.

My first experience was so good and transformational that I signed up for the Bali 2014 without hesitation – I knew I had more to learn and every experience brings with it new teachers and teachings.

What did I learn or experience in the Bali 2014 retreat? That the retreat is beautiful regardless of time and space; that life is a journey, and we’re all on the path towards enlightenment and that the learning never stops.

Regardless of where and when you join the retreat, I can guarantee your soul will thank you for it. Each retreat brings with it a unique sense of joy, beauty, peace and love. Unlike most experiences, this is an experience that you can keep repeating and repeating with different ‘outcomes’ depending on where you are in your life at that time. The energy is always different, the people are always different but the Love you receive during the retreat is something that words cannot give sufficient justice to. Enjoy the journey to your heart with Ernesto guiding you there. It is a beautiful experience that you’ll never forget and the benefits stay with you long past the end of each retreat… And I dare say, it’ll last for all eternity.”

Hong Kong

“This trip « Journey to the Heart » brought me into a land that I would never expect to visit and to connect too. This trip into Bali’s Heart brought me directly into the Womb of our Mother-Earth, Mama Gaya, and my own. Being cared and loved in delicious Omunity’s center, with beautiful Balinese people all around us, walking through its fantastic Nature, bathing into its gorgeous sacred cascades, praying on different Temples sites, immersing into Sacred water-springs, receiving extraordinary jasmine massages… and sharing all those moments with a wonderful group of people from all over the world. In some of the amazing meditations led by Ernesto and fire-ceremonies, my Heart just burst into an explosion of shining diamonds.

My life is now changing! And this Journey to the Heart was a strong Divine invitation orchestrated with many exceptional surprises and personal discoveries.

For that, I thank you so much Ernesto Ortiz for having initiated each of us into the Akashic Records.

My gratitude goes to you Ernesto for your presence, patience, compassion, for creating this great retreat, transmitting to us your wisdom, and sharing with us his vast human experience, with simplicity, humility, and respect.

Thank you Ernesto, and be loved forever. « Pensées Lumineuses & Lumière dans le Cœur ».”


The program was smooth and well-paced, with every single details taken care by Ernesto, his assistant Calista, and the extremely accommodating host Zanzan and his lovely wife Putu. Teachings happen in and outside of the classrooms, and I was amazed by how much I learnt in occasions that seem like pure indulgence – in a traditional Buddhist cave, on a local rice field, in the pristine waters of the sacred water temple, and on the hikes to the breathe-taking waterfall. And of course, none of this will be possible without Ernesto, who humbly calls himself a facilitator, but in fact one of the best spiritual teachers you can find today. Ernesto strives to make himself available to everyone, patiently addressing every single question, always with a beautiful smile on his face.

With lots of love,
Kelsey Xia
Hong Kong

What a Divine experience this has been for me. My life will be transformed as I continue to use what the Akashic Records have recorded thru so many lifetimes. What a profound experience this has been as I have witness how it unfolds moment to moment. I feel deeply grateful from the wisdom received by the Masters. I know I have so much more to receive and I cannot wait to receive it and gain more wisdom. I thank you Ernesto for the seed that you planted and now I can cultivate and see it grow. It has been my passion to be of service to humanity. I now have the means via the Akashic Records to do so. Thank you!!

Carol Bush
Miami, FL

Learning the ancient practice of reading the Akashic Records, and working with the Masters for deep healing, has so far been the most profound experience of my life. Learning from a master teacher (Ernesto Ortiz) in the gorgeous surroundings of Lake Atitlan has imprinted the experience into my mind and heart in a way that I will cherish forever.
Thank you Ernesto
Love, love and more loveAileen Talamantes
Colorado Springs

Hi Ernesto,
Thank you for facilitating and providing the beautiful retreat in Bali, it has been a great pleasure and honor to have you as a teacher in my life. The retreat has been amazing and it has shown and made me experience things that I don’t think I would have been able to if I had never turned up. Thank you again for being such a amazing teacher the knowledge, kindness, love, heart and soul can always been felt from what you say and from what you do.Delon Tuan
Hong Kong

The journey to the heart retreat facilitated by Ernesto Ortiz was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Every day I discovered something new about myself and the universe. The revelation process and the guidance from Ernesto has been so incredible that I have been at awe every day. Thank you for the liberation, joy and the new birth. Thank you for you I felt so much love and I continue to feel it in my heart.

