© by Ernesto Ortiz

The fact that we are living in the age of technological advancement and achievement is no mystery, we just have to look back ten to fifteen years. It is quite amazing what we can do now from our homes with computer technology.

Scott Gardner, knowledge management expert explained at the annual meeting for the SMART Toronto Technology Association in early 2003:

The world’s collective library of recorded information is expected to double every 11 hours by the year 2010

So what? We may ask;

It took a millennium and a half (from the year 1 A.D. to the year 1500 A.D.) for humankind’s knowledge base to double. It is now doubling about every 15 months.

Eight years from now, it will be doubling every half-day.

Will you be able to keep up when everything you thought you knew at breakfast becomes obsolete before dinner?

So the question is, what will remain constant and true in our lives?

The one thing that does are the laws of Nature. The laws of cause and effect, law of gravity, law of abundance, law of growth, law of love and more.

Our ancestors studied these laws and where able to get to the point of understanding and master the art of living with nature. Living in balance and harmony is an art; it is the art of co-creation. As long as we identify and understand the role of nature in our lives, and how these laws of nature mirror us humans from within, we can then have a greater understanding about ourselves.

The amount of technology out there is mind boggling, so much information built into some of the items we use in our daily lives. Like our cell phones, have many features built in that we don’t need or use. How much time we spend in trying to learn these instruments? PDA’s, cell phones, computers etc. and by the time we do the new one is already out.

All of this is external stuff, and all of it comes with a manual. If we really want to understand it and use it properly, we have to take the time to read and apply what we have learned to the machine. All of this takes precious time, and even then most of the features we will not need or use.

At times I have thought the most complicated and beautiful creation is the human being. It is too bad we don’t come with an instruction manual so our parents, friends and most of all ourselves can read and understand the intricacies of the self.

There is a blue print, a matrix that is built in or encoded within the self. Our DNA plays a big role in this, also ancestral genealogy influences this blue print; we can label it many different things, past lives, Karma, or encoded DNA. The bottom line is, there are patterns sitting in our sub conscious that get activated at different times in our lives that make us do, and act and re-act to situations in many strange ways. That reaction sometimes is very surprising to us. When this happens we can then question, how is it that I reacted like that? Or where that did come from?

Often when our curiosity or desire to know is activated, what many of us do is to go “without” instead of “within” to look for answers to our inner most questions. We may feel something brewing deep within, a desire, or longing. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable because of the way we are handling situations, especially with people we love.

So what do we do…? We go outside the self. We have made some psychics very rich and famous by taking to them many important questions about our inner process. If we don’t we retreat to other worldly distractions, like video games, TV, rock music, gossiping with friends, tarot card readers, palm readers, fortune tellers, etc.

We humans are constantly looking for several things, we make them a life long quest; these things are Love, knowledge, acceptance and validation.

We move through life searching for someone to come and validate our process, someone to share his or her wisdom and knowledge. But life goes on and we continue facing our complications and dealing with the stress of life.

Why do we go outside the self if we have heard and possibly know that “we contain within all the knowledge and wisdom we need”? No one knows more about ourselves that we do!

About 10 years ago I was introduced to the Akashic Records. I remembered reading in different sacred scriptures about the Book of Life or the Book of Knowledge, and also about Akasha.

That word “Akasha” captivated me. It had an energy that took me deep within. It has been my understanding that on this realm, in the Hall of Records there is a volume, a Book of Life that contains our souls progress since inception.

“Wow, cool, very cool if that is the case, where do I go to read it? How do I access this magnificent document”?

The Akashic Records are primordial substance it is the realm where all souls information is contained. It is past, present and the possibility of the unfoldment of future events.

I was taught to open my Akashic Records and it has been the most valuable spiritual tool that I have had in the past ten years.

Going back to Scott Gardner’s information, tells me that all accumulated knowledge will be old or obsolete with the planetary acceleration we are experiencing; though my need for validation and personal knowledge will continue. One thing I do know “universal laws are constant”. The Akashic Records are constant. My spirituality is constant, and that I will continue seeking for Truth and personal knowledge.

Opening the Akashic Records is simple, and every time I “go there” I get a greeting, an outpour of love and compassion from the Lords of Akasha, from the Masters and Teachers. The Akashic Records are the manual, the guidebook for my life. No, I don’t use the Records as a crutch to validate my every day moves, I certainly exercise my free will, but for deep guidance and direction about my life, for inspiration about classes that I teach, lectures, art projects and more, the Akashic Records and the guidance from Masters and Teachers are there.

Opening the Akashic Records is simple. Most of my students are blown away at the simplicity of entering the Akashic realm. Spirit wants to make things simple for us; it is we humans that complicate things. The Akashic Records are part of an ancient tradition and the way is taught and passed is via the oral tradition. There is so much more to learn about the Records other than a simple “Sacred Prayer” to open them. We have to learn how to communicate with the Lords of Akasha and how to translate the information we receive, with this we become confident of our connection and communication, and we open ourselves up to the most caring and sincere guidance and Love.

The Akashic Records are encoded Light language, which is Sacred geometry or words encoded in fire, so learning how to interpret the information is crucial. We start learning to use our inner senses to give words and interpretation to what we receive; we also start getting fine-tuned to this new energy. One of the most important things to know in this communication is the “art of questioning”, in doing this we can get deep, very deep in our conversations with the Masters and Teachers. From these depths of the self is where most significant healing occurs, patterns of addiction, codependency and more surface so we can gain clarity and understanding. Then we can exercise one of the most beautiful gifts we posses, the gift of free will and choice to make the necessary changes in our lives.

Working with my Akashic Records almost daily is wonderful but having the opportunity to open the Records for someone else is an incredible experience, one that I honor and treasure as sacred. The personal transformation that people go through as the result of the energy from the Records is incredible. People can receive information and validation about issues in their lives, while receiving an energy that is most delicious and healing.

We can say that the information is coming to satisfy our need to know, and validate. The energy is coming to heal, as we feel accepted and loved.

As the times change and information change, retreat to the knowledge and wisdom of the Akashic Records for your growth and guidance.

This I assure you will be a most beautiful and profound guiding light in your life.