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HU and Chakra Toning Meditations CD

On this CD you have two powerful meditations; one is the HU and the other is the Chakra Toning meditation.

Both meditations are guided and based on toning or chanting. Toning or chanting have the primary quality of creation of an inner vibration that comes in to align our energy with what we are chanting.

Everyone has the ability to create scared healing sounds. No experience is required as there is no right or wrong way to tone.

HU is a Sanskrit word thousands of years old it is an ancient and sacred name for God with its predominant quality being compassion.

Toning or chanting the HU, as you follow and visualize with this meditation will bring you into an elevated state of consciousness and inner peace.

Chakras ~ Within every living body, although on the subtle rather than the gross or physical level, there are a series of energy fields, very much like generators that are called Chakras. These Chakras generate a specific quality to the body part where they are located, when they are out of alignment, we are out of alignment.

The Chakra toning meditation can help to bring these energy centers to alignment and proper balanced work.
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