Originally from Mongolia
Virginia, US

Your teachings and wisdom have been transformational. I have enjoyed journey to the heart so much that I feel it has changed my life already. The teachings from Ernesto were so deep and profound that they have allowed me to see my life clearer and with much more confidence… the only way from here is upwards and forwards… thank you for this opportunity of spring boarding my soul’s evolution…. I feel truly blessed to have met you, and to have been accepted on your course so that I can now go deeper into myself thought the Akashic Records.Love today and always
Liam Doherty

I came in with an idea of what these retreat would be like and I am very pleasantly surprised that my expectations were blown out of the water. I went in, I found my spirituality, I danced with it, I found more aliveness that I didn’t even know was there and most of all I was taking back to remember. To say that this was a course or classes would not do justice. The love, the learning, the enjoyment, the process, the experience provided with the gentle guidance of Ernesto will forever be engraved in my heart. Thank you Ernesto for being the example of love, for giving us your support, patience for being thoughtful and patient with us.
Much love from my heart, graciasDamarys Cuevas
New York USA

I had the pleasure to met Ernesto Ortiz in Guatemala and have him as my teacher for the Akashic Records retreat in Guatemala. Ernesto is a wonderful and gifted teacher!! I don’t have the words to thank him for his dedication to teach and bring the Akashic Records to so many people in the world. Ernesto has a unique charisma and love radiates from his heart. Thank you so much for the lovely trip and teachings.

Ana Paula
London UK

Dear Ernesto these days were amazing. The way we were introduced to the Akashic Records and initiated by you, I felt much support from you. Your loving way to guide us through the process was very beautiful. It’s an honor to know you as my teacher.

I look forward seeing you again and receive more of your love, light and wisdom and with that bring a piece of heaven to earth, together as one. With deep gratefulness I wish you lots of great dances and many blessings from above.
With much love

Karin M.

Dear Ernesto, I truly do not know what direction my life would have gone in, had I not attended this Intensive. Before it, I was trapped within the confines of my mind, not knowing the way back to my heart – my sacred home. With Ernesto’s attentive and wholehearted guidance, I found my way back to the Masters and through them the way back to my heart.

For me, this truly was a Journey to the Heart, and I am so grateful, so full of love and Light, and ready to share it both with the world once more. Thank you Ernesto so, so much. You make the process as natural as the feeling of coming home.

Molly Donovan
New York USA

Terrific!!! Intense!!!
Much more than I expected.
More than a workshop on the Akashic Records.
A total Spiritual awakening and inner journey.
I gained a new Spiritual awareness under the gentle guidance of Ernesto as the teacher.

Michael P.
Napa, Cal. USA

Journey to the Heart Akashic Records Intensive is one big ”Coming Out” Experience after the others. I felt the teachings were the missing key that I have been looking for.

Ernesto lovingly supported and challenged us to reside in the powerful vibrations of our own capacity to LOVE while we approached the work from many different angles.

I feel very blessed to have shared this experience. Thank you so much Ernesto
Om Shanti

Caroline Sterling
Pittsburgh, PA

Hello Ernesto,
I just want to say THANK YOU!!! For your wonderful book that I just finished reading it.  I do not have enough words to express how I feel about your teachings and your knowledge. Being in the process of searching for something else since I was very young, now finally feel that I can follow the road that will lead me to where I want to go.
The moment will come to have the opportunity to meet you in person and learn more.
Thank you again.
With love.

Peggy Vivas
S. Florida

“Ernesto Ortiz has a tender heart dedicated to beauty and love. I was fortunate enough to decide to entrust him with the guidance of myself and my son on a journey through mystical Peru. This journey opened doors for me on many levels due to his connections to wonderful people and places, and to that veiled reality beyond ordinary senses. It was a deeply transformative experience and I am looking forward to learning from him for a long time to come!”

Shawna Guheen, LMT
Pensacola, Fl.

The Akashic Records Intensive in Bali is one of those steps as Ghandi says, to “become the change you wish to see in the world.”

Ernesto has created a well-thought out and balanced program, giving his students enough time to savor the appetizer and access the Records for our own self-help, serious tools to dig into the main course and help others, all while leaving plenty of time to digest so that we could enjoy juicy desserts such as participating in sacred temple ceremonies, bathing in wholly waters, as well as introducing us to local original artisans for some serious shopping. Bali, the land of joy, will excite your senses at each step, coupled with Ernesto’s desire to share his work, equal a highly recommended way to start or continue on your Journey to the Heart.

