In this experiential Shamanic Breathwork Workshop we are going to explore the Body, Mind, Spirit connection using various psycho-spiritual integration tools. Such as:

  • Integrative Breathwork
  • Transformational Imagery and Music
  • Mandala making
  • Shamanic Mask Making
  • Trance Dance & Body Movement

“We become whole, healed, by making the invisible visible and bringing the darkness to light”

At the core of the workshop are Integrative Breathworksessions, which enable direct access to the unconscious: Dreamtime”, by working in non ~ ordinary states. Integrative Breathwork is an evolutionary outgrowth of ancient Shamanic practices merged with modern consciousness research. Utilizing the breath as an activator,
we can explore non-ordinary states of reality, and the psyche’s poetic soul centered language of images and symbols. Combining conscious breathing and evocative music, you will embark upon a journey, during which you may experience a release of blocked emotions, healing of unfinished business, transpersonal connections and new insights that most Western modalities do not reach.

Mandala drawing, Mask Making and group processing of the experiences are additional important elements used in the Shamanic/Integrative Breathwork process.


The music is the key element – if we don’t have music we don’t have Breathwork. The music is like a MAGIC CARPET…… the breath is the unseen fuel that makes it go. In most cases as we completely surrender to the music the experience follows a classic curve:

  1. Build-up of emotions
  2. Physical manifestations
  3. Culmination
  4. Resolution



  1. Exploration: infancy, youth, and general exploration of the psyche.
  2. Identification: the process with the music.
  3. Catharsis: the blockages dissolve with the emotional expression. The release takes place at the emotional level.
  4. Disequilibrium: from the opening up of the catharsis.
  5. Reorganization: re-evaluation, time to look within, reconciliation, eventual forgiveness, renewal, and insight
  6. Equilibrium: A slower process, we do it all the time, we re-integrate. It’s a life-long process. Energy, Light, Creativity.

** The main objective of the Breathwork music technique is to activate the unconscious, to unblock the energy bound in emotional and Psychosomatic symptoms and to convert the energy into a stream of experiences. Breathwork activates the unconscious in such a way that the results are a Non-Ordinary state of consciousness.

** Breathing — The method is simple, we just increase the rate of breathing. We breath faster, deeper and more effectively than usual and with full awareness of the inner process on using various psycho-spiritual integration tools. 

Learn more about Shamanic and Integrative Breathwork here.


“What I would like to say about the workshops I have been taking with Ernesto made me grow in many ways.
He has an enormous amount of knowledge, higher wisdom, and a pipeline that connects him to the
Universal Energy. He is a kindhearted man that gives of himself freely for the benefit of his clients and students.
We all can learn from him!”

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Irene Digre - Florida

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