© By: Ernesto Ortiz

If there is ever evidence that the world is in turmoil it is now. We have seen many ups and downs in our lifetime regardless as to how old we are. We have seen the Berlin wall crumble, and mass massacre in Beijing. We have seen the first and second world war, Vietnam War, the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese, and here we are sitting comfortably in our homes driving our nice cars in America.

There is nothing wrong with the comforts we can have from working in a free country where we can create our own future, spiritual and financial. We do have one of the greatest freedoms man can have, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

Many of us over the past few years have gone through an awakening process, something inside us is telling us, “hey you” wake up! Look within as much as you look without. We have turn into yoga, meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices as something that is coming in to fill the need to know the need to respond to the internal wake up call.

I have been deep into my spiritual practice for over 35 years and long time ago I told spirit that if I was to stay and live my life this way, I wanted to go on this ride 1st class instead of coach!! I want to continue creating in my life with the abundance of spirit, and knowing that my presence in this earth, this country can and does make a difference.

Can we be in our spiritual practice sitting at home in our meditation room, or at a yoga studio and think that we are not affected by the events taking place in the Middle East? How can that be!! The flapping of the wings of a single butterfly in the Amazon jungle affects our air patterns. Our energy and vibration does the same thing around the world, like the waves on a pond after we throw a rock.

We are affected by the decisions made in the White House; we are affected, every time an American soldier or an Iraqi civilian or soldier dies! How long can we possibly support these irreverent actions, how long can we sit thinking that we are spiritual and unconsciously supporting the decisions made by Mr. Bush for the special interest groups!

I am not a political activist, I am a concerned individual, father, Psychospiritual teacher and therapist concerned about the deficit that we have now and that my children and grand children have to deal with, concerned that I and you are indirectly responsible if we keep the same president.

“Sometimes we look down on politics, criticizing it as dirty. However, if you look at it properly, politics in itself is not wrong. It is an instrument to serve human society. With good motivation—sincerity and honesty—politics becomes an instrument in the service of society. But when motivated by selfishness with hatred, anger, or jealousy, it becomes dirty.” ~ Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso

We are an instrument! We can be a significant instrument of change. There are over 20 million Americans practicing a form of spirituality without specific affiliation to a religious group or organization in America, if we come together we can tip the scale in the right direction. And what direction that might be? In the direction of world peace, of love and kindness between humans, harmony and creativity utilizing all the talents available from all different cultures. With the intention to free all beings from the bondage of ignorance so they may be enthused by wisdom and compassion. We can do this all of us, together for the benefit of all living beings.

I have made a commitment. “As long as time and space remain, as long as other being suffer, until then I too will remain and work toward dispelling the miseries of the world.”

The solution is not more war and violence, the solution is the process of awakening from within the connection to the heart and heart energies, realization and enlightenment. The solution is to feel that we are a part of the whole that we are in oneness with the world and its people that we can contribute and make a difference. Exercise freedom of choice, choosing Peace instead of war.

Lets become a group of 20 million actors instead of re-actors and energetically supporters of the decisions made in the White House. Let’s become like the butterfly that can create change with the flapping of its wings, we can flap our wings and produce “the wind of change”.

Let’s give Peace a chance!

Ernesto Ortiz