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“I had life-altering epiphanies from Ernesto’s incredible therapy sessions.
Masterfully, he conveyed the healing power of compassion. By BEING compassion, he stripped me of my artificial layers, so that I could experience who I truly am.
It was wonderful! Ernesto has given me a series of spiritual, healing treatments that allowed me to come into my own power. You’re the best, EO”
Kim Toffoli
Miami, Florida

Ernesto Ortiz, LMT, CST, KRM

Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence.

His Workshops and Spiritual Travel Advendures have an electric intensity that unifies the spiritual with the mundane, from the poetic discovery of the soul to the modern approach of ancient shamanic practices. Testimonials

Ernesto is recognized in the holistic, health and metaphysical field as an inspiring facilitator, teacher and therapist. His training began at an early age in Mexico with Curanderos and Shamans and has continued for many years with world renowned teachers in Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanism, Music Therapy, Bodywork and more. In his private practice he is approved by the state of Florida and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing Education Provider under Category A. Ernesto utilizes numerous healing techniques such as Bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, Karmapa Reiki, Integrative/Shamanic Techniques, Breathwork, the Akashic Records, SERT Therapy (Somato Emotional Repatterning Therapy), Music Therapy, Trance Dance and more.

In 1994 Ernesto created Journey to the Heart, a company dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the well-being of people by using practical tools to help integrate the physical with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Ernesto is a ceremonial pipe carrier; he received his pipe in 1996 from his spiritual grandmother Barret Eagle Bear (Lakota).

Ernesto’s book titled “The Akashic Records” Sacred Wisdom for Transformation was published in the fall of 2011 and can be ordered at amazon. The “Raw Emotions” series, first one titled “In the Presence of Love” ISBN #1-4259-9993-X can be ordered at amazon.



Ernesto in Bali
Ernesto Ortiz
305 632-5603 
Lic.# MA12776



Classes and Modalities

Providing tools for growth, Ernesto and Journey to the Heart offers personal consultations and therapy as well as classes and workshops all over the world. Click to learn more, read testimonials and visit past event photo galleries.

  1. Akashic Records
  2. Trance Dance & Tantric Shamanism
  3. Karmapa Reiki
  4. Breathwork
  5. Shamanism
  6. Sacred Geometry & Light Language
  7. Tian Di Bamboo Massage
  8. Trance Dance


Ernesto is internationally certified and also provides Akashic Records teacher training and certification programs.

Ernesto has facilitated Workshops and Spiritual Travel Adventures in the US, Canada, Australia, Latin America, France, Egypt, Guatemala, Germany and the Caribbean to name a few.

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