Karmapa Reiki

Karmapa Reiki is a new form of reiki that incorporates the Usui method and symbols plus the Karmapa method and symbols. This combination brings us a more powerful and more effective type of reiki.

Karmapa is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as “compassionate action.”

Karmapa means “man or woman of action” a master of karma. He/she is an emanation of the compassionate. The Karmapas embody the activity of all Buddha’s and were prophesied by Buddha Shakyamuni and by Guru Rinpoche.

When individuals experience enlightenment, they report that all beings are known as one. Therefore, it is natural to extend compassionate action or Karmapa to everyone without distinction because we are all one.

As we help others and aid them in their healing process, all beings benefit. Because of the oneness of all beings, it is understood that Karmapa Reiki is not only extended to others out of love, but also because it is an entirely logical thing to do. In the same way that you would want to heal your own wounds, you would also want the wounds of others to heal. It is also stated in the Buddhist literature that Karmapa must be accompanied by Parjna or wisdom in order to have the right effect.

Karmapa is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings that are working to end suffering on Earth. They continually send an unlimited amount of healing energy and guidance to us, but not all are receptive to it.

As you develop Karmapa in yourself, not only are you helping others, but you also become more receptive to the compassion that is being sent by all enlightened beings. Thus your healing is quickened as well.

Training and Classes

Ernesto and his teachers offer Karmapa Reiki Training in workshops and classes in Miami, Florida or they will travel to your location. Training is offered in all three degrees, Level I, Level II, and Level III or Master Level CEU’s are offered as well.
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“Karmapa Reiki, in my experience, is more powerful than traditional Reiki.

I have been a Reiki Master for 7 years. When I added the Karmapa symbols to my knowledge I realized that heightened power is available through the combination of what I see as a balance of the masculine and feminine principles”
Jody Morse
Key Largo, Florida

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