Shamanic Psychospiritual Integration Journey & Vibrational Alignment for 2021

Sacred Rituals in the Andes

Combining Mexican Shamanism and Peruvian Mysticism

With Don Ernesto Ortiz and Journey to the Heart facilitators.

Main Tour

JUNE 16th – 29th, 2021


Stay a little longer and contribute to our first project with

Journey to the Heart of Children

JUNE 29th – JULY 7th

Journey to the Heart of Children is a Nonprofit organization under Conscious Acts of Kindness a 501c nonprofit in the US.

The idea is to help children all over the world, not by giving money but by providing beds, furniture, books, blankets, building a playground or whatever they may need in the country or community that we as a group travel to. A part $200 of this trip will be used for that purpose. You are invited to stay with us and help with whatever is needed. This we can say is the action that we can take and it’s a conscious act of love, kindness and compassion.

The energies have sifted from the Himalayas to the Andes, from the patriarchal dominated world to the feminine Divine that is within us all. Come join us and create the energetic imprint that will impact your lives cycles for the next 26,000 years. What you do in 2021 will set the rhythm of your personal evolution, it is as if we are a newborn babe setting up the matrix of what is to come……

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Vibrational preparation and alignment with Gaia, Pachamama the Earth Mother for the upcoming energies of 2021.

This will be a rich and expansive retreat bringing the energies of the east, the old ways with toning, chanting, vibrational medicine and meditation to start the inner alignment that will give you the opportunity to ride the wave of change with grace and ease.

The sacred sites and temples of Peru will create a powerful background for the work we will be doing.

This is a Journey you don’t want to miss…..

Ernesto Ortiz and Journey to the Heart team

Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence.

Ernesto is a ceremonial Sacred pipe carrier from the Lakota tradition, gifted to him by his spiritual grandmother Barret Eagle Bear in 1996. His training began as young child in Mexico with Shamans and Curanderos and has continued all over the world with world renowned teacher as well as unknown shamans. His training is vast, from Transpersonal Psychology, bodywork, Shamanism Dance Therapy and more…

For me, a trip to Peru represents the return to the Mother, this is a gift to align all our energies with what make our lives unique. Pachamama could be translated as the Mother of the World. Peru It is the ideal place to prepare us vibrationally for the energies of 2021 and beyond. Our, bodies, our hearts and our spirits will be connected deeply to the Mother, to be reborn again, using ritual, dance, mantras, toning, and meditation.

Receive Shamanic Initiations in the same places where the Incas received theirs from Don Ernesto and Peruvian Shamans


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Peru is a very important place for Shamanic initiation for everyone. All people that are interested in personal spiritual development should go to Peru at least once.

This trip is going to be powerful a Psychospiritual Integration journey that will help you with the vibrational adjustments that we are going through for 2021 and beyond.

Time is critical now that we have passed through the funnel of December 21st 2012. The next few years up to 2022 will be a determining factor of what your contribution will be to the upliftment of consciousness of the planet. However all of it starts with YOU!!

How are you handling your emotions? Are you in alignment with your Divine Plan? Do you know that you are actually fulfilling your Dharma, your life plan? Are you conscious? What is the condition of your mind? Are you constantly going to the past? and not fully present, in the present. Are you willing to explore the depths of your psyche to become the best person you can be and from that perspective give the best that you can to the world?

If the answer is yes, to any of these; then you must give yourself the gift first before you give it to others.


We are the children, we are the elders, we are the past, we are the future, we are the mystics, and the shamans, we are the priest and priestesses, and we are the ancestors that carry the wisdom and the knowledge of the past.


This trip will have many elements that will deeply connect you to the Pachamama and give you a true crystalline coat of light to be protected and have your vibration up to the maximum so you can truly be there, be present.

If you come you are not going to regret it!!

You owe it to yourself; you owe it to the world. Get ready!!

General Itinerary

We will follow the Wiracocha Route

Cusco ~ Sacred Valley ~ Machu Picchu

Day 1, June 16th, 2021 ~ Cusco


Our adventure begins in the city of Cusco. We go to our hotel and after a little rest we to open our trip in Sacred ceremony and meditation in Quenqo Chico.

