Sacred Journey to Ladakh 


August 15th to August 30th, 2023 


Come with us to the Himalayas and discover the majestic beauty
of the Sacred Mountains, temples, caves of the region.

A French translator will be with us during the whole trip.

Immerse yourself in the energy of Tibetan Buddhism, come pray, chant and meditate in some ancient monasteries and receive the blessings of this sacred land.



Join me Don Ernesto Ortiz and other Journey to the Heart Facilitators on this amazing trip that will stamp in your field the energy of the Divine that will sustain you and carry you into your future.


This will be a journey to the heart and beyond.


A part of the journey will be a two-day visit to an orphanage in Leh where a part of the fee that you pay for this trip will go to buy what they need. This is conscious act of kindness, and you will be able to directly participate and see where your money is going.

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Space is limited register early and get your Indian visa with time


Why Ladakh?

Ladakh is known as little Tibet, the land of Tibetan Buddhism, where dozens pf realized masters have attained enlightenment and left their teachings behind for future generations. We will have the opportunity to meditate in the same caves where Gurus and Masters, have meditated, including the cave at the Hemis monastery where there are accounts of Jesus Christ spent some years of his life.

We will visit mystical monasteries, where you can witness the grandeur and majesty of these sacred sites.
You will be able to witness how the monks and nuns live their lives and how they achieve a sense of calm despite everything going around in the world. 

Ladakh is unlike any other mountainous region in India. Its uniquely weathered mountains, roads with a 360-degree view, an unbelievable night sky. You will experience the warmth of people of different villages as they receive us with open arms. No wonder Ladakh has earned the title “Heaven on Earth”

On the way to the Nubra Valley and Pangon lake, you will have the opportunity to drive over the Khardung La pass, which is the highest motorable road in the world at 5360 meters (18,000 ft)

If you like photography as much as I do… Bring good camera equipment, the views are spectacular!! 

General Itinerary

Day 1 – August 15th, 2023

Airport pick up from Indra Gandhi International Airport and drop at the hotel in New Delhi.

Day 2 – August 16th

Today we all go as a group to the airport and fly to Leh (Ladakh) and will go to our hotel in Stok a village in the Kangri range and it is a visual treat as we arrive.
It is very important that you purchase your airline ticket for this flight.
Flights to Ladakh are limited so this is super important.
Once you register, we will give you all the detailed information to purchase your ticket.

Once we arrive, we will go to our hotel, the day should be spend relaxing in your room, it is advised to drink lots of water. Leh/stok is at an altitude of 3500 metres. (11,480 ft).
We take it slow to avoid altitude sickness.

Day 3 – August 17th

Stok to Ulley Tokpo

Today we go from Leh to Uley Tokpo, around 85 kms a road with magnificent views. After lunch we will visit Rizong Monastery.

Day 4 – August 18th

Stok to Lamayouru and Wanla and back to Ulley Tokpo

In the Morning we will go to Lamayuru and visit the monastery dated in the 11th century, have lunch at Lamayuru and visit Wanla Monastery impressively preserved Avalokiteshwara (Buddha of Compassion).

Next to the monastery, there is an old castle of a Ladakh king lichen Ngyaglung dated 12th Century. After visiting these sites, we head back to Ulley Tokpo.

Day 5 – August 19th

Ulley Tokpo,  Skurbuchen, Dha Hanu

After breakfast we will visit Skurbuchan monastery. This is an impressive monastery that seems that has been carved out of the mountain.
In the evening we will visit the Aryan Valley Camp. The Aryan valley has been home to this ethnic community for over 2000 years.
The people of this region are completely different from those in other parts of Ladakh. They have unique physical features, social life, ethnic culture, language, they use a different, solar calendar for their festivals and agriculture activities.

