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    On this CD you have two powerful meditations; one is the HU and the other is the Chakra Toning meditation.

    Both meditations are guided and based on toning or chanting. Toning or chanting have the primary quality of creation of an inner vibration that comes in to align our energy with what we are chanting.

    Everyone has the ability to create scared healing sounds. No experience is required as there is no right or wrong way to tone.

    HU is a Sanskrit word thousands of years old it is an ancient and sacred name for God with its predominant quality being compassion.

    Toning or chanting the HU, as you follow and visualize with this meditation will bring you into an elevated state of consciousness and inner peace.

    Chakras ~ Within every living body, although on the subtle rather than the gross or physical level, there are a series of energy fields, very much like generators that are called Chakras. These Chakras generate a specific quality to the body part where they are located, when they are out of alignment, we are out of alignment.

    The Chakra toning meditation can help to bring these energy centers to alignment and proper balanced work.
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    1. The intimate and profound poetry of a man's inner search for enlightenment and God.

    Ernesto presents in this first book the path or progress of a human soul devoted to love, being in love and the Beloved. He believes anyone that is pursuing a spiritual life will go through the process of death and rebirth, the death of the ego and the rebirth of the “I”, which is deeper and more significant than the ego self. As you read this material you will find the ups and downs that are encountered as you pursue the path of Love.

    I hope this first book of the Raw Emotions series, and that the verses may be for you like the bread that comes to satisfy hunger until you cannot eat any more. I have devoured the moment, of each verse as it appears fresh and new, and then I just sit after the feast to digest the meal. As you take in the verses, imagine you are eating images as they appear in your mind, what you drink and the way you digest is up to your imagination. Let it fly!

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    The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Exploration of Your Soul’s Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness is
    the most comprehensive book ever written on this vitally important subject.

    It is the culmination of nearly two decades of immersion by Ernesto personally and professionally into this most valuable tool for individual healing, growth, and self- realization.

    In a clearly written and organized way, Ernesto’s writing draws upon his thorough training through Akashic Records Consultants,
    as well as his extensive experience from the thousands of consultations he has provided, both for himself and others, and from the Level I, II, and III classes he has taught in dozens of locations on five continents for Journey to the Heart.

    This definitive, must read book provides all of the conceptual and practical information needed to truly understand what the Akashic Records are and more importantly to be able to incorporate accessing one’s Records in very empowering ways into one’s lifestyle – for a lifetime!