Kat Naslas

“You preceded me in writing and sending you my feeling about our journey, thank you!
After nearly one week, I feel in the same shape with an open heart and mind, and back home with a new vision of my life.
The fantastic sites, the beautiful nature and people we met, all spoke to me and left an enlighten vibration inside of me…
But this vibration (I am sure) would not have been what I felt if you had not been our spiritual guide: with your teaching that reached deep inside of me, the mantras and the sacred ceremonies you facilitated to, the way you opened the energetic doors in the sites, the meditations…The group was a mix of personalities with their passed lives and their ego and I know you see each one where he/she is. But I wish to let you know how you have been appreciated and how grateful I am for all that you gave us.
The change, the transformation which happened in me will remain, mainly owing to you: what you are and what you teach, the way you teach.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,

God bless you!
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!Annie Pomès

Dear Ernesto,
This was was my first “spiritual” travel”. I met Ernesto and I’ve worked with him during 2 weeks. It was amazing! I’ve learned so many things in 15 days! About my breath, about “mantras”, about compassion, about opportunity life gives us! Ernesto is a simple man with lot of wit. He shares so much and it is from the heart, if you need him, he’s here for you. You just have to observe him. He’s ability to live in different worlds, or to shape shift, the way he has mastered his emotions, to accompany the group with all his energy. Ceremonies with him are like a dream. He’s really in symbiosis with nature. It was simply for the moment my best travel with him.

Thank you Ernesto.
I hope we will meet again for another Journey to the Heart. Much Love for you.

J’ai grandement apprécie cet enseignement et toutes ces très belles énergies dans un lieu magique avec un temple où j’ai pu sentir toutes les énergies christiques qui ont agi comme un soin sur mes différents corps.
j’ai été contente de rencontrer toutes ces  belles personnes du groupe.
J’ai surtout beaucoup apprécie le niveau 3 et le travail en profondeur de nettoyage ,j’ai vécu une très belle transe et transformation avec le travail sur les : imaginal cells.
Merci pour l’opportunité de  la très belle journée passée dans cette Omunity en toute paix  et les très belles cérémonies vécues c’était vraiment très bien
J’ai l’envie de continuer à m’ouvrir et être dans mon unité et faire profiter toutes les personnes qui m’entourent de ce rayonnement dans la joie et l’amour de l’humain et de l’humanité entière pour une transformation de la planète vers l’amour et la paix  de tous
un très grand merci  pour la très belle personne que vous êtes en toute simplicité
je vous souhaite une très belle continuation dans la joie et la lumière de l’amour

Que le meilleur soit

Going to Bali and learning about the Akashic Records was a life changing experience.

I arrived with some big questions and departed feeling touched, connected and fulfilled. Ernesto is a brilliant teacher and guide of great depth, experience and passion about his work and about life.

In Bali I understood for the first time what it means to be a traveler rather than a tourist. I usually spend so much time in my head and now I know what it means to be in my heart.

Thank you Ernesto for these wonderful gifts and for my new global friends.

Tim Snell

Dearest Ernesto,

OM Suastiastu!
WOW!  What a phenomenal experience I had in Bali!  To have been taught the Akashic Records Intensive here was truly inspiring and to see the beauty of this island through your eyes was a gift I will always hold dear to my heart.  The AR Intensive has changed my life in so many ways.  With this capability of accessing this precious energy and guidance from our masters, teachers and loved ones I have learned to love who I am as a spiritual being on this human journey.  Learning to forgive has also been an enlightening experience of freeing oneself and learning to speak from the heart has brought about beauty in all aspects of living. The more I connect, more of my life changes for the better and for all those around me.  I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!
Thank you!

As for YOU, YOU are a “holy” man in my eyes who is trying to make this a better world for all of us with all that you do.  You emit and radiate so much love from your being and teachings that I am ever so very grateful for all that you are.  I feel very blessed and thankful to have met you.
I have faced my fear of traveling, thanks to you, and am looking forward to my next journey.  Also, thank you for the experience as a group to OMunity Bali.  It was one of those places that I will definitely be going back to.

