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It seems like lately there has been a lot of talk about the Mayan prophecy which concerns 2012 as an end of the cycle. This prophecy is based on the Maya Long Count calendar and will end on December 21, 2012 AD. It seems that similar information about the end of a great cycle can be found in many other native traditions like the Hindus, the Hopi, the Navajo, ancient Egyptians the Essenes, the Quero Elders of Peru and the Australian aboriginals.

mayan calendar

None of these traditions tells us how this time will end, and none of them talk about the end of the world; they talk about the end of a cycle. Many people are using the term “the Apocalypse” to described this event, making a reference to the Apocalypse as the end of the world and destruction; the real meaning of the term apocalypse is not destruction but “lifting of the veil or revelation”. I hope this article serves to bring an awareness to the community and that with that awareness the veil is lifted and we have the inner revelation as to what is really going on.

The Mayan prophecy that we all know about is based on the Mayan calendar, and it tells us that it will end on December 21, 2012 and this is also the end of a bigger cycle that started 5125 years ago. This is an event that happens every 25,920 years, which is the period required for the equinox to move through all the zodiac signs.

I would like to explore the power of the human heart and how it influences the magnetic fields of the earth, and how it will influence the outcome for 2012. We have scientific proof of these and we will explore this scientific proof later on in this article. The key for us to influence this cycle in a positive way is to work together with an open heart to do it.

The world is in crisis and the world and its people are desperately asking for healing. We are facing a tough economy, wars, an unstable political environment, the way we fuel our planet, the way we care for one another. So we are in crisis, and the meaning of crisis for me is action, opportunity to change the systems before they completely break down and collapse; if this does happen it will be a struggle to rebuild for a long, long time.

2012 is what this is all about, but we don’t have to wait for 2012 to feel the impact of this energy and all of the planetary alignments; we are already in that energy. December 21st is the deadline and right now we are getting pulled or sucked into that date; after December 21st we are going to be pushed away and that will mark the beginning of another planetary cycle of 5125 years, and another bigger cycle of 25,920 years.

So we have to ask ourselves a question: why is it that I am alive at this time and what is going to be my contribution to the upliftment of the overall energy of the planet and its people?

In September 2005 there was a world symposium held at Columbia University, where scientists, engineers, religious and spiritual leaders, philosophers and economists from all over the world got together and they were asked one question, and that question was: what is going on with the planet?

Scientific AmericanThe results were outstanding: the magazine Scientific America had a special edition to bring the results to the awareness of the world with the conclusion of the symposium from all of these experts from around the world. The title of the magazine was Crossroads for the planet Earth and the subtitle was the human race is at a unique turning point. At the end of the symposium all of the scientists ask us, the people of world, a question, and that question was: will we choose to create the best of all possible worlds?

What we have to realize is that we are part of the crisis, and we are determining the outcome; our actions at a personal level as well as a planetary level are part of the solution. If we do nothing, then disaster can be the final outcome. The scientists talked about the planet, the weather changing, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, the polar caps melting and more.

We see diseases in the planet that don’t have medical care; over 25 new diseases have surfaced in the planet in the past 30 years with no medical cure or way to deal with them. Most of these have surfaced outside of the US but they are affecting our families as well as our world family.

Grain production is way down and it is in crisis here in our own soil in the US, we are importing grain from other countries because we have depleted our soil.

The scientists also talked about military conflicts and the fact that they are less about borders and more about ideas, not only philosophical ideas but religious ideas as well. How can you win a military conflict that is based on philosophical or religious ideas? All of these conflicts are merging into the potential of a global collapse.

I have questioned and thought about what has happened in the past: there have been many ancient civilizations that had to deal with similar situations; some survived and some did not. For us the difference is that never in recorded history have 6 billion people had to deal with challenges of this magnitude. Each of them can change the face of the earth as we know it, they are all happening at the same time and they have to be solved in the next 5 to 10 years.

Talk about an exciting time to be alive! Think about it and it will Wow you, the end of two gigantic cosmic cycles. In a way we are the architects of the future and we are creating that foundation now!

So my question is why is it all happening right now? It’s as if we are passing through the thin part of a funnel at this time; we are being squeezed. If we look back into history and at the cycles of time, we’ll realize it’s all about the earth and the solar system moving together as a family on a journey. We are here at the end of times, and we should ask ourselves what is our personal role and contribution towards the whole and how do we come together as a family to impact the world to change in a positive way.

We were born knowing how to speak the language of the heart, the language of emotions; let’s put them in action. We must allow our hearts to remain open, free from fears and limitations, open to listen to the wisdom of the heart and communicate with the world using the language of love, kindness, compassion, tolerance and acceptance.