Day 6 – August 20th

Dha Hanu, leh, Stok

After breakfast we start moving towards Leh, on the way visit Basgo palace built by king Jamyang Namgyal and Singge Namgyal.
There we will see an impressive statute of Golden Maitreya Buddha. Maytreya is the Buddha of the future, he resides in Tushita heaven and  will descend to earth to preach anew the dharma (law, teachings) when the teachings of Gautama Buddha have completely decayed.
Basgo khar palace and the Maitreya Buddha Statue, date back to 15th Century Raspa Bhum was the patron of the palace.
Lunch will be served at likir traditional lunch.



Day 7 – August 21st

Leh, Stok, Nubra Valley

After breakfast move from Stok to Nubra which is 125 km from Leh on the way, we will have the opportunity to drive over the Khardung La pass, which is the highest motorable road in the world at 5360 meters (18,000 ft)
In the evening we will visit the sand dunes and you will have the opportunity to go on a camel ride an unforgettable experience.
The camel ride is at your own expense.

Day 8
– August 22nd


Today after an early breakfast we go and visit Diskit Monastery.
Founded by Shesrab Zangpo in the year 1420, it is considered to be the largest and oldest monastery in Nubra Valley. Also known as Diskit Gompa, the monastery’s most prominent attraction is the spectacular and huge Maitreya Buddha statue.
Here we will learn and chant the Maytrea Buddha mantra and will have time to meditate. 
We will return to the hotel for lunch a a bit or rest. After lunch go and visit Charasa Monastery, Samthaling  Monastery and back to Hundar.

Day 9 – August 23rd

Pangong Lake

This is by far one of my favorite destinations in Ladakh, the lake is pristine and spectacular, and it is a sight that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.
After breakfast we will travel to Pangong lake at 4225 meters (13,862 ft) in Length 134 kms (83.26 miles) and wide 5 kms (3.11 miles), half of the lake belongs to China and the other half to India. It is windy sometimes and bit cold in the night. 

Day 10 – August 24th

Pangong, Leh, Stok

After breakfast we slowly start diving back to Stok, via Tanglang la 5325 meters (17,470 feet) and its 222.9 kms (138 miles) which is 5 hrs drive. The views are spectacular so have your camera ready.

Day 11 – August 25th

Matho and Stakna Monastery, Stok
rom Stok to Matho village  and the monastery, Matho, in Tibetan “mat” means “many” and “tho”  means “happiness”, so it is the place where you can chant for much, much happiness in your life.
It is 26 kms (16.16 miles) from Leh, the road follows the Indus River. In the afternoon we will visit Stakna Monastery lunch at Stakna monastery or at traditional Tibetan home. We will also visit the majestic HEMIS monastery. At this monastery they found the scrolls with the name and time that Jesus Christ spent there.
If we have time, we can walk up to Kosang one hour walk, but worth it. To be able to sit and meditate in the cave where Jesus and other highly evolved masters sat to meditate… It is almost like walking in their footsteps.

Day 12 – August 26th

Stok, Thiksey and Dala Lama Residence, stok

We leave after breakfast to shey palace 1655 century which has beautiful Buddha Shakyamuni made of copper. Thiskey Monastery has a majestic view and has largest Maitreya Buddha made of clay which is 10.36 meters (34 ft) in length which has been blessed by 14 The Dalai Lama.


Day 13 – August 27th

Stok, Igoo, Stok

Khaspang, where monks meditate for 3 years or more in secluded cells. lunch will be picnic on the grass at Khaspang.
Khaspang is a hermitage near Igoo village, it has been a meditation retreat for centuries. Normally Buddhist monks meditate here for three years or more.
This place is far off from any human settlement, so it makes it extraordinary for quieting the mind and go deep within. If we are lucky, we can get into one or more of the rooms allocated for meditation.



Day 14 – August 28th

Stok, Leh

Even though there are numerous possibilities for shopping, and we know that we all want to come back with some beautiful Tibetan treasures. Today is dedicated for you to go on your own to the many shops and Tibetan markets in Leh.
Goodbye dinner


Day 15 – August 29th

Leh, New Delhi

Early morning pickup and airport drop off.
Airport pick up in New Delhi and to the hotel.