Thank you! Thank you for everything and the beautiful friendships I have connected with!
“Become loyal to your innermost truth . . . Walk the path of your own heart”

~Much Peace, Love and Light~
Namaste, Hemla Wilson – Sherwood Park, Canada

I cannot even begin to express how much gratitude I feel for you having held the space on both the physical and the energetic level for us to have been able to create so much healing as a group…as you say, for ourselves and others in this world and all others.

As far as my experience goes since Peru: in a nutshell, it was awesome!!! I am having such an amazing experience. I feel like the Teacher Plant is continuing working its magic and showing me things that previously were so clouded by the veils of illusion. I feel so much clearer than I did before going to Peru.

Everything seems to flow so much more smoothly, and I feel so incredibly guided in everyday things, as well as major decisions.

Thank you, Ernesto, for your part in that. I am so eternally grateful for that experience and your guidance. Thank you.

WaheGuru!!! – Meriel Randerson
Victoria, BC, Canada

Ernesto, a man of learning is not always wise, but a wise man can learn from every mind he touches! It was a pleasure to be taught and to learn from a man as wise as yourself.
The journey to Peru has been one of the best trips we’ve taken in our lives. It was a real pleasure to have shared it with you, your daughter and the group.
Thank you and we’ll see you in another of your adventures.Lots of Love,

Tobias and Ana Shoemaker
WPB, Florida

I anticipated nothing of what our trip together would bring. It was an open book. The trip was aptly named Journey to the Heart. This trip expanded who I am and brought 22 amazingly loving, caring people into my life. Plus I saw Peru, the power of the Andes and what the ancient people had created. When I turned the corner and gazed upon the structures of Machu Picchu I burst into tears and loudly declared, “I am home.” What a surprise was this! Surprise pretty much sums up this trip. It was wonderful and my girl scout training was invaluable, BE PREPARED, you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Mary Gheyssarieh

Dear Ernesto,
I want to thank you and everyone we met on the journey (to the heart) Akashic Records Intensive for making these 2 weeks intensely memorable, full of learning and so heart-moving (physically, emotionally and spiritually) We met great people from different backgrounds and cultures and that was not only fun and exciting but also rewarding.
Since I returned I started painting. I loved all these amazing paintings in Bali, really beautiful sketches! That inspired me to resurface my painting/drawing skills that I have kept asleep for the past 15 years. That’s a sweet taste! So, thank you very much!!

Pascal Radic

“it is hard to remember what life was like before being able to access my Akashic Records. I use them like I use my lungs to breath. Life is no longer filled with doubt, fear, worries or misunderstandings. The beautiful connection allows me to learn lessons easily without pain or suffering. It allows me to truly experience and appreciates the beauty and love that is everywhere for everyone to savor each minute of each day. The Akashic Records are a gift that everyone should learn to open so that all of the limitless joy can spill out and the real living can begin. Thank-you Ernesto for helping me find myself through your teachings and showing me how to open my gift. I am eternally grateful!”

Tracy Blehm
Calgary, Ca.

Dear Ernesto, I decided to wait a while before sending you a warm and enthusiastic thank you. I wanted to live with all the new delicious info that you so gently offered to me. I am so grateful and thankful for listening to my higher self and showing up to your course. It is an experience that has enriched and enhanced my life so intensely. The world is looking so different to me in such an inspiring way. My awareness is on fire. I have been busy moving forward finding my voice and my inner child. I have been looking for adventure and bringing out my creativeness. I am taking art classes were I am using my Akashic Records to aid myself in self-expression. It has been a great new experience for me. You bringing the knowledge of the Akashic Records in such a loving and gentle way to me has made my life real and I am no longer afraid of “what ifs”, “What is the worst that can happen?” I love it.
I thank you for the enlightening experience and look forward to sharing space with you in the new year.
May your travels take you to fun and inspiring places with delicious people.

bubbly joy and delicious hugs,
Patti – Calgary

Dear Ernesto,
I am so grateful for your encouraging words that helped me break through my fears of travel to Guatemala. You have touched me in ways that I am only just beginning to understand and appreciate. I think this processing will take some time. You are a magnificent teacher/ facilitator and I am not the same Robin I was several weeks ago. My heart has opened up and I cannot stop smiling. Between you and the lovely women that I know now are my spirit guides, I think I have learned more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 2 years.
I WILL see you again and I expect you will find me less rigid, less resistant, less zipped up, but with the same old boots and jean jacket.
Until then, let us keep dancing.

