Pendulum Dowsing

What is Pendulum Dowsing?

Dowsing (Water Witching, Divining, Questing) is the ancient art of finding water, minerals and other objects that seem to have a natural magnetic, electromagnetic or other perhaps unknown energy. Energies that the body seems to detect with its built-in, laboratory demonstrable sensors that are no more mysterious than seeing, hearing or feeling, and seem to be natural to all of us. As it is with music, many persons can develop a degree of dowsing skill with training, and practice.

The Pendulum Dowsing Tools

A dowsing tool appears to be simply a read-out, interface or communication device. It seems to be controlled through or by your subconscious. My observation has been that most experienced dowsers use all the basic dowsing tools. These are usually the L Rod, Y Rod and Pendulum. It depends on which one is handy, or quickly made by cutting a clothes hanger or hanging some object on a string.

Selecting your Pendulum

Trust your intuition. The key to the right choice of a pendulum, and subsequent success lies in your feelings more so than the intellectual selection of the tool. Have faith, believe that you can dowse. Believe that the pendulum you choose will work for you is of extreme importance. So when you choose your pendulum chose one that is pleasing, that is attractive to you, and that feels right for you.

Classes and Training

  • Ernesto offers Pendulum Dowsing classes and workshops in a fun enlightening class that will benefit any healer or seeker.

Course Description
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