© By: Ernesto Ortiz

I just came back from India where I spent almost three weeks intoxicated by the energy, people, sights, sounds, feelings, vibrations, colors, chats, music and so much more.

It will take a very long newsletter to share with you all of my personal experiences and the amount of personal growth that I have experienced. India has touch me deeply at all levels the physical was challenged by getting an infection on my left leg from getting on the Ganga River to photograph and cutting my leg with something; so it feels like Ganga the Mother will leave with me forever and has created a permanent impact on me.

My traveling companion sweet Maria supported me and we experience the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies blossom in wonderful ways. India is indeed the place of life and death, the place where we can let go to be reborn again.

The amount of fulfillment and passionate way of living in India, their levels of ritual and spirituality they way they embrace their reality is as if they know they are living their karmic dream.

So I am thinking of people here in the US or the Western cultures and why is it that we are stuck in so many ways even though we are in a spiritual path?

Why people don’t believe they can live their dreams…

Either people have lived in a cultural environment with a belief system that has them believing they cannot do what they love and earn enough to live their dream.

People are not clear about what brings them fulfillment.
Many people don’t know what brings them fulfillment, pleasure and how to fall in love with what they do. They go on and on hating doing what they do work/careen-wise rather than starting on a more spiritual self-fulfillment path. They live in fear and that keeps them paralyzed.

Many people don’t think they have the right to have and live their dream.
I truly believe that all people have a dream. Some people keep that dream so air tight within themselves that they don’t see it or acknowledge it themselves.

Many people don’t believe they can make enough money to live their dream.
This is the biggest obstacle I hear from people when they tell me; I would love to go on that Journey with you… It has been my dream to go there. As long as we continue to do the same thing and we don’t take a risk to change what we do and do something we love to do we will not be able to crate the adventure and go on to fulfill our dreams. People stay doing what they do for the salary and the false sense of job security. Why not at least take a look at your dreams and make a plan for a transition?

People are lazy.
I honestly don’t believe that all people are lazy. People have become resigned, fearful, and many times depressed about their situation but they are not lazy. People love to see productivity and change in their lives. When you become resigned or stuck on a less than the ideal life, you don’t take action towards that which will bring you fulfillment even when you know what to do.

People don’t think they have time to think about starting living their dream.
Amazing to see how life slows down in India and there is time to do everything. People here are caught up in the rush and business of today’s world and don’t believe they have time for their dreams. People have to analyze what they must eliminate in order to create more free time in their lives and with that the reduction of stress.

People still believe that hard work will pay off.
I am not suggesting not to work hard, but work with the heart and soul in a way that is more smart than hard. Once you passionately fall in love with what you do, work becomes more meaningful to you.

People are afraid.
Many people live in fear and in must cases they don’t even admit that they do. Fear of failure, of success, of rejection, of relationships, intimacy sex, of being different, of dancing and being wild and different of acting childish and demonstrate exuberant joy. We are all afraid of something, and it will only keep us from getting what we want if we allow that fear to become bigger that us and we take no action. What is your fear?

People don’t love themselves enough.
People don’t love themselves enough to be selfish in an way without going to altered ego selfishness. Why do I deserve to be happy? Why do I deserve to have enough? My parents suffered a great deal, so many people don’t have… All of these are limiting believes! People don’t feel worthy enough to invest in themselves.

People are not ready.
Many people are well aware that doing what they do and living their lives in they way they do will not bring them fulfillment, they also know that it will require a significant effort and investment in themselves to get their lives turned around. Many people admit that taking a good look at themselves and their life is not something that are ready to do at this time.

So here is the question. What is stopping you? Is there anything you can’t overcome? Is it self-imposed limitations or a false belief system about you and what you can accomplish?
In reality, there is only one thing that will prevent you from living your drams… YOU

From the heart…