Beloved Ernesto,
I want to thank you for your spiritual journey and sharing this wisdom and your personal experiences with all of us.I come from India a land overflowing with spiritual masters, old and modern forms of spiritual practices. I have followed many spiritual masters and learnt different spiritual practices in India; But I must say you are Unique and so is your teaching.Uniqueness is being simple, non-judgmental, honest, being humble, accepting things in reality, ready to learn, assertive, loving and most important always giving.My 12 days of Akashic retreat was a precious gift I got from my husband. The past 4 years I had been a lost mother, a lost daughter and a lost wife and my only prayer to God was, to help me find my purpose and myself in life.I experienced rebirth (created a new Taanaz) I died for the first time (it was a death of my old patterns, bad emotions, unwanted past, behaviors, habits, the list is endless and I was able to connected to my true inner self.The place where the course was conducted, the places we visited in Bali , all the beautiful people I met during the course , the process of learning Akashic Records, the morning meditations and chanting, walking in muddy rice fields all for these fun but at the same time we all had deep learning . I can’t express the impact of my learning in word because it’s endless and ongoing.Thank you for helping me to become a vehicle to spread love and light.

Warm regards,