By  Rev. Dr.  Robert Ghost Wolf

Regarding that these are the End Times, yes they are in some ways. Then there is another old faiery tale that reminds us that these are also the beginning times, as what once was shall be again, as the past melts into the future…and time dissolves.

We are on the path of becoming forever beings and merging into the true manifest destiny that the whole of humanity will experience, as we approach the end of time and enter once again the alchemical garden of the gods…and remember that our thoughts quite literally create the nature of our reality. For what we embrace within expresses without…As we walk through the conditions created by our thoughts, time is relative as is the condition of physical experience.

That the great starships exist, that they are, and keep coming is fast becoming an accepted reality. This is but another indication of our consciousness beginning to change. If only to a small degree t once the matrix of thought allows for unlimited thought, there will be experienced many phenomena, and expanded reality experiences. It is a matter of what our thought allows; enlightenment is not a place we go to, rather it is a state of mind we allow to come to us, Be still for the universe you experience without, is born of the feelings you hold within.

Perhaps the stories of the past are just that… the past. Perhaps we are more then we give ourselves credit for being… We say we are all the children of the same Mother – Father – God, yet we deny that divine heritage at every turn of the road and say we are less than. As long as we believe in this way, so shall we be for our thought creates the nature of our reality.

That we will experience those from Nibiru once again is an inevitability, and unavoidable consequence. How we deal with the unfoldment of that reality is however, totally a matter of choice. We are at a precipice where we elect how, and under the dictate of what state of mind we move into our destiny. As we accept our divine heritage so shall we, in the same moment, own our true heritage. In that moment, we will reconnect to source, and we will become infinite.

The ships exist and the experiences of my friend Travis Walton we read about in “Fire in the Sky” do happen. Moreover, there are those that come from beyond the Sun who are not in favor of our kind. There exist as well, those who do love us and share a kindredness with our kind…they are our ancestors.

We are not forgotten, nor are we abandoned, we are loved, and the truth in that is because we are allowed to be. It is our consciousness that must change, not our beingness. We are created perfect in every way. It is in our dance through consciousness that we experience the conflicts of our reality. Yet, even now as we are carelessly abusing our Mother Earth and our even with more concern is how we treat our own kind, the inhumanity of man to their own kind, the debauchery and evil we render unto ourselves far surpasses the tales of any interaction by those from the stars.

Perhaps those who were taken up in the ships by the Grays, and/ or the Reptilians, or the Rigelians, gave themselves up, by giving up on life and Source. Maybe there is more to the story we have not been told. What about those who were abducted by our own kind, oh no we can’t go there. Why not? It is a truth.

Perhaps this world is something other than what we have been told, as might well we be ourselves. In the changing of thought and the self-willed expansion of our consciousness we will alter the Matrix, which holds us prisoners to our limitation, and there is simply no other way. This is a War of Valued Life, and there is nothing greater or lesser than us in this universe, of that you can be clear and certain. For this the same Mother-Father God who created us also created universe and all that inhabits this universe.

If you want to influence the future, if you desire the divine dream, if you desire to rise above pain and suffering, and endless cycle of death and rebirths… then change the way you think We were created in thought, and the universe followed suit to the thoughts we embraced. Now, at long last, we are witnessing the beginning of humanity waking up from the dreams of limitation. Therefore, in many ways we could say that the nightmare is over, and the dream of humanity is just beginning. Our time as being the caterpillar is coming to an end, and with each day that passes, we are seeing the old fade away, looking through the eyes of born again butterflies.

The secret of making it though all this? It is really quite simple really. Live in the now, do not dwell in the past. Seek not an artificial identity, you are quirt perfect as you are. Do not strive for artificial Spirituality in the form of outmoded organized religions. The images of the past are just that, images of the past. They are visualizations of limited thought and offer no promise of a new and emerging tomorrow. Take from the old what has substance and stands the test of your own heart. Know that the heart is the compass of the soul, the gift of the immortal self that was given to you when you choose human expression.

You possess with your being the components for creating life, and thoughts anew. This can never be accomplished when you are living with your head turned backwards, and your heart closed off for lack of self worth. Were you not created in the image of the living God? Go you not then possess the abilities to spiral ever higher to become one with that expression of divine creation.

Remove your self from the lower vibratory fields of procreation, power, and pain. Trust in the heart, for this is the true master of human destiny. Be not persuaded by temporal gratifications, for as the seasons pass they will leave you, and you will once again sit in the space of self-assessment, and evaluation of your higher aspirations. Only when you truly love the self, and thusly others equally can you say unto another Brother, Sister. For Only when you pass though the fourth doorway and the great seal of the heart is opened, and you have allowed all the pain of denial to release can you welcome in the higher love we all seek, the love of Mother Father God.

The butterfly does not look back. It does not morn the passing of earlier life experiences. Rather it faces the future with bold courage and complete faith in its own instinct to evolve, and explore what it is. It does not judge, nor does it criticize its circumstance.

The butterfly rather rationalizing its circumstance, explores the wonderment of the moment, knowing that by doing so it fulfills its destiny and assumes its place in the dance of life. Thus, the butterfly owns its own immortality. A realization to which we have become over the years numb, and jaded. We have forgotten the heart of the child that we are.

Throughout the dance of humanity upon the Earth we have expressed many aspects of our beingness in seven and a half million years. Some are vanished forever from this plane. Our past glories as a race of beings have been relegated to myth and legend for the most part. As we look around us, the age of Egypt is no more, and the art of the Greeks has turned to rubble, and the cruelty of Rome has been vanquished, the Gardens of the Maya have returned to the jungle from which they sprang, even the glory of Atlantis is today in doubt. Through it all the butterfly has remained a constant. The lowly little Butterfly has out lived them all.

We are quickly merging with a new reality and it is apparent to our inner selves that we are becoming something new. Science can no more hold back the sea of change then can historians erase the teachings of the Christ. Religions have built walls instead of bridges. Moreover, in the resulting separations we have lost the connections between each other, as well as God and Earth. We are alone, desperately alone in our preponderances. Yet, the Butterfly, that wisp of color that just flew past your eyes, remains a reminder of our eternal self. What wonderment we might experience if we could but for one moment become one with the cosmic dance of the butterfly, touching the immortal being that we are within…

Take heart, spread your wings and trust in the Great mystery by which you were created, knowing that in the next moment you will continue…for like the butterfly you possess an eternal essence, that knows not the limitations of time or thought. That with each new step forward you will sustain, life will provide, and miracles abound. You have only to summon the courage of the child within and take hold of your own destiny, and that takes courage. For the child never compromises the truth within, or distorts the dream that the angels have longed to be a part of. We have only one question to ask ourselves, can we love the perfection that we are?

Can we learn the Dance of the Butterfly?