Akashic Records Level 4 with Don Ernesto Ortiz Quebec Translated by TIna Hellingrath

Event Date:

December 12, 2024

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9:00 am

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Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

Level 4 (Dragonfly)


This is truly the level that will make you fly; this is a completely experiential workshop, it will take you out of your comfort zone. If you have been applying all of the teachings, and deeply connecting with Akasha, but still something there, like the weights that hold a hot air balloon down, then is time to come and take this purely experiential workshop. During this workshop we will use the Akashic Records as the main modality that will come and support all the other modalities that we use to drop all the weight and allow you to fly. During this class you will engage the 4 lower bodies; the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and we will incorporate those bodies with the four elements; fire, water, earth and fire, in this way by integrating all eight aspects you will be able to clearly see and let go of what no longer serves you and fly.

We are like the dragonfly, the dragonfly lives under water for ¾ of its life, and only ¼ of its life above water. Water is the element of emotions, and how many of us live under the shadow of old emotions that don’t allow us to advance as much as we would like in our spiritual path.

During this class you will look face to face to all those accumulated emotions from this life or before and decide if they serve you in your life, if they do you will have the opportunity to cultivate them and make them stronger and more beautiful, but if they don’t, then you will be able to let them go and consciously replace them for what you want… How would you like to live the rest of your life? What holds you back?

So during this workshop expect the unexpected, as you know the key is to come with the beginners mind that is open and receptive, excited to learn something new instead of the expert mind that is already saturated and full and deeply connected to the altered ego.

Th elevel 4 class is the one that will bring out of you all that you need to finally let go off you can completely step into your power, this class will teach you how to fly.

All of these classes meet the requirements for the Akashic Records Teacher program. Certification is provided by Journey to the Heart.

If you are able to take a retreat in one of the many beautiful location around the world, that will be the best; the reason is that we will be together from morning to evening, we will meditate, chant, dance and study with plenty of time for the many questions that come up.
This is my favorite way of teaching!!

If you can’t then you can take individual classes, you can go in any of the directions before you can attend the level 4.

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  • Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
  • Quebec
  • Canada

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  • December 12, 2024 9:00 am   -   December 15, 2024 5:00 pm
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