Let’s talk about the cycle that we are living, the cycle that is present in our lives at this time.

The earth goes through a cycle around the solar system of 25,626 years; in astrology this cycle is known as the pre-session of the equinoxes. The Mayas divided this 25,626 year cycle in five sub cycles each of 5125 years, so 5 x 5125 equals 25,626 and that is the cycle that we are dealing with at this time. So not only on December 21, 2012 is the end of a 5125 year cycle but the end of the bigger cycle of 25,626 years, so this is big; it is really big.

Mayan CalendarMany texts and ancient traditions point at this time in history; however the Mayas are the only ones that link precise dates with astronomical configurations. At this present time there is no Mayan calendar; it has been lost or destroyed. The closest thing we have is the Aztec calendar that came much later but adopted part of the Mayan calendar. On this calendar we can see the four cycles of time that ended with a catastrophic event, at the time that we are now. It doesn’t mean that we are going to have a catastrophic event; this calendar simply points to what has happened in the past. The face in the middle of the Aztec calendar then notes the fifth cycle, “the New World”, so we are about to enter a new series of cycles.

Not only are we ending a 5125 year cycle but we are ending a 25,626 year cycle. The words that describe the cycles are known as “the shift of the ages” or “the end of times”; this is the Mayan term and it doesn’t say anything about the end of the world, but the end of time. The end of days is a biblical term.

The Mayan told us that the fifth great cycle began in 3114 BC and will end on the winter solstice on December 21st 2012. So when the winter solstice raises on December 21, 2012, a rare alignment of the planets will take place. The Hindu Kali Yuga calendar began on 18 February 3102 B.C. There is only a difference of 12 years between the Hindu’s beginning of the Kali Yuga and the Mayan’s beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle.

Milky WaySo why is this alignment so important? It is so important because the plane of the solar system lines up with the plane of the Milky Way; it is an alignment of the Galactic equator and the source of energy at the center of the Milky Way. It is a straight shot, like a cylinder that is perfectly aligned between our solar system and the Milky Way in a way that has not happened in 25,626 years.

So the question is what type of energy will be coming through this cylinder? The action is both ways, an opportunity for us if we are conscious of the energy and we align our chakra system to ride this wave. What tools do you have that can help you and give you understanding as to what is your part? For me the “Akashic Records and meditation” are the greatest tools to exercise the wisdom of the heart.

These are huge systems that involve planets that move very slowly around the orbit of the earth, so that means that we are already on the energy of 2012 and we will continue for a while after that date. The tail end of this energy is going to be around the winter solstice of 2016.

We are so much on that energy that we see it around the world, some of the recent earthquakes in places like Haiti, Chile, China/Tibet, the Indian Ocean; we see tsunamis and floods wiping out entire cities and populations; we are seeing huge fires out of control, floods due to heavy rain, diseases that are affecting millions of people, the volcanic ash from Iceland, grain and food shortages in Mexico, China, Argentina, Somalia, Egypt, India, Thailand, Vietnam and on and on.

But we are also seeing a lot of beautiful things happening. Just look at the spiritual awakening that is taking place all over the world, the way we come together as a global community to help those countries that have been affected by natural disaster; the levels of love and compassion that we show as a world community in times of need; the spiritual revolution that I see as I travel and teach around the world is outstanding. The world community is hungry for more understanding and we are in many ways returning to basics, and one of the basics is our Spiritual life.

The Mayas equated the cycle that we are leaving with the gestation of an embryo in the womb of a living woman, and they said that at the end of the gestation we are born into a new world that we won’t be able to recognize. They don’t say it will be the end of the world; they say it is the end of the world age.

So by definition if we are at the end of one cycle, we are about to begin a new one. Most people focus on the end and not the potential of a new beginning. Some people and groups believe that this is truly the end of the world; people are already stockpiling food, ammunition, cash and they are preparing their underground shelters.

So the question is what is really happening right now? We are definitely living the end of a 5125 year cycle and we are definitely living the end of a 25,626 year cycle. The earth is definitely aligning with the Milky Way in this Galactic fashion and these alignments have definitely happened in the past. We have enough scientific data and evidence of what has happened in the past, we just have to know where to look. If we do that, we can get a good idea of what may happen.

Global changes are cycles and cycles like these have always brought global changes to the planet. When we experience global changes, we are changed as people as well. We must change in response to what the world gives us, and we have a choice as to how to respond: we can respond in fear, identifying with the mass consciousness, or choose a more enlightened way to become more, so we can give more back to the world.

Chakra SystemThink about your chakra system as all of the planets in our solar system and think about your consciousness as the Milky Way. Right now you have the opportunity to begin this alignment so when 2012 rolls around, you will be perfectly aligned within and without.

