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Jon Fargo, M.S.Ed.

Jon Fargo has been an innovative and inspiring entrepreneur and educator for over 30 years. He received his M.S. in Education in 1988. He is a noteworthy member of Journey to the Heart’s first certified Akashic Records Instructors, graduating from the organization’s first Intensive, held in November of 2004 in Eleuthra, Bahamas. He became certified as both an Akashic Records Level II Instructor and Trance Dance facilitator 3 years after that. He has known Ernesto since 1996 and has collaborated extensively with him in various transformative, heart-centered workshops and enterprises.

Jon is self employed — as Jon The Muse, he offers an array of Services, Classes, and Events that are designed to bring out the best and to inspire from the fiber of one’s carpets to the fiber of one’s soul.

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Jon Fargo 
6363 3 Admiral Dr.
Emeryville, Ca. 94608


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Akashic Records Consultant/Teacher
Trance Dance

Jon’s Services include Akashic Records Consulting (certified 2004), Creativity Coaching (certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach, 2004), and eco-friendly carpet cleaning (The Carpet Muse, since 2003). He is also Chairman of ASHA, a recently launched non-profit offering services in alternative health care and personal anthesis (blossoming).

Jon’s Classes include Akashic Records Levels I and II, MUSE Creativity Playshops, and Mandala Life Design(TM). He also has extensive training, teaching, and general experience in elementary education, yoga, educational kinesiology (brain gym), and accelerated learning, which he often incorporates into his classes and coaching.

Jon’s Events include Trance Dance, Co-Creativity Playshop, and the Freedom Road Show (he is a singer-songwriter who plays guitar and sings in The Freedom Road Band).

Jon resides in Emeryville, CA, providing these many offerings in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Minneapolis and Chicago (where his 2 grown sons and other family members reside), South Florida, and New York (where he has taught the Akashic Records since 2005; his sister resides in Manhattan). The overarching motto of his work, “The Best is Yet to be Created” is applicable to his own unleashing of potential and is especially applicable to his impact on the personal growth and creative evolution of all of his students and clients.

Deborah Garrett

Deborah attended Journey to the Heart Trance Dance facilitator Training in Guatemala in November of 2008. Most notably she has facilitated Trance Dance sessions at the June 2009 National Conference of Women for Sobriety in Quakertown, PA and in October of 2009 at a Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City, Utah and many more have followed.

She resides in a suburb of Detroit and facilitates in that area. She is a published writer, theater producer, and a person in long-term recovery.


Deborah GarrettDeborah Garrett 
Detroit, IL.She can be reached

Trance Dance

Amy Arnold

Amy’s goal is to empower you, for life! Her vision is that people from all walks of life should have the tools they need to prevent sickness and disease and live a happy, healthy vibrant life.

She believes that all healing begins within and that all people have the ability to heal themselves … all we need is a little coaching from time to time 😉 As they say,” if you can feel it, you can heal it!”

Amy is a certified Holistic Health, Nutrition & Life Coach, Energy Healer, Trance Dance Facilitator in the Washington DC area & Yoga instructor. Leveraging her 16 years of corporate executive experience at AOL, Amy specializes in working with busy professionals and empowering them with tools to increase their energy, decrease stress, get unstuck, eat healthier, and increase overall vitality!

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Amy Arnold 
Washington, DC


Trance Dance

Kat Naslas

Kat invites you to learn tools to let go of what no longer serves you and step into your own power, release your human potential and transform your fears into joy!

As a Journey to the Heart Trance Dance Facilitator, Kat brings the teachings of Ernesto Ortiz and sacred experiences from the training at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to her workshops, enabling her to hold sacred space for her participants to embark on a journey towards their own healing. Kat has studied Shamanic Healing with various teachers from around the world, and is also a Sundoor certified Master Firewalk Instructor.

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Kat Naslas

+30 (6940) 518-696

Trance Dance

Judy Haak

Judy has the unique ability to find beauty and joy in everyday situations. This has enabled her to pursue her passion to help others find that joy. As a Second Degree Trance Dance Facilitator, she provides a secure, nurturing atmosphere for participants to explore the depths of their conscious and subconscious. She has been facilitating since 2008, currently at WildHeart Studios in Milwaukee, WI. Her training in multiple modalities has given her the ability to hold the space in a way that is safe, non-judgmental, loving and pure. With this, she invites you to learn how to access your emotions to strengthen your connection with spirit.

Judy has trained with Ernesto Ortiz at the sacred Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. During her trainings with Ernesto she has had the special opportunity to work with shamans. She also is a Nia Black Belt Instructor. Her trainings include deep Chakra work, Level I Reiki practitioner, Soul Journeying and meditation. Judy holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Milwaukee. Her ability to blend science with energy work has enabled her to advance in the business world specializing in diversity and training.

Judy actively expands her knowledge of movement and its impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Judy HaakContact

Judy Haak 

Milwaukee, WI

Judy can be reached via

Trance Dance

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