Sacred Geometry

A Pathway to Understanding…

Sacred Geometry is a PATHWAY TO UNDERSTANDINGwho we are, where we are from and where we are going. It is a blueprint of creation, an interface between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifested, the finite and the infinite.

Sacred Geometry is an art, and ancient art of memory, which employs geometric forms and colors as symbols, for the memory and organization of the mind and sub conscious mind to create a reality based on our beliefs and cultural upbringing.

Our bodies contain all the information of the universe – geometric knowledge is innate within us and we are naturally attuned to the harmonics of the universe, before birth, during life and after death.

This old/new philosophy of Divine Wisdom is coming our way to become active co-creators of our reality by utilizing something that is present in our daily life in a conscious manner. “Sacred” means that which has been set apart, and recognized by most cultures and spiritual beliefs. The Platonic solids and various other geometric shapes and colors come to set a frame, a mold in which set impressions will truly become sacred words in action. What we are creating is a language of light and vibration or a structure by utilizing shapes and colors. We are becoming the architects, the builders of our own reality by doing it consciously and not allowing old sub conscious robotic programming to create that reality for us.

Sacred Geometry gives you the opportunity to take a big picture look at ourselves and our place in the world. Once mastered, it can be applied to Healing, Counseling, Research, Teaching, Designing Life and the creation of Peace, Bliss and Ones.

I would like to acknowledge my friend, mentor and teacher Star Fuentes for the majority of information that I impart on this course..

Programs and Training

From the mosaics of the Middle East the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, Peru and Mexico, to the calendars of the Aztecs and the sand Mandalas of Tibet, Sacred Geometry has long bridged the world of spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth. It continues to play an integral role in the traditions of art, architecture, science and cutting-edge physics, alchemy, feng shui, music and mathematics.
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Workshops & Spiritual Travel

Somewhere in the world there are classes being offered throughout the year. Visit the workshops and Spiritual Travel Adventure pages to learn more.



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