Much love,

With much gratitude and love, Ernesto, for a profound 10 day experience during the Trance Dance Intensive; this took me into a deeply heart-felt space; where time ceased to exist for me! As I’ve returned back to Maine, I continue to process the experience as often I found no words to express my deeply felt feelings, w/o seemingly taking away from the moment, simply a state of being for me, during the workshop. I have always felt a deep inner calling to what you are living… your presence revealed the essence of what I know deeply. And, as a male, your physical being revealed one I’ve known for some time..and have longed to connect with, always. Many blessings to you for all you do and for who you are!! During the class, I felt your beauty and heart. You are a beautiful man!

Lots of love,

Hello Ernesto
…I would like to thank you for this extraordinary experience in Peru, because I lived a magic and marvelous time. (I don’t know how to say in English so i can resume by waouh!!!…)
In France, at the first time the real live was not easy…lot of emotion, sadness and melancholy appeared however now well-balance and happiness come back! and I become more “grounded” (I don’t know if it’s the right word…) I want to say “more here”, “on the earth”.
Thank you, you’re a rare man so in the heart and love than I never met,
Thank you for give me the trust in love,

Martine Zocca

Dear Ernesto,
What a beautiful intense journey we experienced!! Since I’m here in France again, nearly every night during dreamtime I return to Peru, and especially to Machu Picchu – it is strange how real it feels !!!You are in my heart and all these precious moments shared, the deep connections, the fun, all the sharing from soul to soul is precious to me like sparkling diamonds inside.

Through the connection and translation for you, I grow each time a bit more and recall my essence as a child of light. Thank you ever so much for being in my life! In Joy of meeting you again soon…

Tina H.

Dear Ernesto
I want to thank you so much for encouraging me to come to the extension. WHAT A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE I felt the strings of suffering from my former husband have dissolved from him to me and my children. Now I am ready for a new relationship of love with a new partner. I felt very honored to be able o help with the translation and be at your side. During the plant medicine I felt your loving presence and a bond of light between us. SO POWERFUL. It is a pleasure for me to walk in silence beside you, nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be … Sending my deepest love.


I enjoyed the AR course so very much! It is such a great blessing in my life. I am a better person today than I was before I came! I feel that it is such a precious gift to be able to go into my records everyday, and am always looking forward to being in there as well as consulting for others. The pure love that I feel when in my records is so comforting and peaceful, and the information is amazing.Thank-you so very much for traveling to Alberta to share such a rare and precious gift with us.. I am forever grateful! I have such a beautiful story of being in my records the 1st 2 times (they are connected), and feel so blessed and led to share.. Perhaps I will put on my future website..lolI look forward to the next time we meet and introducing you to my husband as well.

From the Heart

The Akashic Records Intensive was fantastic and re-connected me to a part of myself which I’ve been longing to re-awaken in this lifetime. Accessing the records is now a part of my meditation practice and fits nicely in my daily ritual. It was very comfortable doing readings for each other during the workshop and I was uncertain how this would translate into my everyday reality once I got back home. Channeling for others is still a bit new for me, but the exercises and practice which you provided have helped me to build a good foundation for the future. I can already sense that this will be a core piece of my growing healing practice. I wish you continued success as you bring love and light to the world.

Many blessings

Hello Ernesto,
I thank you for mantras and for this magnificent stay in Peru. After a “period of rehabilitation” and reentry to my daily life, I still feel the benefit of this journey. I feel a bigger opening of my heart and an enjoyment constantly; a sweet peace is now a part integral of my being. The “common theme” is, life is beautiful, and I appreciate it every the moment. See you soon, for new adventures.

With all my love

Hola Ernesto!
I wanted to thank you for the Akashic Records Intensive. It was a profound and spiritually awakening experience for me. When I was young, I abandoned my spiritual practices to live in the ‘real’ world and consequently, I realized earlier this year it was time for me to return to my soul practices. I am eternally grateful to you and the magnificent gifts I’ve received over the 6 days of Akashic Records training. If anyone wants to know where to go to gain the most impactful and practical experiences in spiritual practice, please know that Ernesto is spreading love and light to many souls – and I highly recommend a course with him for deep enlightenment and a powerful connection to the divine. I know our paths will cross again, and I look forward to future courses together. You are a blessing and I am deeply grateful for giving me ‘wings’ to once again fully access to my heart.

