“This trip « Journey to the Heart » brought me into a land that I would never expect to visit and to connect too. This trip into Bali’s Heart brought me directly into the Womb of our Mother-Earth, Mama Gaya, and my own. Being cared and loved in delicious Omunity’s center, with beautiful Balinese people all around us, walking through its fantastic Nature, bathing into its gorgeous sacred cascades, praying on different Temples sites, immersing into Sacred water-springs, receiving extraordinary jasmine massages… and sharing all those moments with a wonderful group of people from all over the world. In some of the amazing meditations led by Ernesto and fire-ceremonies, my Heart just burst into an explosion of shining diamonds.

My life is now changing! And this Journey to the Heart was a strong Divine invitation orchestrated with many exceptional surprises and personal discoveries.

For that, I thank you so much Ernesto Ortiz for having initiated each of us into the Akashic Records.

My gratitude goes to you Ernesto for your presence, patience, compassion, for creating this great retreat, transmitting to us your wisdom, and sharing with us his vast human experience, with simplicity, humility, and respect.

Thank you Ernesto, and be loved forever. « Pensées Lumineuses & Lumière dans le Cœur ».”