Day 16 – August 30th

New Delhi

Airport drop off so you can catch your flight to your home country.



Flight #s will be given to you once you register for the journey so you can book your internal flights.

August 15th, or before from your country to New Delhi

August 16th, we fly from New Delhi to Leh (Ladakh)

August 29th, we fly from Leh to New Delhi



Double occupancy US $3150
Single occupancy US $3500
Couples US $6300



Monthly payments (four, 4) can be made as long as the full amount is paid 30 days prior to departure.


Our amazing tour includes all transportation within Ladakh, excellent hotel accommodations, entrance fees to Sacred sites, monasteries, ceremonies and amazing French and English-speaking guides.
The teachings and ceremonies by Don Ernesto and other Journey to the Heart facilitators.

Very Important Note: You must apply for an Indian visa before the trip. DO NOT leave this to the last minute!! Your passport must be valid for six (6) months prior to entry to India.

Check out the India website: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in


 All participants must arrive in New Delhi on or before August 15th, 2023

This is the day out tour begins. You need to be there on the 15th to start the tour after breakfast.

If you are NOT participating in the Akashic Records retreat in Rishikesh, you are free to go back to your home country or travel in India.
If you are going to stay and participate, you will have a week to explore on your own. We can of course make some juicy suggestions.


Rates Include:

  • All land transportation within Ladakh, visits with entrance fees
  • Accommodation in 3-star hotels or better
  • All meals included during tour, in Delhi breakfast and lunch
  • Company of special expert guides in the Ladakh tradition
  • Meditations, ceremonies, and shamanic experiences
  • All services are private for the group
  • Amazing rituals led by Don Ernesto & other monks
  • Amazing educational experiences
  • Two bottles of water each day
  • Travel with other metaphysical minded individuals
  • An overall experience that you won’t forget!!

Rates do not include:

  • International flight from your country of origin to India and Leh
  • Visa to enter India
  • Tips, drinks
  • Individual Medical Insurance
  • Individual Emergency Assistance
  • Airport taxes and use, exit visa. Check with your airline



Click on the Registration link on the top of the page to download the Registration forms and the terms and conditions. If you have any questions you can email Don Ernesto @ kiva101@aol.com or       Marina Veron @ marinaveron@aol.com

Preparation and Details

Passport must be signed and valid at least 6 months beyond the entry date. You must obtain a visa to enter India. Please check in advance the requirements based on your nationality.

Health and Documentation


VISAS: Passport required; visa required.

Health: We do not provide health insurance. If you feel that you need it, please get that on your own.

We recommend:  https://www.travelguard.com


Hello Ernesto,

I thank you for mantras and for this magnificent stay in Peru. After a “period of rehabilitation” and reentry to my daily life, I still feel the benefit of this journey. I feel a bigger opening of my heart and an enjoyment constantly; a sweet peace is now a part integral of my being. The “common theme” is, life is beautiful, and I appreciate it every moment. See you soon, for new adventures.

With all my love
Françoise Dubois



Dear Ernesto,

I want to thank you so much for encouraging me to come to the extension. WHAT A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE I felt the strings of suffering from my former husband have dissolved from him to me and my children. Now I am ready for a new relationship of love with a new partner. During the plant medicine I felt your loving presence and a bond of light between us, SO POWERFUL.  It is a pleasure for me to walk in silence beside you, nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be … Sending my deepest love.

Elizabeth Wall



Dear Ernesto,

What a beautiful intense journey we experienced!! Since I’m here in France again, nearly every night during dreamtime I return to Peru, and especially to Machu Picchu, where we had the beautiful opening heart ceremony – it is strange how real it feels!!! You are in my heart and all these precious moments shared, the deep connections, the fun, all the sharing from soul to soul is precious to me like sparkling diamonds inside.
Through the connection and translation for you, I grow each time a bit more and recall my essence as a child of light. Thank you ever so much for being in my life! In Joy of meeting, you again soon…

Tina Hellingrath



I look forward to sharing this beautiful spiritual experience with you

Don Ernesto