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Guatemala - Trance DanceTrance Dance & Tantric Shamanism Intensive and Facilitator Training

November 2nd - 12th , 2011
Villa Sumaya, Guatemala

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~ Villa Sumaya - Guatemala ~

An exploration of the Self through Dance and the Celebration of Discovery through Shamanic Ritual


The energy of 2012 is upon us, the time is short and we must prepare for the vibrational alignment that is already taking place. We have seen in 2010 huge natural challenges and changes, some that have shifted the magnetic north of our planet.
Are you vibrationally, mentally and emotional ready to ride this wave?
Are you a Lightworker that part of his/her mission is to uplift the energy and help people on this planqet?

If your answer is YES! Then you owe it to yourself, come join us for this powerful Intensive!!!

Personal transformation begins during a ten-day long Intensive with Journey to the Heart in one of the most exotic locations in the world, culminating in a lasting commitment to a better life and world.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for Individuals that are in the Healing field or people that simply want to grow and experience change utilizing Shamanic practices, if you love music and dance if you love to integrate your spiritual experiences in the physical world. If you love to share and facilitate for others, if you are a therapist, healer, facilitator, professional or not, if you simply want to work on yourself and heal deeper inner aspects then, this Trance Dance and Tantric Shamanism Intensive and Facilitator Program is for you.

This is a highly experiential workshop that will open the doors to new possibilities as you connect with your Shamanic Self and Trance Dance to integrate all of your experiences.

In this class we will explore the magical self, the mystical self, the wild self, the sensual self. We will use highly evocative music, sounds and drumming to induce trance like states and explore the inner potential of Trance.

One more thing... if you love to enjoy life, if you like to celebrate freedom, if you are passionate about the world we live in and want or does contribute to a better world. This Intensive is for you!!


From Ernesto

Ernesto Ortiz

This intensive is a modern day approach to ancient practices that will allow you, the student, to enter into deep dimensions of the self to heal from within Trance spaces. We utilize techniques that will move you to understand Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), how to create Sacred space, how to create ritual and put magic to your sessions, how to facilitate and hold the energy for Trance Dance and how to listen and program music for the sessions, and how to use your body as a true expression of the Divine.

This is a personal journey with the goal of facilitating this material; it is a 10-day Intensive and Facilitator program created to explore Trance Dance and Tantric Shamanism.

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During the Trance Dance Intensive we open our day every morning with the beautiful Gayatri Mantra.

Guatamala 2010
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The Breakdown of the Intensive:

  • Trance Dance - Enter the inner aspects of the self and explore the body, mind spirit connection.
  • Soul Retrieval - Journey to find and bring back lost pieces of the soul.
  • The Tao of Music - understand the healing power of sound, vocal awareness, Toning, how music affects our energy, how to program music utilizing the Chakra system.
  • How to Create Sacred Space - How to facilitate Trance Dance and how to work with people in an Altered State of Consciousness.
  • Mask Making - Discover an inner mask, give it life and then dance your expression.
  • Power Animal Retrieval - Connect with the spirits of the forest and journey for your power animal.
  • Holotropic ~ Shamanic Breathwork - Allow the music to get deep within and mixed with your breath loosen up material that is sitting in your subconscious that needs to be released and is holding you back.
  • Tantric Shamanism - Powerful exercises that will help you deeply connect with the self and others. Breath, sound, movement, mantras, safe touch and more.
  • Paint Your Dance - A new concept created by Ernesto, come and use the floor as a canvas allow your dance, inspiration, imagination and co-creativity with others bring out the child in you and you Paint Your Dance!!
  • Shamanic Drumming
  • and more much more ...

In this ten day long experiential Intensive we are going to explore the Body, Mind, Spirit connection using various Psychospiritual integration tools.

At the core of the Intensive are Trance Dance sessions, which enable direct access to the unconscious: "Dreamtime", by working in non~ordinary states (ASC).
Trance Dance is an evolutionary outgrowth of ancient Shamanic practices merged with modern consciousness research. Utilizing the breath and movement as activators, we can explore non~ordinary states of reality, and the psyche's poetic soul centered language of images and symbols.

Combining conscious breathing and evocative music, you will embark upon a journey, during which you may experience a release of blocked emotions, healing of unfinished business, transpersonal connections and new insights.

And YES, you will have time to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, walk, meditate, journal or simply hang in one of the hammocks.

  Trance Dance

What you can expect to learn:

Trance Dance

Trance Dance is a unique blend of healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the use of a blindfold or bandana - together stimulating a trance state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. Driven by unique musical soundtracks recorded specifically for this method of healing, Trance Dance takes participants on an inner journey not limited to our normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and eastern dance cultures for thousands of years. Our contemporary approach to Trance Dance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with some startlingly effective modern techniques.

