Access the power of non-ordinary states of consciousness, use Akasha as the platform of your journey and awaken your shamanic self to bring transformation to your life.

“We become whole, healed, by making the invisible visible and bringing the darkness to light”


There are different ways to approach Breathwork, we can do it as “solo” travelers or “breathers”, or we can do it in the traditional way, by becoming the “witness” or the “sitter” for someone else that is breathing.

Working like this is a beautiful experience, that involves two participants working together. One is the Breather and the other the Sitter.

This brings a new and different outlook of the process. As the music plays the sitter’s job is to be fully present for the breather and give him or her 100% of his attention, provide tissues, pillows, water, a hand hold and when the breather needs physical support with the help of the facilitators be able to provide that as well.

Many times, the roll of the sitter is more touching and sacred that our own personal journey.


During a traditional session, day, there are two musical sets and two mandala sessions in this type of format. With this format one Breathwork session constitutes one day in length.

During our retreats we will have ample time to experience a “solo” journey and a “sitter” journey, so you have an experience of both. We will also have topic-specific journeys.

At the end of all processes a mandala making is part that will help us to process the experience afterword’s.


People can usually go very deep in their journeys and a few hours later they can still be mildly altered.

One of the most important aspects of Breathwork, is the processing of the experience. So, we will take the time to dialog about what happened and the commentaries about your mandala.

You will be encouraged to eat a nutritious and grounding meal, go for a walk-in nature, journaling (very important), dance, meditate and if you can get a good massage.


Breathwork retreats and classes, help individuals to become aware of unconscious patterns and issues stored in their subconscious that affect their quality of life. What happens during sessions in uniquely individual as all life experiences are unique to the individual as well.

Don Ernesto and his assistants do not guide the process in any way, it is the music and the breath that serves as a guide, allowing for memories, emotions, insights, and even spontaneous physical healing and improvements to take place during the session.


In this experiential Shamanic Breathwork Workshop we are going to explore the Body, Mind, Spirit connection using various psycho-spiritual integration tools. Such as:

  • Integrative/Holotropic Breathwork
  • Transformational Imagery and Music
  • Mandala making
  • Shamanic Mask Making
  • Trance Dance & Body Movement
  • Dyads to gain clarity

We become whole, healed, by making the invisible visible and bringing the darkness to light”

At the core of the workshop are Integrative Breathwork sessions, which enable direct access to the unconscious: “Dreamtime”, by working in non ~ ordinary states. Integrative Breathwork is an evolutionary outgrowth of ancient Shamanic practices merged with modern consciousness research. Utilizing the breath as an activator, we can explore non-ordinary states of reality, and the psyche’s poetic soul centered language of images and symbols.

Combining conscious breathing and evocative music, you will embark upon a journey, during which you may experience a release of blocked emotions, healing of unfinished business, transpersonal connections, and new insights that most Western modalities do not reach.

Mandala drawing, Mask Making and group processing of the experiences are additional important elements used in the “Akashic Activation Breathwork process”.


The music is the key element – if we don’t have music, we don’t have Breathwork. The music is like a MAGIC CARPET…… the breath is the unseen fuel that makes it go. In most cases as we completely surrender to the music and the breath the experience follows a classic curve:

  • Build-up of emotions
  • Physical manifestations
  • Culmination
  • Resolution

HOW DO WE DO IT?                                                                                           

The process itself uses very simple techniques: it combines rapid-connected breathing with powerful evocative music in a special set and setting.

We remove external distractions by using a bandanna or a blindfold and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter an altered state of consciousness (ASC).

This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing the individual a particular set of internal experiences filled with memories to be looked at healed, integrate or let go off.

With the activation of the inner healer and guiding the process, we can let go and trust the process. The quality of the experience will be brought forth in its own unique way for each participant and each experience will be unique, so no two breathworks are alike.


  1. Exploration: Infancy, youth, and general exploration of the psyche.
  2. Identification: With the process, the breath, and the music.
  3. Catharsis: The blockages dissolve with the emotional expression. The release takes place at the emotional level.
  4. Disequilibrium: From the opening of the catharsis.
  5. Reorganization: Re-evaluation, time to look within, reconciliation, eventual forgiveness, renewal, and insight.
  6. Equilibrium: A slower process, we do it all the time, we re-integrate. It’s a life-long process. Energy, Light, Creativity.

