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This is the newest addition to the Level 1 (initiation class) it is the full 4 day class, with over 20 hours of instruction.
This class is in English and simultaneously translated into French. Niveau 1 TRADUIT EN FRANCAIS.
Recorded June 2020
These videos are a deep introduction to Akashic Records but does not qualify to move to level 2 – 3 and 4.
Ces videos ne donnent pas accès aux niveaux 2 – 3 et 4.
These videos were recorded in 2006
In English ONLY

Equivalent to two days of teachings.

Malas by one of our partners  

Albane’s Malas

“Creating in the service of the sacred”.


My name is Albane. Akashic Records Consultant in  the lineage of Don Ernesto Ortiz and teacher in Reiki Akasha ( lineage Anne Devillebichot ), it was the call of creation that touched my heart. I had the honor of receiving from the Akasha Masters a protocol to make Malas with consciousness, respect of traditions, respect for the mineral, people, respect for the person for whom I create.

You might feel the call of a specific Mala* on my website, or you can contact me directly, so that I can make you a personalized Mala with opening of your Akashic Records.


Gratitude to Don Ernesto for his Blessing.


Om Shanti


*a percentage of the profit is donated to the foundation “Journey to the Heart for Children”.

Albane Villeret
07 60 79 94 03