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In the Presence of Love: Book One

  1. The intimate and profound poetry of a man's inner search for enlightenment and God.

Ernesto presents in this first book the path or progress of a human soul devoted to love, being in love and the Beloved. He believes anyone that is pursuing a spiritual life will go through the process of death and rebirth, the death of the ego and the rebirth of the “I”, which is deeper and more significant than the ego self. As you read this material you will find the ups and downs that are encountered as you pursue the path of Love.

I hope this first book of the Raw Emotions series, and that the verses may be for you like the bread that comes to satisfy hunger until you cannot eat any more. I have devoured the moment, of each verse as it appears fresh and new, and then I just sit after the feast to digest the meal. As you take in the verses, imagine you are eating images as they appear in your mind, what you drink and the way you digest is up to your imagination. Let it fly!

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