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Jon Fargo has been an innovative and inspiring entrepreneur, educator, and singer-songwriter for over 30 years. He received his M.S. in Education in 1988. He is a noteworthy member of Journey to the Heart's first certified Akashic Records Instructors, graduating from the organization's first Intensive, held in November of 2004 in Eleuthera, Bahamas. He became certified as both an Akashic Records Levels 1 and 2 Instructor and Trance Dance facilitator 3 years after that. In addition to facilitating Akashic Records classes and Trance Dances, Jon also offers Akashic Records Consultations in-person or by phone or Skype, kaizen-muse creativity coaching, Co-Creativity Concerts (TM), and life design classes.

Jon lives in Emeryville, CA (near San Francisco and Berkeley) and is the proud father of 2 grown sons.

Jon FargoJon Fargo

6363 3 Admiral Dr.
Emeryville, Ca. 94608
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From a very early age, Calista has been gifted clairvoyance and an inexplicable knowing of herself and events. Never one to walk the road most traveled, Calista is an adventurer and a farmer of dreams. Her traumatic childhood, tumultuous dysfunctional family, and varied life experiences have imbued in her a unique understanding about the Human Condition. The Akashic Records and Ernesto Ortiz taught her how to harness love, compassion and kindness for everyone.

Today, with the support and guidance of the Masters, she dedicates herself to Spirit and to working with her brothers and sisters around the world to uplift consciousness. Calista currently lives in Hong Kong with her mischievous toy poodle, Gaia, and is the co-founder of Anything But Salads (an award-winning health foods company). Calista is available for consultations in-person and via skype.

Calista GohCalista Goh

Skype: calistagoh

From an early age, Angela had moments of knowing which were not developed until she embraced her gifts consciously. It doesn’t cease to amaze her how the Universe orchestrates everything and allows her to be at the right time at the right place so she can meet the right people. Everything in her life was important, even the years when she felt there wasn’t much going on.

She now helps people from all over the world to connect with their core, their true being so they can live the life they are supposed to live. Holding this sacred space without judgment and helping others to evolve is her purpose in this life.

Being bilingual in German and English Angela offers consultations in both languages. She is a certified Akashic Records Consultant, certified Law of Attraction Coach, Smoke free coach, Author, Energyworker, jewelry designer and textile artist and a mother of three boys.

Angela ThieAngela Thie

New Zealand




Becoming aware of and learning about the Akashic Records has been a new and recent experience for me. I have been a spiritual person all my life, knowing within, that there is a beautiful realm of beings “out there” somewhere. Now, I can honestly say that my prayers have been answered. The amazing and wonderful thing about opening my Akashic Records and those of others is that it is now a two way dialogue. When I talk to the heavens, I can now hear a reply. The guidance the Masters give is so loving and caring, often being what we already know, but just needing a gentle reminder.

As a qualified Kahuna massage therapist and facilitator, and Reiki light worker, I understand the importance of relaxation, giving one’s self time to go to that peaceful place where time as we know does not exist. With the information The Masters of Akasha give me, I can guide and assist you to discover a peaceful, contented and tranquil state of being. As a mother of 4 adult children, I understand and know that there comes a time in one’s life where we search for a new direction. Opening the Akashic Records of myself and others, invites a loving journey of self discovery, both of this life time and past lifetimes, often discovering along the way “why” certain things are the way they are.

I live in a small village on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

Monica DangerfieldMonica Dangerfield

Skype address: monz2828


Lori has always been an intuitive and compassionate individual with a passion for helping others. She completed her Akashic Records Level 1and 2 training with Ernesto and is now certified as an Akashic Records Consultant. The Akashic Records has had a profound effect on her life and she looks forward to sharing this gift with you in a session.

As well as an Akashic Records Consultant, Lori is a certified Moksha Yoga Instructor, Raw Foodist, Student of Quantum Touch, Reiki Practitioner, and Vipassana Meditater. She loves mixing her talents to help you shine your inner light.

Lori BellLori Bell

Ashville, MB
(204) 655-3492


Exploring nature, feeling the world and people, sharing from my heart – this is how I love to live.

Since childhood messages, visions and other connections to the planes of light keep reminding me of the Essence of All That Is.