We do resonate with the external influences of the universe and like it or not you are being pulled into alignment or out of alignment if you identify with the external chaos that is in the world at this time.

Let’s talk about the global changes and what they are:

The drop of the magnetic fields of the earth and this by the way is “the key to the whole thing”. There is a field around the planet like a membrane that protects us and the thicker it is, the more protection we have from external influences, especially the rays of the sun, solar energy, plasma and radiation.

The weaker the shield is, the more influence we have from the sun and when we get close to the end of a 5125 year cycle the field gets thinner, the planet gets warmer because we get more rays from the sun. The atmosphere warms up and then what happens to the ice and the polar caps? They melt, and what happens to the water? It goes into the oceans and the sea levels goes up, cold water goes into the ocean and changes its temperature and that produces climatic changes and severe weather patterns.

Industry has contributed to climate changes and global warming but this happens at the end of cycles even without industry; but what has happened is that we have accelerated the natural process that was already on the way by about a century. We have accelerated this process because of the Carbon based way of life that we have. We need to get off oil; we need to fuel our planet in a different way.

This accelerated global warming produces weather changes, and what we see is the decrease in food production and that affects us and makes us change as humans. More chemicals are added to our food and our genetics are changing. But at the same time at the close of these cycles is when we see tremendous spiritual growth, new religions, the deep inner desire to connect and discover our true nature, the desire of people to find deeper meaning in their lives and we are all witnessing this right now, look at what is happening all over the world with the “green movement” and all that is tied or connected to it.

All life is linked to the magnetic fields of the earth, if a few degrees of the tilt of the earth of 23.45° changes, that will end life on the earth as we know it. You will see how science shows us that we can have a positive impact on these magnetic fields, as long as we increase our vibration and we emanate positive energy, if we live from the heart and with a spiritual practice or discipline. This is what I call a heart centered living, a true journey to and from the heart.

So what can we expect for 2012? Let me quote Arnold Glasgow the famous philosopher, he said “the future is just the past returning through another gate”; the key is, if you know how to read the signs from the past then you can more or less know what to expect for the future. This is precisely the way we can learn how to change the patterns and cycles that we repeat again and again.

Nature is a great place for us to look, because nature records the history of the past and nature builds itself with repeated patterns like holograms or fractals.

A hologram is often described as a three-dimensional picture. A hologram contains information about the size, shape, brightness and contrast of the object being recorded. This information is stored in a very microscopic and complex pattern of interference. The interference pattern is made possible by the properties of light. If a hologram breaks, every little piece contains an image of the whole.

fractalA fractal is “a fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts”, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole, a property called self-similarity. This follows what is known as the Fibonacci principle or the Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci principle follows a very specific pattern of duplication that nature and the universe use again and again to build itself, we see this in flowers, cactus, our bones, the seeds of the sunflower plant and the most beautiful to me, the nautilus shell. The sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, and it continues like this to infinity…. (Each number is the sum of the previous two).

A fractal is a pattern that nature uses to build the planet and the universe; our blood and DNA are built with this pattern, every flower, blade of grass, molecules of water all of them are built in the same way. Lightning bolts and neurons have the same identical pattern; atoms and the solar system have the same identical pattern but at a different scale. If we understand this relationship, then we can see how by tuning into our cellular self we can tune into the atoms of the universe, and how we can tune into our own molecular structure for a deep magnetic resonance with the planet, the universe, and the self. The solar system is a fractal of an atom; an atom is a fractal of the solar system or the Milky Way but at different scales, and we are a fractal of all of them.

2012 is the end of the cycle and if we understand this concept we can use this time infused with heart and consciousness to change the patterns of what has not worked in the past.

This falls into a duplicating pattern, or sleep pattern that I call a cookie-cutter. This cookie-cutter is a pattern of dysfunction that duplicates itself again and again from the time the original seed was planted. This works in two ways, the positive and negative: if you let yourself go back as far back as you can to the first time in your life when you experience joy, that episode planted the seed that has duplicated again and again in your life, just as much and when you first experience pain, and when similar conditions or circumstances appear then the seed pattern will come up.

So if you know when the seed was planted, when the cycle began, then you have the opportunity to change it and heal it; you can bring it to the light. This is true for our personal lives as well as the planet. Let’s make sure that you understand that the seed carries the condition in which the patterns will duplicate itself when similar conditions are present, and when they are, the pattern will come up again. So as each cycle begins it carries the conditions of the past, and as each cycle comes to an end it marks the space in between the beginning, and the end, and this space is a space where neither of them exists.

