“I attended the 2016 Akashic Records intensive training course in Guatemala facilitated by Ernesto Ortiz and his fabulous consultants.

It was a deep honour to receive this training in the land where it was first downloaded all those years ago. Our location was perfectly picked by the powerful energy centre of Lake Atitlan in a secluded retreat.

What differentiated the Akashic Records training to all other modalities I have learned or received – was that the focus was on providing the student with tools to take away to use for their entire lifetime. To help not only yourself, but all other living beings – to find answers from within yourself and not from others, to learn how to transform yourself and any erroneous paradigmatic thinking patterns you may have inside of you.

An integral part of the Akashic Records teachings was to learn how to switch your primary source of thinking from the head to the heart and we did daily exercises to facilitate this transformation all led by Ernesto and his team and by the end of the retreat we certainly learnt how to celebrate rather than cerebrate – as Ernesto might say!

The lessons provided us not only with the knowledge and access to open our own records, but how to use these tools to open the records of other people, buildings and sites and animals – and also how to become an Akashic Records reader in professional practice.

However, the retreat went far beyond the Akashic Records itself. We learnt about sacred mantras, how to programme crystals, trance dance, breathing techniques and Shamanic practices – all of which have been hugely beneficial to me on my spiritual path.

Our days off were filled with visits to local markets and taking part in a traditional Mayan fire ceremony all joined by Ernesto and his team.

I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher in Ernesto. He always made himself available to us even when things were really busy, he organised each and every day, made it clear to us what we would be doing and has a wealth of experience that he was open to share with us to help us along our own paths. Ernesto is full of unconditional love and guided by spirit (you only have to look into his eyes to witness it) and is absolutely dedicated to helping his students learn the Akashic Records.

This course has completely transformed my life and I will continue to learn about the Akashic Records for the rest of my lifetime.

Thank you Ernesto, the consultants and all the other students from the sacred altar of my heart. I have truly been blessed by this experience and am grateful to every single one of you.

Om Shanti.

Nicholas Howden, UK