From Germany, my native country, my soul was longing to live again in the Cathar’s land in South Western France where I am still today, with my feet firmly grounded in the earth, my heart touching the heavens. Mother of 3 adult children, business woman for a while, translator, yoga teacher, lomi lomi massage therapist, ayurvedic consultant – and since 2011, Akashic Records level 1 teacher certified by my beloved mentor Ernesto Ortiz.

With gratitude I am available as a vessel to spread the Light and Love from the Highest Realm – Akasha - wherever on earth Spirit calls me.

Tina HellingrathTina Hellingrath

Toulouse, France
+ 33 6 89 89 12 26


After leaving behind a successful corporate career in law and business, followed by many years experience as a Reiki, Pranic healing & Magnified healing practitioner, a Counselor and a past life spiritual regression Hypnotherapist, her journey led to her calling as an Akashic Records Consultant in 2007 and an Akashic Records Teacher-in training in 2009. Incorporating a unique, practical and holistic approach, she combines compassion with objectivity. Guiding people to the realization that everything is but an illusion and all answers are within. With guidance from the Masters, she is truly dedicated and committed to helping people heal and empower themselves, by connecting to Source Wisdom.

Sian ChuaSian Chua-Subramaniam

20 View Street
Peppermint Grove
Perth, Western Australia
61-8-9384 9258


C'est en ouvrant la première fois mes Mémoires Akashiques que j'ai su que ma vie allait prendre un tournant. Elle est devenue plus légère et magique grâce à cette énergie emprunte d'Amour et de guidance.

J'ai décidé d'écouter mon cœur et d'approfondir mes connaissances en suivant les trois niveaux enseignés par Ernesto jusqu'à devenir consultante certifiée. Je suis honorée et emplie de joie de pouvoir partager la beauté des Mémoires Akashiques à travers mes Lectures. Je consulte en présence, par Skype et par téléphone.

Celine GorgeratCeline Gorgerat

Paris, France



A certified Akashic Records Consultant Vicky gives readings to help with direction in your life and help you get back on track. She is passionate about helping people and has been practicing Holistic therapies and teaching since 1998 and made TV appearances and writes for UK magazines.

She will empower you to bring balance and harmony into your life and your surroundings and will restore your enthusiasm and vitality.

Vicky is also a Feng Shui Consultant and professional Dowser teaching approved courses in UK, Europe and USA, New Zealand.

Vicky SweetloveVicky Sweetlove

London, UK

Tel: +44(0)1277 203180


"Akashic Records is a concept that I was brought up with ( I am from India) and was often talked about amongst my community when there was either a problem or a ceremony. For example the problem could be sickness and the ceremony or celebration could be a wedding. The only thing I was not sure of was how I could access the Records myself. I thought it was a thing for the Brahmin Priests or Yogis and Rishis. I often felt that I would like to learn how to be able to do this for my own life, and then it also became a yearning for my clients. I would say that for me I was called by the Goddess as I have been doing Goddess energy work for a long time and in this case it was from Pele.
Interestingly, Ernesto normally does his trainings in Bali, but on this occasion, he changed it to Hawaii. I feel, personally for me this was a synchronicity of events that I was part of........
So now here I am - consulting the Akashic Records!"

Jaswinder ChalliJaswinder Challi

Bedford, UK


Haleya brings her interest and life passion of living a soul led life to her work. She is an Akashic Record Consultant, Certified Angel Practitioner, Reiki hands on healer, psychotherapist and licensed massage therapist. She also utilizes Matrix Energetics in her work.
She is the founder and director of Pioneer Valley Reiki. She offers all levels of Usui Reiki. As a retired hospice chaplain she works with death and dying and teaches specific classes for End of Life Reiki.

Haleya resides in Western MA and is available for Akashic Record Consults in person, on the phone or via Skype.

Haleya PriestHaleya Priest

Massachusetts, US



Bianca Saury is a gestalt therapist licensed from the Institute of Paris. She has the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. She accompanies children, teenagers, adults and couples. She is also practitioner in psycho-genealogy. She has written a book “From the wounded woman to the light woman”. She proposes a global approach of the being : body, mind, energetic's, spirit and helps people to find their own way towards their unity by opening their heart. That is why she is so deeply happy and honored to be consultant for Akashic Records. These sacred energy and messages that are given to the people is a highest help for them to get this spiritual unity.                          