From My Heart,
Christopher L. Montoya
Albuquerque, NM

Ernesto lead us gently and lovingly through an incredible learning and growing experience with deep compassion and integrity. The Askashic Records training is as Ernesto would say,“Delicious and Juicy!” It was truly life altering experience that I felt myself sink into and then I came out on the other side empowered and enlightened with a understanding of my greater purpose and magnificence. It wasn’t easy, or trivial and is probably not for the weak of spirit or heart – but the benefits, ahhhhh, the benefits must be experienced firsthand… so worth it. It was my time to return to the source and come home to my magnificence and this incredible experience was the perfect one-way conveyor belt to my own divinity. There is no greater gift we can give to each other.

In deepest appreciation and gratitude,
Julie Katzer
Spokane, WA

Hi Ernesto, Thank you for your kind message and yes, I indeed have a deeper connection to myself and the Divine. It started most noticeably in Gaia Oasis and I am working hard and diligently at strengthening and making it a permanent part of my life. I thank you and Maria deeply for your guidance and inspiration and for providing such a powerful platform – it has been one of the most memorable and transformational journeys of my life so far – 100% a ‘Journey to the Heart’

Best wishes
Michael Dodds
W. Australia

Hi Ernesto,I have been back in Perth for nearly a week and trying to settle back into a routine. I am missing the wonderful energy and the great times we all shared with each other in the most beautiful mountain setting in Gaia Oasis. I have attended many workshops in my life; however, I have never experienced such deep bonding with so many caring and supportive people Ernesto, I thank you for the Akashic Records and Sacred Geometry workshops. I feel blessed in having had the opportunity to have experienced your teachings in such a spiritual and life changing way. It was a privilege to meet both you and your lovely lady Maria. I am looking forward to meeting up with you both at another workshop in the near future.

Thank You again
Love and Light

Hi Ernesto,
Even three weeks later – I am happy to say that I am still in a very internal quiet space and my heart and very being glows when I reflect upon our time and work in Bali. It was indeed, very special and the integration of everything is still in process. I have been opening the Records for several people now and getting to feel more & more comfortable with the Communion. I have found it mind blowing sometimes at the swiftness of the response – answers being given even as the question is being asked. It also fascinates me as to how different it is, receiving the information for others than when I have my own Records open and dialoguing for myself i.e. writing everything as opposed to speaking it for others. Anyway, it is all very exciting, and I am in deep gratitude for the gift I have been given. Thank You again Ernesto. Above all else – I feel at peace – and that is wonderful!

God Bless you both
Much Love
W. Australia

Ola caro Ernesto,
Thanks! It was so great what we lived that nothing is the same than before. My heart keeps the enjoyed imprint of those 4 days of magic teaching, meditatives dances, cheerful meetings and delicious meals. As far as I remember in my childhood I’ve always been in questioning on who I am? Why I feel different? What is my mission on earth? I looked for answer from my parents, teachers, priests, psychologists, mediums, astrologists and to books, and on a lot of methods like NPL, TA, Hypnosis etc… for so many years until now. But none gave me answers as clear and wonderful as you Ernesto. No one put right words on my mystical experience in front of the lake in Canada “grace”. None told me “what you feel is true and good” but “you have a too large imagination Sophie”. You told us “go on, on your way, ask all questions you desire and open your heart to receive the right answer. Activate your Grace Points and “feel the energy of love” and it’s a so incredible and sweet message! What a WOW tool you offered to us Ernesto. I am so grateful to you for your teaching. I am impatient to be in April to receive level 2.

Sophie Touzé

Dear Ernesto,
Your very beautiful person has illuminated and enchanted our journey in Egypt.
For us, you have opened, with grandeur and simplicity, the doors of knowledge that raise our interior Being.
By the interior and exterior beauty who emanates from you, you have been a living example of Light and Grace that everyone aspires to.
The Akashic Records have been to André and me a true revelation and a fantastic opportunity to grow up on our spiritual journey.
What you have permitted us to discover is an inestimable present for the couple that we form since 15 years.
During this journey and this teaching, we have shared together a lot of moments of love and complicity in a very beautiful authenticity.
This deal sharing gives to our couple new hopes and new perspectives to go on our way and our spiritual journey.
Thank you, Ernesto, for all that you have brought to us and for your radiance that has touched profoundly our hearts.
God bless you, you and those you love.