Trance Dancing is an ancient spiritual ritual, which invites Spirit to embody the participants and to give the visions or to heal them through spiritual ecstasy. For over 40,000 years indigenous people worldwide use this practices to return home lost "soul parts", bring about the ecstasy of spiritual wholeness.

Anyone can trance dance because there are no steps, no external expectations. The Inner Self knows the steps and once awakened, Spirit takes over. It is a journey out of your head and into your heart and body.

Learn more about Trance Dance here


Tantric Shamanism

The fabric of life is woven between ordinary and non ordinary realities, our awareness for the must part is on the external, ordinary reality, magic and discovery, the potential for deep personal healing is when we enter the non ordinary reality, this is an altered state of consciousness (ASC) that has the ability to transport us into a world of the Shaman.

Tantric Shamanism (TS) embraces all of these aspects that must be explored from this beautiful inner space, the world of the Shaman; where you will be able to live in an extraordinary experience during the time of the training and own your experience as you will be able to anchor it in the physical world with dance, movement, touch, massage, experiential adventures, drumming, mask making and more.

All of these in a safe environment where the Self will be first and foremost honored, a space that is sacred and where we will practice ritual. Tantric Shamanism will give you the exercises and experience that you can bring home with you.

Tantric Shamanism is about sharing life in a deep and personal way, is about saying "yes" to life and embracing it from a healed inner space.
  Tantric Shamanism

Soul Retrieval

The Shamanic Soul Hunting or Soul Retrieval is an ancient but eternally relevant way to contact the timeless reality that exists parallel to and just out of sight of the world we so mistakenly call the "real world". It is here in the everyday that we experience the reflections of who we are, of our actions, our deepest beliefs, our "dreams", but it is in the non-manifest world of the spirit that the hidden causal interactions take place. Hidden, that is, until we begin to open the doors and "see" with an expanded vision, with the eyes of a Shaman.

We are going to journey to bring back fragmented and lost pieces of the soul, only by bringing back these pieces we can become whole and child like again. We are going to integrate these pieces with dance, movement, adventure, fun and child like play.

  Soul Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval

Shamanism is a worldview based on the belief that everything in the universe is connected and Interdependent. It therefore involves a deep respect for the natural world and its ecosystem. It is in this ecosystem that we will journey to find our Power Animal, we will learn how to identify, bring back and integrate him/her into our life, how to utilize the power and qualities of this animal in our everyday life. We are going to dance this animal and become this animal run in the jungle with him and play in a way that we have never played before.


Holotropic ~ Shamanic Breathwork

The main objective of the breathing techniques is to activate the unconscious, to unblock the energy bound in emotional, somatic, and spiritual symptoms and to convert the energy into a stream of experiences. Breathing techniques activate the unconscious in such a way that the results are a non-ordinary state of consciousness. You will learn the Trance Dance breathing technique to enter and guide your participants into an ASC.


Breathing Techniques to Induce Altered States

The main objective of the breathing techniques is to activate the unconscious, to unblock the energy bound in emotional, somatic, and spiritual symptoms and to convert the energy into a stream of experiences. Breathing techniques activate the unconscious in such a way that the results are a non-ordinary state of consciousness. You will learn the Trance Dance breathing technique to enter and guide your participants into an ASC.

  Altered States of Awareness


You will facilitate with Ernesto some of the trance Dance that will be open to the local community. This way you will gain hands on experience.


Dance to the Rhythm of Your Seven Chakras

We are going to dance and explore each day the qualities movement and rhythm of each of our Chakras. We will learn and explore the music that activates each of the Chakras we are going to give each and everyone expression and Tantric life.

From the wild and connected - to the earth first to the sublime seventh and how they all connect in the heart.

The Tao of Music

You will understand the healing power of sound, and how sound translated into music can have a significant impact in your life. Even in silence there is sound. What we are going to do is to experiment with different forms of sound, we will have practical demonstrations as to how sound or music affects our energy.

Some of the areas that we will cover are: Toning, Chanting, Humming, Vocal Awareness, Music and Emotions, Music in ASC, Authentic Movement, Music and the Chakra System, How to program music using the chakra system, and how to program music for Trance dance.


Mask Making

An extraordinary way to have fun and give your experience life, it is a way of expressing our creative self after any of the processes. It's about sharing time with the group and celebrating with others. It's about becoming and dancing your mask. It's something that you will take home to remember your experience and share it with others.

  Mask Making

Paint Your Dance

A new concept created by Ernesto, come and use the floor as a canvas allow your dance, inspiration, imagination and co-creativity with others bring out the child in you and you Paint Your Dance!!

  Paint Your Dance
At the end of the training and upon successful completion of all exercise, participants will receive a "Certificate of Completion" acknowledging participation in the Trance Dance and Tantric Shamanism Intensive.