Overnight in Cusco, breakfast included

Day 2, June 17th ~ Cusco – Saqsaywaman ~ Tipon

We will start our day with a deep meditation and a purification ceremony at the water temple of Tipon. Here we will cleanse and purify of body and our energy field. After lunch we go to the temple of Kusilluchayuc, where we can deeply connect with Pachamama, and deeply receive her heartbeat in ours. We will continue our pilgrimage to the Moon temple Amaru Machay and from there we go to the home of the Sun god, “Saqsaywaman”. Overnight in Cusco, breakfast included


 Day 3, June 18th ~ Humantay Lake ~ Apu Salqantay

In the morning, we will go to the town of Mollepata, 2 hours away from the city of Cusco, then transfer to the foothills of the Apu Salqantay to start the ascent to the Humantay Lagoon, where we will have a Sacred Pipe ceremony. After we return to the town to have lunch and then return to the city of Cusco.

Overnight in Cusco, breakfast included

Day 4, June 19th ~ – Chincheros

In the morning, travel to the town of Chincheros to visit the altar dedicated to Mother Earth, where we will have our first meditation of the day and then visit the archaeological center, transfer to the town of urubamba for lunch, and then transfer to our hotel in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Overnight in Urubamba, breakfast included

Day 5, June 20th ~ Ñawpa Iglesia – Perolniyuc Waterfall

In the morning, we will walk to the waterfall of Perolniyuc where we will have a Shamanic ceremony in Ñawpa Iglesia in the afternoon return to the hotel.

Overnight in Urubamba, breakfast included


Day 6, June 21st ~ OLLANTAYTAMBO

We discover the culturally important and powerful Sacred Valley of the Inka. We visit the Initiation center at Chinchero and the magnificent House of Pachamama in Moray; “the Inca crop circle”. The Sacred Valley was the center of Inca spirituality.

Transformational ritual and alignment to the electromagnetic fields of the earth; here you will be able to anchor your own energy and intention for the planetary balance for the cosmic cycle.

Despacho ceremony and fire ritual Overnight in the Sacred Valley, breakfast included


Today we go slow and enjoy a quiet morning. After lunch we go to the magnificent city of Ollantaytambo, with spectacular rocks that make you wonder how they levitated them to the top of the mountain. This is a spectacular place that must not be missed. We then take the train to the crystal city of Machu Picchu.

Overnight at Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) Breakfast included.


Day 8, June 23rd ~ Machu Picchu

Early in the morning after a light breakfast we will ascend to the Crystal city of Machu Picchu. We will go directly to the temple of Intiwatana to welcome the sunrise, here we will do ceremony to bring in the sun energy into our hearts and anchor the balanced frequencies of the Pachamama and Father sun in our hearts. We will do open heart meditations and a crystal ceremony in the main plaza. We will visit all the different sacred sites of this mystical city. You will have enough free time to walk, meditate and contemplate on your own. Late in the afternoon we return to Ollantaytambo. Overnight in the Sacred Valley Breakfast included.

Day 9, June 24th ~ MORAY ~ MARAS SALT MINES

These happen to be some of my favorite sites. Moray is Spectacular, just wait and see the surprise. Maras is phenomenal, you can feel the energetic shift and how the salt keeps everything clean and pure. Of course, you are welcome to harvest some salt and bring it home for consumption, ritual and ceremony. Overnight in Urubamba Breakfast included

Day 10, June 25th ~ Pisac

Today we will walk around the town of Pisac, we will visit the archeological center there, we will go to the town temple dedicated to Father Sun. We will go to the Intiwatana the place where the ancestors tied the sun for sacred ritual. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to visit the colorful market in Pisac. Overnight in Cusco Breakfast included

Day 11, June 26th ~ Journey to Mountains of Seven Colors

Very early in the morning we go to the mountain of 7 Colors (estimated travel time 3hrs), we will walk 2 hours to the mountain from where we can observe the Apu Ausangate.

You will have the opportunity to do the journey on horseback, so much fun!! However, the rental of the horsed are on your own. The cost is approximately 70 soles. Overnight in Cusco Breakfast and lunch included

Day 12, June 27th ~ Visit the school where we will build a playground

Today we will have the opportunity to go to a school in the Sacred Valley where we will be erecting a playground for the children. This will give you the opportunity to see where your donation is going. You will have the opportunity to meet the children, teachers and community as they will be engaged in helping with the building of the playground. Overnight in Cusco Breakfast included

Day 13, June 28th ~ Cusco

Today is a free day in the city of Cusco, you can use it for shopping, visiting some of the magnificent streets and temples or resting if that is what you need. Overnight in Cusco Breakfast and Dinner included

Day 14, June 29th ~ Cusco

This marks the end of the main part of the tour. If you are not participating in the extension you will be transported to the airport for your return to Lima and then back to your country of origin. To be safe book your return flight in the afternoon.


