Integrative Breathwork


Integrative Breathwork




” Where should we begin?
Begin with the breath,
and follow with the heart…
– Ernesto Ortiz


Entering the Dreamtime…

Energy precedes matter and what we dream reflects forward and backward on our everyday waking reality.

In fact, we dream all the time, during wakefulness and during sleep. We can learn to engage in the magic of conscious dreaming ~ heart, mind and soul ~ and learn together to walk between two worlds.

“Whether we enter the Dreamtime passively or with active and creative imagination, the main purpose is to incarnate the realities of the Self”
– C. G. Jung


Beyond Pleasure and Pain:


 “In this inner space where nothing and everythhing exsists. Breathwork is so blissful. I never imagined just breathing could be so blissful…” 


Breathwork is Sacred, is the natural gift of life, we can live for days without food and water but only minutes without the breath, our breath connects us to our present reality. Breathing consciously and with the awareness that we are actually breathing brings us right to experience the present, to be here now. Jacquelyn Small author of Embodying Spirit talks about the state of “cosmic consciousness” facilitated by this process.

My own experience and that of my clients have included such beautiful and holy moments full of extacy and connecting with the Divine that I have emerged from many sessions feeling absolute awe and immense gratitude, again and again. I am reminded of what I wrote a few years ago, “We become whole, healed, by making the invisible visible and bringing the darkness to light.” We merely have to release the obstacles within us that block our awareness of love’s eternal presence.

Eight years and dozens of sessions later, as both voyager and facilitator, I am still in love with this process. As Mathew Fox said, “We are at this moment participating in one of the very greatest leaps of the human spirit to… of our own deep inward mystery.” As a toot to help us probe these mysteries and make that leap of spirit, Breathwork is invaluable. it teaches us through our own experiences about moving past pains of living and breathing out what is painful and constricted and, as the Sufi poet Rumi wrote, about finding that

“breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.”

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Programs and Training

Ernesto teaches and facilitates Integrative Breathwork in classes based soley in this work, and as an adjunct to other modalities and teachings. Explore the workshop sections and spiritual travel pages to find courses or adventures where you can experience this powerful method of awakening to the self.
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