Bianca Saury




Karambir Singh Khalsa lives in Santa Fe New Mexico where he operates a small energy healing practice. Among the services offered are energy healing, sound massage, kundalini yoga, and Akashic Records consultations. Clients are invited to explore any issues in a compassionate space. All is welcome.
Remote sessions available. Payment via PayPal is possible. More details provided via email.

V'rasana MullerKarambir Singh Khalsa

STE 11 PMB 250
2370 W. State Route 89A
Sedona AZ 86336


Joanna Salerno is dedicated to bring healing to the hearts of humankind.  Becoming an Akashic Records Consultant has brought an added dimension to her body of work. It has enhanced her intuitive abilities and has helped her become a better practitioner allowing her to fulfill her mission.  She has found that the Masters and Teachers of Akasha truly desire to be of service and what comes through the readings is genuine and helpful in very practical ways.  She is very grateful to Ernesto and Journey to the Heart for bringing this profound work to her awareness.
Joanna is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has a private practice where she integrates various modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, Heart Centered Therapy, Healing Touch, sound healing, and Spiritual Direction creating a unique, holistic, spirit centered approach to healing the body.  Joanna’s practice includes various workshops and retreats that are being offered nationally.

Joanna SalernoJoanna Salerno

You can connect with Joanna on her website at



Diana lives in Switzerland in the beautiful area of the Lake of Geneva. Since her childhood she has met people willing to share their gifts with her and all the routes she has taken so far have naturally lead her to the Akashic Records.
Although her main occupation is in the Human Resources field, she is a massage therapist (various certifications pursued in Switzerland and India), acupressure and Touch for Health. She also regularly releases houses, apartments and grounds from negative energies. Diana has a true passion for life and nature and welcomes her clients to receive messages from their Guides and Body & Soul healing in a sacred space. Phone consultations are also possible. (Français, English, Italian)

V'rasana MullerDiana Dini

Mobile: +41 76 463 81 30


Skype: diana0473


Rosemary De Faria is psychotherapist, healer, teacher, coach, intuitive and musician.  She has a psycho-spiritual psychotherapy practice where she combines traditional and alternative therapies in doing the work she loves.
She was introduced to the Akashic Records by a colleague and knew immediately that this was something she needed to pursue.  There was a spark that ignited internally and she began a search for someone to open her Records.  The information that came through was profound and spurred her on to do the Level 1,2 &3 Intensive Training  with Ernesto.

I found that the Akashic Records were the missing link that I was searching for, not only in my life but in my practice as well.  The Records have taken me deeper into myself in very heart opening and powerful ways.  I am thrilled to be able to share the beautiful energy of the Akashic Records with others through Readings and look forward to the opportunity of teaching the Akashic Records training in the future as I am now in the Teacher Training Program for Level I.

Please visit my website for more information or to contact me.


V'rasana MullerRosemary De Faria



After a successful corporate career in marketing and communications, Marie-Christine wanted to spend more time helping others and became a certified life coach. During a coaching summit in Florida she felt a deep heart calling for the Akashic Records. With the completion of all three levels of training with Ernesto, she became a certified Akashic Records consultant.  Creating from your heart the life of your dreams through the reconnection of your inner light and unlimited potential is what she offers you.  In parallel, following the path of her heart, she is preparing a relaxologist certification. Marie-Christine Iives in the City of Light and Love: Paris. She gives consultations in person, on the phone or via Skype, both in French and English.

Après une carrière réussie en communication et marketing au sein de grandes entreprises internationales, Marie-Christine suit l’impulsion de son cœur à vouloir aider les autres à transformer leur vie. Elle devient coach de vie certifié et découvre les Archives Akashiques lors d'une conférence de coaching en Floride. Immédiatement, elle ressent un appel du cœur à aller plus loin. Elle suit les trois niveaux d’enseignement d'Ernesto et devient consultante certifiée en Lectures Akashiques. Créer depuis l'espace du cœur la vie de vos rêves en vous reconnectant à votre propre lumière et votre potentiel illimité tel est le chemin de transformation qu’elle vous propose. En parallèle, et toujours en suivant la voie du cœur, elle se forme actuellement au métier de relaxologue.Marie-Christine vit à Paris et donne des consultations en présence, par téléphone ou via Skype, en français et en anglais.

MarieCMarie-Christine Delhaye

Paris, France
Mobile: +33 6 80 57 32 62

Skype: marie.christine.delhaye

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