Very affectionately,
Sincerely, Muriel,

Hi Ernesto, The Akashic Records Intensive was one of the best experiences I have had in clearing “stuff” and the childhood memories from school are like I have amnesia there doesn’t seem to be any clear memory of them at all now – most strange but the important thing is I am always grateful for whatever is in my life. When I came to Bali I was exhausted and tired and now feel rejuvenated again. Thank you. I hope to join you again sometime on another course.

All my love,
Vicky Sweetlove

Dearest Ernesto, I wanted to let you know that even though I have not seen you in quite some time, you have made such an impact on my life with your teachings.

Dorothy K., W. Australia

Dear Ernesto,
The time with you and the group in Guatemala was really powerful medicine for me. The work I did and the information and teachings which you provided really filled in the gaps which my previous learning’s have provided and I am much better for it. Also, I find myself in a different heart space as a result of my experiences.

Many blessings,
Veerasana Switzerland

Dear Ernesto, The time passes so quickly! But fortunately, it does not erase the fabulous memory of my stay in Égypt with you!! As I said it to you there, you are the most extraordinary person than I could have ever meet. Thanks to you, my heart opened beyond of all what I could imagine! But, not only my heart, all my being! Love has still exaggerated (or increased?) in me and around me and the certainty of this fabulous Divine energy which baths us appeared. Thank you for all what you seeded in me, in us and around us and that did not end up germinating!
With all my love,

Claude – France

Dear Ernesto,
Thank you for this magnificent education and teaching. Egypt was magnificent. I shall keep guard for ever this journey in my heart!!
j tembrasse sincerely.

Josette, France
Miami, Fl.

Dear Ernesto, Brother of Light,
Thanks to your presence in Egypt and your help to guide me in this journey to the heart, these two weeks of harmony remain engraved in my memory. The indestructible blueprint, that now accompanies me on the path of my quest, gradually opens doors of the Akashic Records. The energy I collected during this seminar enables me to explore my past lives and so I know myself better and move forward in Knowledge. Everyone in the group allowed that a unity birthed in that chain of Love and Light and the vibrations of the « HU » patted the Absolute so that we could birth another time, better than the first one. The rebirth in the hollow of our crossed arms, heart against heart, exchanging hugs, swept the darkness of our lives to propel us into the Unlimited and Timeliness. Nothing is due to chance … you were on my path. We have traveled many paths before our ways cross together and I bless this meeting which made me whole happy. You are a symbol of serenity and knowledge and with you; I switched into peace and forgiveness. Accept my gratitude and my humble thanks until I shall meet you again.

Valentin MARTIN – France
website: asanga.net

Hello Ernesto!
First of all, we are missing you a lot your smile, your voice, your eyes and your teachings are with us each minute of our life, it is like if you were here. We are listening every day the Mul mantra.You are not only a beautiful teacher, who teaches very deep matter in a light way, but your whole personality is great. I would add: “please, thank your mother and father to have accepted to welcome such a magnificent son as you are” I am grateful that they gave you the opportunity to born and so me to meet you, thank you to you too for having accepted to come another time on earth.

Rachel, Switzerland

Maestro Ernesto,
Thank you for the honor to be with you and to have attended your workshop, to have shared in such a extraordinary experience not only as a technique but the human warmth that you shared with us. This has given me a different view of my profession and my life!!

Maria C. Alvarez
Miami, Fl.

Dear Ernesto,
I want to let you know what a wonderful trip I had in Egypt. The trip is complete but my internal journey continues. It is like before I could come back to the world of the living, I had to cross the depth of myself. I felt alone and I know I had to cross it this way. You and all my new friends are present in my heart. I have never felt such a strong communion with a group. Thank you so much for making it possible. With all my affection and a big Heart Hug

Jenny Cassette

Querido Ernesto,
I am very interested and planning to attend the Akashic Record Intensive in Bali. After my first consultation with you back in January I felt this magnified presence of love and empowerment in my life. My experience was life changing because at that moment I made a decision for certain direction in my life. That consultation sparked something within me and a curiosity for me to explore and experience. I feel led from above to take this intensive. I also know that it will benefit me tremendously and affect this universe. So with these words I am expressing to you my interest and reason for taking this adventure.