HeartThis is the space between thoughts, the goal of meditation or the space between breaths. When we inhale right before we exhale, there is a space where neither one of them is present, just as much as the space between thoughts, were we find emptiness, silence and peace. This space is magical, the space of your potential, a space of creation of choice. So with these ideas in mind, 2012 is a huge choice point for us. And the question is how will you use this time? Are you going to go in the right direction? Are you going to be in your heart and what will be your contribution towards a positive shift and change for the next cycle?

As I see it the opportunity is here and now: 2010 is a crucial year. By the time 2012 rolls around it’s all over, so between 2010 and 2011 and up to December 2012 is the time for action, the time to focus internally so we can manifest externally and enter the new cycle free from all the karma that we have accumulated individually and as a planet over the past 5125 years.

How can we really make this happen? We can make it happen if we learn the language of the heart, the language of love, if we turn to compassion and understanding, of tolerance, a return to non-violence, to accepting one another to deeply want peace and love.

So we have to pay attention and listen to what the experts say, that we are at this unique turning point and they’re asking us: will we choose the best of all possible worlds as we go through the challenges of the end of cycles?

Magnetic PolesLet us go back to the magnetic fields of the earth because that is what this whole thing is about. These fields affect everything in our planet from us as humans to animals, oceans, atmosphere, everything. Imagine that you were born knowing how to communicate, how to interact with these fields. Imagine that you can impact these magnetic fields and with that create positive change…. the truth is “you can”!!

Extensive research has been conducted by the Heart Math Institute in northern California. The whole purpose of the Heart Math Institute is the research of the human heart in ways that far exceed the physical functions of the heart. There scientists and researchers have found out that the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere generate a field of energy that they call “A Symphony of Frequencies” and some of these frequencies are on the same range of the human heart and the human brain. What that means is that when we create an experience that it has an emotional component we are at the same time linking with these fields. The beauty of this is that these influences can be measured.

So this is the way they find this out: we have some satellites orbiting around the earth, giving us information every 30 minutes. There are in fact two of them, one above the northern hemisphere and the one at the opposite end of the southern hemisphere. The name of these satellites is GCMS Global Coherence Monitoring System and their function is to measure the magnetic fields of the earth. Each of these measure independently and their charted frequencies is never identical; however back in September 2001 both satellites started giving the same reading on their charts. The specific date that I am talking about is September 11, 2001 and 15 minutes after the first plane hit the twin towers in New York, scientists were able to overlay the data to find out that the human emotion experienced by the attack impacted the magnetic Fields of the earth.

If September 11 was not sufficient proof of this impact, a few years later the same thing happened in quite a different way. On September 11 the measurement of the charts skyrocketed; on the second event the charts went all the way down to still point. I wonder if you’re guessing you what the second event was? If you guessed the inauguration of President Obama, you are right; the whole world was glued to their televisions holding their breath as this man took the oath of office to the presidency of the United States.

Two very opposite incidents: one filled with violence that shocked the world, and the other with the hope of peace, the end the conflicts and of a better world. The scientists connected to the Heart Math Institute came with a hypothesis and it is “stronger collective emotion has some measurable impact on the magnetic fields of the earth”.

This is something that many shamanic and the spiritual cultures from around the world have known for a long time. What they say is that when you create a certain experience inside your body, that experience has the potential to impact the world around you.

So think about this potential, think about the fact that your heart and your brain are communicating constantly; your heart generates an emotion and sends a signal to your brain, and your brain produces the chemicals to qualify that information. So if your heart is feeling ill, negative, if it feels afraid or scared, your brain produces a fight or flight chemistry, but if your heart produces feelings of love, kindness, compassion, gratitude, your brain is flooding your body with anti-aging hormones, so your heart is capable of producing divine impulses, your brain is then capable of producing the chemistry to engage the whole body and with that the totality of the experience of what I call beautiful emotions.

EarthIf you think about it this is truly how we experience the world, this is how we learn our lessons; we live our lives in this planet of emotions and now we know that we can qualify our hearts to produce something wonderful.

If we come together, the Lightworkers, the millions of people that care, if we unite our hearts and minds we can have a powerful impact on the planet, we can change any negative outcome concerning 2012. We can shift the consciousness of chaos to the consciousness of harmony and peace as long as we learn the language of the heart.

So 2012 is not the end of the world, but the end of the world age, and what follows an end is a new beginning. We are two years away from the beginning of the 6th world age, another 5125-year-old cycle, so we are creating the foundation of another cosmic cycle. Our thoughts and actions will determine the quality of this new beginning. So if that is not exciting I don’t know what is!!

Time is moving on, all of the players are in place;   it is as if the planet is prepared to receive, is waiting for our contribution. Join me on this continued journey, the Journey of the Heart.

From the heart…


© 2011 Ernesto Ortiz, & Journey to the Heart.