Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones has been recorded in history from a long time ago. By looking at ancient cultures and civilizations we can see that as humans we have used hot stones for eons. For heating our homes to sacred rituals.

Ancient cultures searched for stones to build temples and pyramids. We can see these mysterious structures from Egypt to South America, from Easter Island to our own Native Americans.

Smaller stones have been part of ritual and ceremony for just as long. They are used to make homes, and have been made into weapons or used to sharpen them. We can clearly see how popular quartz crystals have been and even the non-believer or skeptical wears a birth stone ring as a symbol of good luck.

Our Native Americans from ancient times have used hot stones as part of a hot stone massage treatment in their sweat lodge ceremonies. This is how I first came across hot stone massage almost twelve years ago. And hence I started getting the understanding of their use. Not so much as to the application of stones to the body, but the respect of the grandfather’s stones as they are called.

In the sweat lodge ceremony, the use of the four elements fire, water, air and earth in the heating preparation of the stones for the ritual is a very important part of it. From time to time grandmother Barrett Eagle Bear would pass a perfectly round hot stone around the circle for us to rub anywhere we would have pain or discomfort.

This is the age of evolution, and we have an opportunity to take and use some of the ancient rituals in our modern day practice. We should do it with respect and reverence to the stones and to the people.

Training and Classes

Ernesto and his teachers offer Hot Stone Massage Workshops and Training in Miami, Florida or they will travel to your location. The Hot Stone Massage Workshop consists of 18 hours of instruction that includes lectures, questions and answers as well as demos and student trades.
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“I never could imagine how profound is the therapeutic power of Hot Stone Massage. Being part of this seminar has been enlightening, pleasurable and so much fun! Definitely I see so many possibilities to revamp my own practice with what I learned from Ernesto in his easy, encouraging teaching approach!”
Celia Maluf, LMT, Trager Practitioner Miami, FL 
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