Note: Completing the program does not automatically guarantee the participant the right to a certificate of completion. Journey to the Heart reserves the right to withhold the certificate to anyone that is not capable of working with persons in Trance Dance or an ASC.

Optional Activities (if time permits)

Boat trip and English speaking tour to Santiago (the largest village on the lake)
You will be transported by boat to Santiago where an English speaking Mayan woman guide in full traditional dress will meet you. You will visit Maximon, the patron saint and the mysterious Mayan/Catholic spiritual figurehead of Santiago. You will see wide variety of primitive paintings, beadwork and hand crafted woodwork. You will learn the fascinating history of Santiago while visiting numerous historic sights. This tour concludes in the household of your guide where you will be able to see the inner workings of life in a Mayan household. This is our most popular guided tour, offering a rare and fascinating insight into this very proud and independent village and the life of the modern Maya who inhabit this region.

Weaving Demonstration with 2 weavers (women) at the Villa Sumaya
Two local women will demonstrate the ancient Mayan art of the weaving tradition. This demonstration provides an opportunity for first hand discovery and photo opportunities, which are often hard to find elsewhere, since the women tend to weave within the family compound. The ladies will weave while folks ask questions, take photos and try their hand at weaving. This is a perfect opportunity to experience the exquisite beauty of the Mayan women in motion. Woven crafts will be available at the gift store.

Personal readings by individual request - divinations
A Mayan Shaman the one that will do the protection and blessing ceremony for us will be available for individual divination readings and divinations using ancient Mayan traditions.

Prices include all classes, all meals, accommodations and some of the adventures. Departure tax, tips, optional activities and airfare from the US or other countries is not included in the price of the Intensive.

Double occupancy US - $1950.00
Single occupancy US - $2250.00
Couples US - $3315.00

10% discount if you sign up and pay in full before July 31st 2011!!

Deposit: A minimum of $300.00 deposit is required to reserve a space.

Other expenses
Transportation from Guatemala City to Panajachel (Lake Atitlan) is US $35.00 p/p approximately, depending upon the number of people in the van and current gas prices.
Boat from Panajachel to Villa Sumaya $18.00 p/boat ride regardless of number of people traveling on the boat.
We will make every effort to have you all arrive at the same time to minimize these expenses.



Each room, appropriately named using Mayan glyphs, is carefully appointed, fully equipped with an in suite bathroom/shower with hot and cold running water, electricity, and a spacious veranda where the lake is a stage. The veranda showcases the best of Lake Atitlan and Guatemala┬┤s timeless nature and history. In your room you'll be surrounded by flowing fabrics (the hallmark of Guatemalan artistry), hand-crafted ceramic tiles, wooden furnishings mixed and matched in a down-to-earth duo of adobe browns, indigo blues and stone-washed siennas.

Food, Glorious Food!

Villa Sumaya's restaurant, with a stunning view of the lake, offers a culinary-conscious menu an eclectic blend of local and international cuisine, created from Guatemala's cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. You will enjoy three vegetarian meals three times a day; fish and poultry are available for an additional charge. Baked goods are produced daily. The scent of fresh bread and tortillas is utterly intoxicating!

Transportation to Guatemala

Airlines from USA - Mexicana, American Airlines, UAL (United Airlines), Continental
Airlines from Europe - K L M, Mexicana, Iberia, Air France

See "Terms" for more information

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Dear Ernesto,
I want to thank you again for the wonderful experience of the Trance Dance in Intensive! For me it was an incredible learning experience that came with the added bonus of personal healing on a very deep level.

In giving myself over to the dance, behind the privacy of my bandana, I was able to delve into myself in a way I had never experienced before. Thanks to your music selections old emotions were allowed to come and dance with me once more, and somehow by dancing them in the safety of the sacred space you provided, I was able to release them through my body in a way I have never been capable of doing with words alone.

While I'm experienced with the shamanic journey, the idea of Tantric Shamanism was a new concept to me. I discovered that by bringing the body into function as part of the act of journeying, it took me deeper into the journey and I experienced it with my entire being. This takes my shamanic work to another level.
Rose Aleta Barbee
New Orleans, LA

Hello all,
My name is Michelle Dayan and I feel it's so important for me to share with you what an extraordinary experience the Trance Dance retreat with Ernesto was. I came to the retreat looking for guidance towards spiritual enlightenment and found exactly was I was looking for and more. I was truly blessed with an experience far beyond my expectations. I spent 10 days with the most wonderful women and such a powerful, wise, and experienced teacher. Ernesto showered us with love, kindness, and spirituality. This trip was nothing short of phenomenal. I can honestly say that it was a life-changing trip. If you're looking for a magical transformation and so much more, this is the experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend it and simply can't wait for my next journey with Ernesto!
Ohm Shanti and love
Michelle, Daya, Calif.

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