Akashic Records Level 3 with Don Ernesto Ortiz – 2025

Event Date:

May 5, 2025

Event Time:

9:00 am

Event Location:

Espace Rivoire

Level 3 (Integration)


In the level 3 class we get more in depth into the Art of Questioning and deepen into ancestral healing. In all classes we explore habitual patterns, we primarily focus on our personal healing and we work to release old wounds and pains that keep us from manifesting our magnificence.


The level 3 class is a very rich experience that will push you deep within, to explore. The level 1 class is all about you, the level 3 class is all about you as well but with more intensity and depth.


You will lean how to address “Imaginal Cells” these are cells in hiding within the DNA and their function is to hold you back. The imaginal cell work is powerful and self-liberating. In addition we will do the most beautiful and simply but very powerful practice called Feeding your Demons. Now you will have the opportunity to change any pattern, any condition that is holding you back, any and all fears we put in the demon seat and change the relationship from a demon to an ally.


The Akashic Records Level 3 class is an integration of the previous two classes we deepen into the Akashic Records experience. This class is about YOU, and the deep personal healing that is possible once you get way below the surface and into the root system of the self. This system is what feeds you, what gives you nourishment and is active within the self – 24 hrs a day. It is part of the subconscious and the unconscious, and the subconscious programming and robotic responses that we carry within the self.


This is a powerful integration of the first two classes that will open you up and get you ready for the Dragonfly level.

Simultanious translation into French by Marina Veron ZIel
Contact marinaveron@aol.com – Price €730 taxes included (TTC)

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  • Espace Rivoire
  • 01430 Vieu d Izenave

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  • May 5, 2025 9:00 am   -   May 8, 2025 5:00 pm
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