The beauty of Breathwork is that we are giving our psyche the opportunity to reintegrate. After a Breathwork session the psyche will work in this reorganization and bringing equilibrium for weeks and sometimes months. The end results a more balance and peaceful life.




  • How accessing the power of non-ordinary states allows us todevelop a new understanding of an Akashic consciousness (which help us go beyond talk therapy into life-changing experiences)
  • How to work with the “Akashic inner healer”as a guide that will direct us step by step not only during the journey but beyond.
  • An expanded map and directory of our multiverse and a holographic approach to Transcendental and Transpersonal experiences.
  • The importance of our birthing process as the seed moment or the foundation of our life and personal development. This for many is the “ultimate” way of healing, to be able to revisit that moment and change the energetic dynamics of what happened then and healing any birth trauma from anything that might have happened during our time in the womb.
  • To be able to finally realize our role, our place in the world, cosmos and how to leave this world a better place that we found it.
  • And so much more…

Level 1

Inner Exploration

The AAB (Akashic Activation Breathwork) is a series of transformational classes designed to help the participants to let go of wounds, stories, events, memories, old karma; the story that follows each one of us and all mental, emotional, and physical wounds and material that no longer serves us. By liberating ourselves from the chains that bind us to the story we can arrive at the recognition of our Sacred mission or purpose in life.

If we lack forgiveness, we can arrive at that sweet moment of forgiving, love, and liberation.

The awakening of the potential that is hidden within the real self will emerge, so we can truly walk the path of self-liberation, with wisdom and love.

The purpose of this initial step, the Level 1 Retreat, is to help individuals liberate themselves from anything that is holding them back, to be able to learn how to journey deep within, to identify the ego components and how they operate in your life and shape shift to and live a life of Higher consciousness and awareness.

Completing this level will allow you to move to the deeper levels and receive a certificate of completion.

Level 2

Facilitator Skills

This is a retreat designed for those that want to facilitate AAB. We will deepen into the inner dynamics of Breathwork. We will go beyond the personal experience and expand to facilitate for others. You will learn the necessary skills to provide future Breathwork sessions with sufficient personal experience to help others enter the Sacred space of their own Breathwork experience.

During this workshop you will learn the skills necessary to create a program for weekend workshops, you will gain deeper understanding of the relationship between the music and the breath, the magic that is behind Mandala making, and focused Bodywork.

Some of the areas of learning will be:

  • How to create a safe space for Akashic Activation Breathwork
  • How to work with individuals in an Altered State of Consciousness
  • How to facilitate a Sacred Ceremony
  • The use of Shamanic tools to assist you during the AAB process
  • Fine tuning your connection to Akasha and trusting your Intuition
  • Focused Bodywork to help clear resistance and move blocked energy
  • How to program a music session, using the chakra system or the birthing process.
  • The importance of Mandala making as a slice of the psyche during the session
  • The importance of processing, the art of listening and sharing
  • The importance of being well grounded to facilitate
  • Learning how to separate what is yours and what belongs to the participant

Each level builds on top of the next providing the students with sufficient knowledge and personal experience to facilitate Akashic Activation Breathwork journeys.

At this level, participants are eligible to receive certification as an Akashic Activation Breathwork Facilitator (AABF)

As long as the student acknowledges and commits to take the third level, the student will have the opportunity to be an inside member of Journey to the Heart and have the full support of the organization to facilitate. We Journey to the Heart also commit to help and support the student to promote and set up weekend classes. The student will also be featured on our website as a certified Akashic Activation Breathwork Facilitator.

Level 3

Advanced, Master Level

This is the level of our training which takes the student to a much deeper level of understanding the dynamics and work of the psyche and consciousness.

Completing this level will bring you a great reward of completion and exploration of the self. You have had the great opportunity to explore from birth to death, you will have full understanding of the dynamics of the Breathwork process. How to work in Altered States of Consciousness, how to program music and more.


Completion of this level will give you the great reward to offer this work to the world.

At this level you can bring your music and after being approved by a Master facilitator, we can use your music session for a segment of the class. Your direct input to change or improve anything about the retreat will be seriously taken into consideration.


Akashic Activation Breathwork it’s all about YOU, if you are willing to go as deep within as you can to heal and let go of past-history and have the desire to serve or help other do the same, then this process is for you.


After the successful completion of this level, the student will receive a certificate as a Master Practitioner.