© by Ernesto Ortiz

Following your excitement is not only the reflection of your true core vibration but it is the way you are capable of manifesting the reality that you truly want. So if you act without hesitation and fear you will see amazing results, the universe will support you and at the same time you are creating mental conditions, patterns, which will accommodate the flow of energy in the direction of manifesting.

You may want to ask about manifesting, that in itself is an art, especially when it is done consciously. You are manifesting at all times, but if you don’t have everything that you need to be truly happy, then your manifesting is the result of unconscious creation or creation that is not completely aligned with your excitement. So what I am speaking about here is conscious manifesting and knowing that if we follow a formula we are going to get the right results; in a way is simple as long as we know that energy flows in the direction where our attention goes.

How can we have the right attention if the average adult thinks approximately 50 to 60,000 thousand thoughts a day. If this is a scientific proven fact, the question is…. What are you thinking?!

If your mind is not in control of your thinking then who is? And you are wasting precious manifesting time. You may have the desire to create consciously but here you have one of the factors of manifestation that is handicapped. You have to learn to be in control of your thinking, so the energy flows in the right direction, in the direction that will support your desire outcome.

Energy flows in the direction of your thoughts… Let’s learn to think right. One of the greatest acts of spirituality that you can possibly achieve is to simply live your life to the fullest that you can, following your excitement. So you want to ask, why is this so important? Why is it that you hear all the time “follow your bliss” act on your joy it is a very important principal of life at this time. The idea is to fully understand why this is so crucial, why this is so critical.

When you align to the vibration of joy, happiness, and excitement, and you work at making it manifest in your life, then your whole body will start vibrating according to this input of vibratory information. Life will start accommodating to this flow of energy. If you do this, is no different than dropping an Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water, the water has no other choice but to respond to the Alka-Seltzer, and it will start bubbling. The water is life the Alka-Seltzer is your focus intention, your thought process that is so fully charged with joy and excitement, with your happiness, that you are bringing all ingredients to alignment to make them manifest in your physical reality. Think about this, you want to go on a spiritual journey, when you hear about it you get all excited, you feel that this could be not only life changing but it will bring you lots of personal growth and satisfaction. But then your mind starts acting, the inner saboteur comes up and starts playing her old game with you, a game that by now is very familiar, and many times even before you can take the next step to find out the details of the trip, you give up.

I can’t do it, it’s too long away from home and people depend on me, I can not afford it, I hear that there is difficulty in that part of the world, the airplane ticket is to much, bla, bla bla…… Yes your art of manifesting sucks! You have been defined before you had the chance of triumph, of conquering, that old part of you that constantly says to you, you can’t is in control and you are submissive to it.

What do you have to do in order to overcome something like this? Depending on the nature of the way of your thinking you may have to go back and explore the seed cause of the way you think. It could be that lack was a part of your upbringing and all that you heard was… We can’t afford it, it costs too much, I cannot take that long from work, it is too expensive to take the family on a vacation. These are mental imprints that you have inherited from your father or your mother, and unless you take the time to explore them, they will continue being present in your life and holding you back.

So how can you truly follow your bliss if your wings where clipped when you where a child? And as an adult today you have not taken the time to explore the imprints related to accomplishment, success, and abundance. If you don’t you will continue living your life in fear, knowing that no matter how good the trip sounds that inner saboteur will be right the by your side, saying no, no, no to you.

The art of manifesting starts with the principle of self-exploration, without judgments, and fears of what you find out, knowing that the past is done is over, finished. And the present is the gift of opportunity, the gift of your ability to take action today to balance or erase old karma that holds you back.

Then when you do that, you create the emptiness in your mind for your new creative though process to emerge, you have created the needed space for you to follow your excitement, you will see amazing results in your life because you have created the right conditions in your mind for the energy to flow with the right and new thought process. You become a conscious manifestor, you become the Alka-Seltzer and life, like water has no other choice but to respond in the right way. The conditions and circumstances in your life will appear like magic, nature will support you, and before you know it, life will be different, more beautiful, you will have more joy and happiness. You will be able to act without hesitation and fear; this is one of the principles of manifestation.

Excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational resonance that is your true core natural way of being. Follow your Excitement!!

Follow your excitement without hesitation, without fear and life will respond to that joy to that way of being. Are there any risks involved? Yes! Life should be treated like an adventure and adventure without some risk is not much of an adventure at all. The risk is that you discover your true nature; your true self and this should be exciting enough for you to treat your life like an adventure. Follow your excitement, follow what makes you happy, have the courage to have an extraordinary life, step away from the mundane, the norm, the fear of what other people will think about you. Merge spirituality with your mundane life, with your job, and family, it is all one. The moment you start realizing this, you will stop duality and become one with the resonance of your spiritual values, values that will support you to manifest the life of your dreams.

Live your dreams instead of just dreaming your dreams

Life will present you moment by moment with different ingredients, and you choose, you always choose. Many times you chose out of an old program running in your mind, out of a belief system that may not even belong to you! Think about this and you will see that this is a pathetic response to the opportunities that life presents to you. So choose out of what life gives you, that which will give you the most joy, act on whatever is going to give you the highest level of excitement that you are capable of taking action at that moment. If at that moment there are two things that seams to be equal in the level of your excitement, chose the one that is the easiest to achieve, that one that is within your reach. Take it as far as you can, stench it as long as you can. And give yourself permission to feel it with every ounce of joy knowing you are crating personal breakthroughs. The next moment do the same, in the next moment, do the same.

In doing this you start giving your brain the signals that this is the way you want to live your life, and life itself will start creating the right conditions for you to manifest.

Joy and excitement are the threads you need to follow, because that is your true nature.

When an opportunity comes your way, stop!! Before you say I can’t and think about following your excitement, think about breaking out of the I can’t mentality. Start thinking abundance and abundance will follow. But be warned that if what you are used to manifesting is problems, and you ask for abundance what you may get is an abundance of problems. See, the mind is like a tape recorder that plays over and over what has been previously recorded. So you may have to be very specific as to how you ask. Ask for money! And don’t be afraid of it; love it because it can take you places where you can self transform. Money has no intrinsic value, it has the value that we give it, we can use $10,000 to buy drugs and give them to children or we can use the same to buy food and clothing for children. Stop saying no to money, stop pushing your abundance out of the way, get excited, yes become very excited about making money so you can go on that trip without the fear of taking $10,000 out of your bank account. You are worthy of that abundance, of the joy of going on the trip, of the amazing opportunities you have available to change, to let go of the past, the wounds, insecurities, the mental programs and the belief systems that don’t belong to you, and don’t support the way you want to life your life.

The highest purpose of your life is to be yourself to the best of your ability, and live each moment as full as possible; to discover your joy and to follow your excitement without fears or limitations; to help others and to love without fear and limitations.