Perla Herrera
Miami, Fl

Dear Ernesto,
This is the most wonderful trip I’ve never done; the teaching about Akashic records was a discovery which changed my life really. The energies of the group and the country, the energy from your heart always and in-always there; all this was made possible by you. Thanks to Ernesto whom I’ll never thank enough.Besides, I done this journey with my husband and it was very important for us to do it together: the discovery of the other one, the trust, another dimension of love surely! So, I feel a big love et an infinie gratitude for the life.

Claudie Gendre
Figeac, France

Dear Ernesto, I want to thank you again for the wonderful experience of trance dance in Guatemala! For me it was an incredible learning experience that came with the added bonus of personal healing on a very deep level. In giving myself over to the dance, behind the privacy of my bandana, I was able to delve into myself in a way I had never experienced before. Thanks to your music selections old emotions were allowed to come and dance with me once more, and somehow by dancing them in the safety of the sacred space you provided, I was able to release them through my body in a way I have never been capable of doing with words alone. While I’m experienced with the shamanic journey, the idea of Tantric shamanism was a new concept to me. I discovered that by bringing the body into function as part of the act of journeying, it took me deeper into the journey and I experienced it with my entire being. This takes my shamanic work to another level. In addition to all of the dancing, journeying and healing I also had the pleasure of joining you and your lovely partner Maria on the extension to Tikal. In me that was a journey into another realm! Not only did we travel into the jungle and see monkeys, but we were able to travel back in time at the ruins we visited. Doing ceremony at these ancient sites I could feel the Spirits of the place moving in me. It was an awesome time spent with GREAT people!! I’m looking forward to returning in 2012 with the group again! Sign me up for the Trance Dance Intensive—Level 2 next year!

Rose Aleta Barbee,
New Orleans, LA

Hello all, My name is Michelle Dayan and I feel it’s so important for me to share with you what an extraordinary experience the Trance Dance retreat with Ernesto was. I came to the retreat looking for guidance towards spiritual enlightenment and found exactly was i was looking for and more. I was truly blessed with an experience far beyond my expectations. I spent 10 days with the most wonderful women and such a powerful, wise, and experienced teacher. Ernesto showered us with love, kindness, and spirituality. This trip was nothing short of phenomenal. I can honestly say that it was a life-changing trip. If you’re looking for a magical transformation and so much more, this is the experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend it and simply can’t wait for my next journey with Ernesto! Ohm Shanti and love,
Michelle Dayan

Dearest Ernesto, Kalani seems so very long ago but the blessings that I returned with are immense. Thank you so much for the work you do, for your devotion. My life is forever improved because of my trip to Hawaii.Blessings to you and Maria, I can’t help but think of you fondly. I also can’t help but look at future offerings and wonder if I will be able to meet up with you in Bali or Egypt in a “hoped-for” future. Love to you bothWindSwan

Thank you so much for your beautiful message andwe were truly the ones blessed with your presence, intelligence, wisdom, love and honesty. I will take this spiritual tool, which to me was a most precious gift and honor your teachings and myself in every way towards a fulfilling life. I certainly look forward to the Intensive next year. I will be in touch with Sian before this time. I am sure the Masters will guide us to a most wonderful place to hold the Intensive. Blessings & love to you

Dear Ernesto, Thank you for being a guiding light on this earth and for providing great wisdom and knowledge to those who seek to know their truth.
During our time together, I came to know and witness a man who truly lives his truth with integrity, generosity of spirit, and gentle humor. I found your weekend workshop to be a wonderful and deeply meaningful experience that has continued to affect my life and work in surprising and positive ways.
Blessings to you and yours, and may your continuing journey hold all you wish for. This world is so fortunate to have you in its service to soul connection.

With love and Heart Hugs,Pamela M.
Perth, Western Australia

Dear Ernesto, I am looking forward to sharing my new techniques and learning’s with all of my clients and friends. Bamboo Massage definitely has the “WOW’ factor that I have been searching for, for many years now. Finally, I have now found it and that is all thanks to you. It’s amazing; it’s incredible, divine and delicious. A must do that should be added to the book 1000 things to do before I die. You are the best. Thank you.
Nicola Montgomery