“Universal Spirit, that which is interconnecting all that is, does not wear a watch, yet its’ timing is impeccable.  From the Hardy Hibiscus that blooms once per day, to the Puya Berteroniana that awaits exactly the right moment to blossom once every 100 years, our Spirit too is led by this perfect timing.  Ernesto Ortiz guides his groups with the help of Universal Spirit.

It was easy to see that Ernesto’s life as a person was guided by Spirit, through his heart.  Each day was filled with adventures that were surrounded by love, and were spiritually nourishing; the majesty of the places we visited was life-changing.  Each sacred site had deep-rooting effects, and Ernesto’s guidance and ceremonies brought a spiritual anchoring that will never be lost.  He also incorporates the help of a local guide who elaborates fully, the deep connection with Pachamama these ancient people had that allowed them to live and create the way they did.  This guide also has a heart of gold, and a passion for continuing his spiritual development, which makes the historical learning’s even more important.

The Sacred Teacher Plant Ceremonies with Mother Ayahuasca are life-changing as well.  I recommend the teacher plant extension to all who travel with Journey to the Heart.  These ceremonies allow for an immediate and strong connection to our core being.  The shielding layers that have developed throughout this life are shed with the unconditional love and guidance of Mother Ayahuasca.

Through this experience and Ernesto’s teachings, I have been given the tools and passion to maintain spiritual discipline long after the ceremony ends.  When I read the invitation for the Shamanic, Psychospiritual Integration Journey & Vibrational Alignment for 2013, I knew Spirit was smiling at me with a reminder that the time is always now and always perfect.  I would suggest that if you are reading this, the time is also right for you.  As Ernesto has gracefully put it, “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.”

If you are open to finding your true purpose and have a passion for changing the world for the better, there is no better time than now.  Journey to The Heart is a wonderful conduit to help you do so!”

With eternal gratitude and unconditional love,
Lindsey Jeudevine, DC
Chiropractic Physician
Pensacola, FL