Day 15, June 30th ~ July 7th ~ Cusco – Sacred Valley

Today we will go to begin the process of building the school playground.

NOTE: If you are staying to help please note that hotel and food is on your own. You can choose to stay at the same hotel where we will be staying, we will get a group rate.

You can book your return flight to Lima and then to your country any time after August 7th.


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PRICING and Donation for Playground

Main Tour 

SINGLE OCCUPANCY  US$ 3.225 after Pricing and Donation (of which us$ 200 is for Journey to the Heart of Children to purchase a playground)

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY US$ 2.750 after Pricing and Donation (of which us$ 200 is for Journey to the Heart of Children to purchase a playground)

COUPLES  US$ 4.850 after Pricing and Donation (of which us$ 300 is for Journey to the Heart of Children to purchase a playground)

Partial paiements are accepted as long as full paiement is done 30 days prior to June 16th.



All expenses are on your own. You will earn many good karmic points



Our amazing tour includes all transportation within Peru, excellent hotel accommodations, entrance fees to Sacred sites, ceremonies and amazing Shamanic Andean guides.

The teachings and ceremonies by Don Ernesto and other Journey to the Heart facilitators.



All participants must arrive in Cusco on June 16th, 2021, or before.

This is the day before out tour begins. You need to be there on the 16th to start the tour after breakfast.

We can make hotel accommodations for you; nights before the 16th are at your own expense. We highly recommend you arrive one or two days before so you can get rid of some of the jet lag.

Departure back to your hometown should be from the city of Cusco to Lima.

If you are NOT participating on the extension your departure can be after 2:00 PM on June 29th, 2021

If you are participating on the Extension, your departure should be after 10:00 AM on August 7th, 2021 from the city of Cusco.

Rates Include:

  • All land transportation within Peru and visits with entrance fees

  • Accommodation in 3-star hotels or better

  • Breakfast Daily and other meals as indicated

  • Company of special expert guides in Andean tradition

  • Meditations, ceremonies, and shamanic experiences

  • All services are private for the group

  • Amazing rituals led by gifted shaman Ernesto & other local Q’uero


  • Amazing educational experiences

  • Travel with other metaphysical minded individuals

  • An overall experience that you won’t forget!!

Rates do not include:

  • International flight from your country of origin to Peru
  • Domestic flight with from Lima to Cusco
  • Tips, drinks
  • Individual Medical Insurance
  • Individual Emergency Assistance
  • Airport taxes and use, exit visa approx. $26.00

(see preparation details below)


Click here to register for the retreat. You can also email Ernesto @ or Marina Veron @ to request the forms.

Preparation and Details

Passport must be signed and valid at least 6 months beyond the entry date. Most people can get a visa on arrival. Check your country of origin to find out. Departure tax is sometimes included on the international ticket, sometimes not.  It depends on the airline and/or the departure date, check with your airline company.


Health and Documentation

VISAS: Passport required. No visa needed for US citizens, UK, France. No immunizations required.

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Hello Ernesto,
I thank you for mantras and for this magnificent stay in Peru. After a “period of rehabilitation” and reentry to my daily life, I still feel the benefit of this journey. I feel a bigger opening of my heart and an enjoyment constantly; a sweet peace is now a part integral of my being. The “common theme” is, life is beautiful, and I appreciate it every the moment. See you soon, for new adventures.

With all my love

Dear Ernesto,
I want to thank you so much for encouraging me to come to the extension. WHAT A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE I felt the strings of suffering from my former husband have dissolved from him to me and my children. Now I am ready for a new relationship of love with a new partner. During the plant medicine I felt your loving presence and a bond of light between us, SO POWERFUL.  It is a pleasure for me to walk in silence beside you, nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be … Sending my deepest love.



Dear Ernesto,
What a beautiful intense journey we experienced!! Since I’m here in France again, nearly every night during dreamtime I return to Peru, and especially to Machu Picchu, where we had the beautiful opening heart ceremony – it is strange how real it feels!!! You are in my heart and all these precious moments shared, the deep connections, the fun, all the sharing from soul to soul is precious to me like sparkling diamonds inside.
Through the connection and translation for you, I grow each time a bit more and recall my essence as a child of light. Thank you ever so much for being in my life! In Joy of meeting you again soon…

Tina H